The Witchery Edinburgh Restaurant + Secret Garden (2023)

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The Witchery Restaurant, Edinburgh Royal Mile by Castle, Escocia für James Thomson

Post updated on December 28, 2021

the witchcraft

Reseña del Secret Garden @ The Witchery Restaurant

Address: Secret Garden, Castlehill, Edinburgh

Phone: 0131 225 5613

The interior of the Witchery restaurant

Witchery Restaurant Edinburgh - food rating

The entrance to the restaurant is through a narrow passage from the top of theroyal mileand just above the Hub (near Edinburgh Castle). This narrow route adds to the mystery and raises your expectations.

The outdoor vibe, with lots of architectural decoration and foliage, extends into Witchcraft's interior. This is an enjoyable and decorative experience. The introduction to The Witchery restaurant was polite and the stair entry was fun.

Entrance photos of The Witchery Edinburgh © Adrian Welch

The witchcraft's interior is of historical importance and consists essentially of an almost square room lit by tall, ancient windows facing south. The place is lit by decorative candles, sometimes carried by putti, the main motif of the restaurant.

(Video) Witchery

The palette is dark, mostly stone with areas of gold, gold and dark wood in the Secret Garden. The huge tapestry dampens the acoustics well.

Fresh bread with delicious French butter

well presented, tasty, fresh - my wife had salmon with cabbage with a lovely hot sauce. I had gazpacho soup at the right temperature and texture, good.

Meat - delicious, "top grade" according to my wife.
Sea Bass: Tender, moist but with too many peas.
Dishes are cleared away and cleaned when the weather is nice.
Green Salad - Delicious mix but the stalks are left over and the arugula is too spicy.
Big fries - ok but a pity such a high end restaurant can't supply new fries even on request.

The goat's cheese baked in filo pastry with Armagnac, prunes and a green salad looked very tempting - unfortunately we were already full!

service and impressions
The Witchery Restaurant wine list is a veritable book, a weighty book on the world of wine - very impressive and comprehensive as it has garnered the restaurant numerous wine awards. The waiters at The Witchery were quick and knowledgeable and responded well to the challenge of delivering a "full red wine" to my wife and keeping itmust go well with meat' which was either a great integration of food and beverage service or a quick thought from the waiter: either way, very impressive.

The glasses were of good quality and my wife's G&T came with lemon and ice - a bit pretentious but in this case successful. Unfortunately the salt and pepper seemed out of place, it seemed more fitting for a pizzeria. The plates, however, were an elegant white with the W logo (from The Witchery by the Castle restaurant) at the top: due to this design, it is imperative that plate and platter match and the W is at 12 o'clock. . Mine said five to ten.

The service was generally quick and the south facing views are relaxing. The temperature was fine, but it got very hot in the late afternoon as the room filled up. The Witchery restaurant menu was simple and easy to read. The food descriptions were a bit complex for non-French speakers. The lack of music and views from the kitchen are a definite plus.

We really enjoyed our meal at The Witchery Restaurant due to the combination of the gorgeous historical setting and excellent food. Worth watching.

Address: The Witchery by the Castle incl. The Secret Garden
352 Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NF

Witchery Restaurant Edinburgh: Secret Garden

(Video) Scotland MY FIRST TIME! Edinburgh Castle, Dining at The Witchery, Frankenstein Bar & More!

Please contact The Witchery, Edinburgh
Hotel + Restaurant: +44 (0)131 225 5613 Fax 220 4392

The Witchery: “Founded in 1979 by James Thomson, it now includes two dining rooms, The Witchery and Secret Garden (built in 1989 and winner of the RIAS regeneration award) and a few luxurious suites on the upper floors. The building dates from 1595 and was built for the merchant Thomas Lowthian and the initials can still be found above a staircase door leading to the tower. Another 16th-century gate is incorporated into the Secret Garden, formerly part of the Duke of Gordon's house, formerly near Castlehill. Another architectural restoration, for example with oak paneling. St Giles and a quarter of a Burgundian castle are incorporated into the restaurants. The Witchery's current project is to create further suites in a complex of 17th and 19th century buildings at Sempill's Court in Castlehill. Details should appear on the website shortly."

Restaurant review Secret Garden

The Witchery Edinburgh Restaurant + Secret Garden (5)
Das Witchery-Edinburgh-Restaurant

Reserve a table at The Witchery Restaurant:[email protected]
Restaurant Hours - Check with the operator added many years ago!
Lunch: daily 12pm to 4pm; Dinner: daily 17:30-23:30

The Witchcraft of Edinburgh

The Witchery by the Castle restaurant opened in 1979. James Thomson became Scotland's newest licensee with the opening of the Witchery restaurant. The Witchery Restaurant was built from a ruined 16th-century building on the Royal Mile.

The dark, luxurious atmosphere of The Witchery has taken Edinburgh restaurant design in a new direction, away from increasingly cleaner and more colorful interiors.

In 1990, The Witchery was expanded into an adjacent, unused schoolyard. The new restaurant has restored architectural material, including an early 16th-century door to the Duke of Gordon's house and a painted ceiling commissioned by Thomson. Located above the two restaurants, the Witchery Hotel has been described by Cosmopolitan as one of the seven wonders of the world.

The Secret Garden was described by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber as the most beautiful restaurant ever seen. James Thomson is the founder and past President of the Edinburgh Association of Restorers. James Thomson also helped found Caddies & Witchery Tours. James Thomson's group has recently been awarded Company of the Year, Highly Commended at the National Business Awards in Scotland, Lothian Company of the Year and Highly Commended at the Quality Scotland Awards.

Witchery Restaurant Edinburgh News

September 2004

James Thomson, the Scottish restaurateur and hotelier, scored an incredible 10 out of 10 with the recent five star award for his famous Edinburgh room restaurant, Witchery by the Castle. These stars are just behind the five stars recently awarded to their new Prestonfield Boutique Hotel!

(Video) Edinburgh Castle & The Witchery

Already Scotland's most famous restaurant, The Witchery has a growing reputation for a collection of magical bespoke suites called Dannii Minogue's 'The perfect lust-den', Gail Hipgrave's 'The dog's bollocks' and featured in a recent Earl Nast Traveler magazine 'An operatic fantasy... these dreamy oases have been inhabited by Hollywood stars!'
Later this year, on Halloween, The Witchery Restaurant will be celebrating 25 years since Thomson established The Witchery in a derelict tenement in Castlehill, Edinburgh.

Thomson's decadent and theatrical suites are perfect for those who want to stay in the most indulgent environment with DVDs, CDs, heated marble floors and all modern conveniences in the quirky suites. Described by Cosmopolitan magazine as "one of the seven wonders of the hotel world", each absolutely unique suite at The Witchery is decorated in a flamboyant Gothic style and filled with hand-picked antiques from around the world. Often ranked among the best places to stay in the world, demand from guests (both celebrities and locals) is such that they often book months in advance to have a chance to stay at The Witchery.

Owner James Thomson the Witchery said: "It's fantastic to see a place as bold, unique and individual as Witchery Suites have been awarded 5 stars by VisitScotland and it's a perfect recognition of our entire team working so hard to make this happen , that all visit the extraordinary witchcraft.

Edinburgh's Old Town is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland and it's great to be able to offer guests from all over the world the opportunity to stay here in Edinburgh in five star style. This is a wonderful start to The Witchery's upcoming 25th Anniversary celebrations, which will begin this Halloween with a celebratory gala dinner at The Witchery Restaurant for our many customers and supporters, which we hope will raise sufficient funds. A thousand children through our partnership with the charity Sight Savers”

Witchcraft for the Castle

24. August 2004
James Thomson founded theHexenrestaurantFrom three employees in 1979, today a team of more than two hundred employees work on his unique collection of restaurants and hotels, and the first annual revenues are being made every day.

A night in one of The Witchery Hotel's seven decadent suites costs £250 per suite, including VAT and continental breakfast. To complete the decadent experience, guests will find a chilled bottle of Pol Roger Champagne in their suite upon check-in.

The Witchery booking number is 0131 225 5613 or you can book online at

Five stars is the highest available rating from VisitScotland (formerly the Scottish Tourist Board) in its restaurant with rooms category. On Halloween, James Thomson hosts a gala dinner for just 250 of The Witchery's finest customers, supporters, suppliers and celebrity guests.

Widely expected to be the party of the year, tickets are not available and favorite guests at the invitation-only event have each donated at least £100 to Sight Savers International to support Thomson's aim of helping thousands of blind children Giving back sight is a fitting way to celebrate the historic anniversary of Witchery by the Castle. Encouraged by the extraordinary success of the Witchery suites, James Thomson bought Edinburgh'sHotel Prestonfieldin a private agreement late last year.

Following a lavish £3million restoration, this 16th-century former home of the Lord Provost is now the city's most talked about hotel and is known as Edinburgh's most indulgent retreat. Other Thomson ventures include the city's first and best rooftop restaurant, the Tower and Terrace Restaurant above the Museum of Scotland, and the decadently opulent Rhubarb, Prestonfield's restaurant.


James-Thomson-Restaurants in Edinburgh

(Video) The Witchery by the Castle in Edinburgh

Hotel Prestonfield House

the tower restaurant, Chambers Street, Altstadt
The Witchery Edinburgh Restaurant + Secret Garden (6)
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the tower restaurant

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