Understanding the Art of Seduction: The Mermaid - Shameless Pride (2023)

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9 January 2017

The Art of Seduction: An Introduction

29. September 2016

Understanding the Art of Seduction: The Mermaid - Shameless Pride (4)
(This is the first in a series on seduction.read herefor the first part an introduction to the series).

Laut Robert Greene aThe art of seduction, "The mermaid is the ultimate male fantasy character because she offers total liberation from the limitations of her life." Greene describes the mermaid as having a feminine personality, but for our purposes we can easily examine these traits from a masculine perspective. In the following text, we will see how you can embody the seductive charm and demeanor of the mermaid.

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Be Bold: The Christian Gray Effect

The book "Fifty Shades of Grey" has sold more than 125 million copies worldwide. let it get to you The book, far from being a literary masterpiece, seems to have been read by every woman you ask. Why was this book so popular? It's really simple: explore the book.the inner depths of a woman's desires, particularly to be pursued and dominated by amale, alpha male.Regardless of a woman's race, age, occupation, or where she lives, such feelings are nearly universal. Also, women who publicly avoid such desires have a subconscious trigger that triggers that man's fantasies. It would be hard to find a woman who would be put off by Christian Grey's actions and sexual prowess. How else can you explain how the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, the upcoming film in the works, broke the one-day views record?at 114 million!

Christian Gray embodies several key qualities found in the mermaid persona. Above all, he plays by his own rules. In a crowd of 100 black hats, he's the one wearing the white one.That is his key point: the need to stand out from the crowd.

Ask yourself these two questions and think honestly about the answers:

  • What kind of men do women dream of?
  • What kind ofqualitieswould this man

Women want a man who knows what he wants, a man who approaches it with relentless ambition.Someone surrounded by something mysterious and who isn't afraid to swim against the current. A woman longs to be seduced by such a man. It's her ultimate fantasy.

It has never been easier to meet beautiful and desirable women than it is today.I hope it gets easier as technology continues to advance and evolve. However, because the landscape was changing so rapidly, many men ate the dust. These men have not progressed with the times and therefore have no concepthis search for women.Your game is completely nonexistent.

Another important understanding is that the game has no face. The most handsome man can have a newborn IQ when it comes to women, just as the unattractive man can kill based on his successful experience with women. Don't get discouraged when you look at your competition. You are probably fooling yourself. Physical appearance serves to complement the game and vice versa, but frustration will be a regular part of your life unless youBoth of themthey are dominated.


Men also fail women when it comes to communication.🇧🇷 Overwhelmed by a woman's physical appearance and worried about their own lack of experience, these men lack the words to successfully seduce women. They rely on clumsy and often ineffective prepared lines. It doesn't take long for these women to be madly bored or just plain grossed out by a man's audacity. Honestly, I think most men don't even realize their flaws here. They just haven't learned the methods of seduction. Brainwashed by mainstream advertising, they fail to play the good teachers.

Even when a man is successful, it isn't long before he's intently dominating her. Like an anaconda squeezing the life out of its prey, these males suck the arousal out of the female. He is aware of the intensity of it. You want to give in a little and then back out. This is called the "push-pull technique." It's reckless and dangerous to overdo it when you're chasing a woman because she makes her think that she "has got you." Instead, maintain a sense of mystery. You should show your interest but not obsess over it. She will drive her crazy and she will make her want you even more. That is the X factor that almost all men lack.

Nothing disappoints a woman more than a needy man who professes instant adoration and obedience. Men do this because they mistakenly believe it's about having sex. A man thinks: "If I shower her with compliments and compliments and buy her gifts, she will eventually sleep with me!". In the rarest cases, a man can have sex with such methods. However,sustained success among womenthe man who cannot control his needy tendencies and verbal abuse of niceties will escape.Men who consistently sleep with women adhere to one important principle: once seduction is mastered, the process can be applied to all women without resorting to gifts and other submissive behaviors.It is never necessary to stoop to such needy actions.

Have a distinctive presence

For sustainable success with women,You must have a unique identity.You can't be like the others. Trust is essential, but there is more than that.you must have oneGift.Women get bored and it depends on youto explorethis boredom Women have embraced various forms of distraction, particularly social media, but this fails to satisfy their desire for a dominant man. Women love attention, but attention from one alpha male equals adulation from several beta males. Women have a universal understanding of how to attract many unlucky men, but they will abandon them when they find a worthy man who embodies the qualities of a mermaid.

It may seem counter-logical to most, but women prefer a man with a "dangerous" trait over the man who always plays it safe.The first is interesting, spontaneous and will satisfy your fantasies and desires. The latter is eventually prone to boredom, submission, and physical deterioration. Women love to be "kept on their toes," and no one does it better than a mermaid. He mixes and matches different parts of her personality to keep her constantly guessing and wanting more. As he is never fully revealed, he remains the object of her affections. Weakened is the man who lets everything out. He quenched the spark because the woman can't learn anything more from him. He is now predictable and eventually replaceable.Mystery reigns supreme and should be the number one tool in a man's arsenal. I know a riddle that she asked you to solve.

You also shouldphysically stand out.Every detail counts. Maximize your appearance by improving what you can control. Things like size and genetics shouldn't be a cause for concern. Never stop at what cannot be changed. He also remembers:

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  • Your posture is crucial, as is your clothing.
  • Always dress to impress and control your physical movements (slow and controlled).
  • Be careful how you speak. Take your time with your words and represent your personality by speaking with depth and purpose.
  • Your posture should be noticeable to those around you.

Women can smell a man who doesn't have confidence. They do this by looking at a person's body language. Do not miss the game before stepping on the field.To master seduction, you must have the complete package.

In summary

Your goal as a mermaid is to unleash a woman's deepest desires. You feed her imagination.The irrationality of a woman is a wonderful thing: they often say and do the opposite of what they really want. Your mission is to make them lose control, embrace their dark side, their true intentions. Women crave masculinity, a man who can satisfy their desires for submission and femininity. Movies like 50 Shades of Gray andother movies with alpha male charactersdrive women crazy. There's a reason for that: these men play by their own rules. Do what other men don't: have a strong, commanding presence and pretend you're the prize. Keep calm in the presence of beauty, understand that when you are calm and collected, your achievements are limitless. Don't chase women, be a challenge. The forbidden fruit is always the most coveted. Zig when most men zag. This is the key to seduction.

Understanding the Art of Seduction: The Mermaid - Shameless Pride (5)

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