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Nowhere House is an exciting puzzle adventure where players must solve a series of increasingly complex puzzles and riddles to uncover the secrets of a mysterious house.

The game begins with the player waking up in an unfamiliar location with no memory of how they got there. As they explore the house, they discover it is full of puzzles and clues pointing to a dark and sinister history. The goal of the game is to solve these puzzles and discover the truth about the house and the events that led the player to its arrival.

One of the main features of Nowhere House is the use of non-linear gameplay. Unlike many puzzle games, the player is free to explore the house and solve the puzzles in any order. This provides a more immersive and interactive experience as players must use their wits and intuition to navigate the house and discover its secrets.

Another unique aspect of Nowhere House is its engaging storyline. By solving puzzles and discovering new clues, the player gradually becomes familiar with the game's plot and the characters that inhabit the house. This creates a sense of suspense and intrigue that keeps players engaged and committed to the outcome of the game.

The puzzles themselves are cleverly designed and challenge you from traditional logic puzzles to more abstract challenges that require players to think outside the box. There are also many hidden objects and secret rooms to explore, which adds an extra layer of depth to the game.

Pętla naar Nowhere House

  1. Start by taking a picture of your desk drawer, then head to the bathroom.
  2. Place the jars on the shelf as shown in the picture and take the key to the door.
  3. Take the walkie-talkie from the cabinet above the sink in the bathroom.
  4. Go to the other room and take the stacks from the table with drawers.
  5. Connect the batteries and the radio to the radio.
  6. Take the blue book from the shelf.
  7. Find an idea in the wardrobe.
  8. Tune the radio to four stations and put it in the fireplace for the next clue.
  9. Open the mirror to continue.
  10. Go to the radio and change the frequency to find the same melody on both the radio and walkie-talkie. Use this code to unlock the door.
  11. Enter the code based on the clue found on the shelf. Select characters based on the radio channel code.
  12. Open the box by connecting the lines and get the crystal.
  13. In the painting room, insert the crystal into the painting to enter a new dimension.
  14. In the room with the white chest of drawers, take the spatula.
  15. Go outside and take the key lying next to the stone.
  16. Take the flower on the other side of the door.
  17. Open the blue table, put the book down and collect all the pictures. Use the sequence of character names written on the first page to get a code based on a symbol that everyone sees.
  18. Use the code to unlock the stairs to the first floor and go upstairs to get the bucket and the bottle of red oil. Remove the white sheet from the mirror.
  19. Lubricate the safe and take the skull. Give the girl from another dimension dice and memorize the number that comes up each time. Also open the clock and put the skull inside. Use the code on the wall based on rolled dice and take the stone.
  20. In the bathroom, find carrots, canned food and a kettle.
  21. In another dimension, place the stone on the square of the man in the photo room. Open the cabinet and take the crystal ball.
  22. Return to the fireplace and take the candle, wood and key from the chest.
  23. Give the rabbit the carrot on the clock on the first floor. Take the rope from the bathroom.
  24. Use the symbols on the white drawer to open the blue box and get the beans. Use the blue key to open another box, inside which you will find cards and an antenna.
  25. Give the wizard the cards and get a new code. Use this code to get a key and a lighter.
  26. Place the antenna on the TV and press the buttons to see the rabbit.
  27. Follow the rabbit to the white door and use the key to enter. Click on the rabbit and follow it to get the clue.
  28. Pull the frog out of the bushes.
  29. Use the trash can code from the collapsed stairs to unlock the chest and retrieve the bucket.
  30. Put the crystal ball on the table in the place with the girl and press it. Fill the bucket with water from the tub.
  31. Plant the beans in the hole outside and climb the tree to get the opener and the Red Book from the first floor.
  32. In the fireplace room, light the wood and boil the cans in the cauldron. Take the cat to a window in a safe room.
  33. Give the cat to the girl from another dimension and take the key. Hit the ball, face the curtain and ignite
  34. Start collecting the frog from the bushes.
  35. Follow the rabbit on the TV to the bathroom and then go back to the TV to find the rabbit on the stairs. Click on the rabbit and wait for the stairs to collapse and become blocked with debris. Use the tokens on the chest to retrieve the bucket.
  36. Go to the location with the girl and put the crystal ball on the table and press it.
  37. Fill the bucket with water from the tub.
  38. Go outside, put the beans in the hole and water them. Climb the tree to the first floor and take the opener and the red book from the table and floor respectively.
  39. Approach the fireplace in the first location, put the wood in the cauldron, light it with the lighter and add the cans. Lead the cat to the window in the room with the safe.
  40. Return to the location with the girl, give her the cat and exit through the window. Grab the key and hit the ball to reveal the curtain.
  41. First, light the candles on the wall when they appear on the curtain, then take the hook.
  42. Go to the location with the girl, go to the first floor and open the wardrobe to get the hat.
  43. Take the hat to the wizard at his place. Follow him, open the wizard cabinet and take the rod and hammer to break the glass.
  44. Go downstairs, break the glass and take the doll. The doll tells you it's time to go.
  45. Head to the first location and approach the clock to find the code to the door under the stairs. Take the key and circle it.
  46. Go to the location with the girl and open the red chest to retrieve the binoculars.
  47. Return to the first point and go to the first floor. Open the window and use the binoculars to find the code. Place the animals in the trees as shown, place the missing piece and lower the lever.
  48. Place the wheel on the hay across the room, open the book and put the posters in the correct order. Take the statue.
  49. Go down the shaft, grab and lift the lever on the first floor to open the shaft. Go through the well and connect the rope, cube and statue. Take the red key, climb the ladder and cut out the last page of the red book.
  50. Go to the door with the strange plant and place the flower, the frog and the burning candle next to it. Light the candle with the lighter you have in your inventory.
  51. Go to the first floor and open the Red Book with the red key. Tear up the piece of paper with the spell.
  52. Return to the door with the plant and read the spell to unlock it.
  53. After the police leave, take the locket from the girl and smash it with a small hammer. Watch out at the end.
  54. Finally, go back to the house and open the brown door. Click on the red field and select the location of the hanging plants.


If you have hawk eyes, find an 8 between 2 in 20 seconds?

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Do you see 3 differences in these pictures?

If you have eagle eyes Find the number 39 between 36 in 10 seconds

If you have hawk eyes, find an 8 between 2 in 20 seconds?

Do you see 3 differences in these pictures?

If you have eagle eyes Find the number 39 between 36 in 10 seconds

No home guide

Nowhere House is a popular horror game that has grown in popularity since its release. It is a game full of puzzles, scary jumps and a terrifying atmosphere that keeps players on the edge of their seats. However, navigating the game can be difficult at times, so a guide can be very helpful in successfully progressing through the game. In this article, we present a complete guide to Nowhere House.


Nowhere House is a point and click game where you use your mouse to interact with objects and solve puzzles. The game takes place in an old abandoned house and you play as a character who wakes up in a house with no memory of how you got there. Your goal is to explore the house, find clues and finally escape.

The first step in Nowhere House is exploring the environment. Look around the room you start in and interact with objects to find clues. The game is designed in such a way that it's easy to miss clues, so it's important to be careful when exploring.

Once you've found the clues, it's time to solve the puzzles. Puzzles in Nowhere House can vary from easy to very difficult, so it's important to pay attention to detail and think outside the box. If you ever get stuck on a puzzle, try going back and exploring the room again, as there may be clues you missed the first time around.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter various obstacles and challenges that will test your problem solving skills. Some of these challenges may require backing off, while others may require creative thinking to find a solution.

Nowhere House manages your resources. You must find and collect items as you play to progress, but you must also be careful not to waste them. Some items can only be used once, and if you use them in the wrong place, you may not be able to proceed.

Nowhere House game trailer

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Cycling to Nowhere House - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of game is Nowhere House?

Nowhere House is a puzzle adventure where players must solve a series of puzzles and riddles to uncover the secrets of a mysterious house.

2. Czy Nowhere House to horror?

Although Nowhere House has a dark and spooky atmosphere, it is not a horror game per se. This is a more exciting puzzle game with elements of mystery and intrigue.

3. What platforms is Nowhere House available on?

Nowhere House is available for PC and Mac via Steam.

4. How long does it take to complete Nowhere House?

The time it takes to complete Nowhere House depends on the player's skill level and the time spent exploring the game's environment. It takes an average of 6 to 8 hours to complete the game.

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5. Is Nowhere House a multiplayer game?

No, Nowhere House is a single player game designed to be played alone.

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What is the book code in nowhere house? ›

NOTE: Some puzzles will CHANGE with each playthrough, but the logic behind solving the puzzles will always remain the SAME. For example, in one playthrough a code to open a safe could be 1234, and in another playthrough, the code could be 4321.

How do you find the frog in nowhere house? ›

Tap on the brush with berries to take a closer look at it. Behind the brush, you will see a frog. Tap on it to pick it up and a “Frog” will be added to your inventory. Ok, let's go to the right, and back into the building through the white doors.

What is the story of nowhere house game? ›

The game follows the adventure of Adria, who, along with two friends, visits a dilapidated house at the top of the hill. The house is known to be cursed and haunted by a witch. She was hunted down and executed in Hidden Town many years ago. The witch can also be seen in Dark Dome's new game Haunted Laia.

What is the code for the cabin in 999? ›

Open the closet curtain to the left of the kettle to reveal a locked red briefcase. Using the back of the ship picture and paper from the bulletin board, you can enter the correct passcode to the case. Read the red shapes in order, and you will get the code, which is 7485.

What is the code for the secret door in the red House in the medium? ›

The receipt is for the pocket watch and is dated 1976. Take away ten from 1976 and you get 1966, which is the code you need for the secret door. Now all you have to do is return to the secret door and enter the code, 1966, into the pad for it to open.

Is frog good in house? ›

Brings in Health

A feng shui frog is also a symbol of health. Placing a feng shui frog in the house will attract good energy that will keep the members of the family healthy and happy. The frog's red eyes are said to ward off evil and it is said to eliminate negative energy that latches on to a family.

What does frog mean for a house? ›

In the south, the Finished Room Over the Garage, aka FROG, is the bonus room located directly above your garage.

How do you get the frog ending in your house? ›

Behavior. To encounter the Frog Lord, Tabby must kill 8 frogs before midnight. Only one frog is present at a time, and killing one causes a new one to spawn somewhere else.

What is the first Dark Dome game? ›

What is the plot of there is no game? ›

Like the original, it follows Game, a program who tries to prevent the User from playing their game. However, the story is expanded as the two end up lost in multiple dimensions due to an evil programming bug known as Mr. Glitch. There are 6 Chapters and an Epilogue, as well as two endings.

What is the story of Haunt the House game? ›

The game starts in an abandoned town where a ghost lives until people start to move into the town, disturbing its sleep. It attempts to scare everyone out of the town to rest in peace once again. The player can move the ghost around a building and possess objects to scare people.

How many endings are there in 999 game? ›

There are 6 total endings to 999, 3 Standard and 3 Special. All 3 of the Standard endings are pretty easy to find, but the Special ones are a bit trickier. Luckily, you've got this guide to help.

How do you unlock the locks in 999? ›

So, in summary, in a "crossed out lock situation", look for the highest (up the flow tree) "crossed out key" (of the same colour as the lock you want to go through) and go visit it, then the next one, then the next, and so on till you can progress through the lock.

What is the code for the blue briefcase in 999? ›

5. Use the blue key on the case sitting on one of the beds, and enter the code 0263.

What is the code for the bedroom door in the devil in me? ›

Once you're on the other side, open the door in front of you and look for a white nightstand by the bed. There's a block note on it. Use it in your inventory and you'll see the code. The code is 1999.

How do you complete the secret door? ›

Unlock The Secret Door

Despite finding the secret door location, you must gather the gemstones to unlock it. You need to collect gems Garnet, Citrine, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline. You can get them by breaking down the dark rocks with the help of a pickaxe.

Where should I place my 3 legged toad? ›

In general, the three-legged toad is placed on a small pedestal or table, so it is not sitting directly on the floor. It's thought to be better placed on a low elevated surface rather than a high one, so as to accumulate more wealth energy. The Money Frog can be placed in your home, office, and place of work.

What is the frog number? ›

The frog number is the ratio of its length to its width, or the number of inches in length necessary for it to spread one inch in width. For example, a No. 3 spreads 1 in 3, a No. 6 spreads 1 in 6, a No.

What does frog mean in slang? ›

The use of the word frog to mean “a French person” is a slur that arose because the French were stereotypically thought of as eating frogs.

What if your spirit animal is a frog? ›

When the frog's your spirit animal, you are outgoing, charming, and spirited. You can swim to success with ease, and you will likely find yourself attracted to water. Frogs are amphibians and live in both the water and on land. They spend a lot of time in the water, where they can mate and lay their eggs.

How can I save my sister in my house? ›

If Melody dies before 9:00pm, the Possessed Sister will begin to spawn above the rug in the main room. Killing Melody is required to achieve the "Good Girl" ending, saving her without giving her Dolly is required to achieve the "Family" ending, and giving her Dolly is required to achieve the "The Song" ending.

How do you beat the dad in the house? ›

Kill your dad.

In order to kill him, Tabby must attack him three times, with whatever weapon. After James dies, Tabby will fall to her knees in exhaustion, relieved that she finally killed her dad. When the game is entered again, Tabby will get a new journal entry named "Father".

How do you save the frog witches house? ›

You feed it to The Snake , doing so makes the snake eat it intensly and break the wall, you then get acces to the real frog hiding in the crack of a wall, you take the real frog and feed it to the snake, doing so you can continue through the floor without dying.

What is the oldest game in the universe? ›

The Royal Game of Ur

The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest playable boardgame in the world, originating around 4,600 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. The game's rules were written on a cuneiform tablet by a Babylonian astronomer in 177 BC.

How do you get the good ending in nowhere house? ›

For a good ending, we will continue the story from the moment when the policemen left the house. Quickly select the “Small Hammer” from the inventory and tap on the amulet. Adria will throw the amulet to the ground and smash it with the hammer, breaking it into several pieces.

What was the first scary video game? ›

While the game may not have been easy to play, Haunted House certainly qualifies as the first Horror video game. Haunted House entry in the 1981 Atari Catalog.

What is the goal of no game no life? ›

They decide to challenge all the Flügel to a game to enlist their help; the goal of the game is for Sora and Shiro to avoid capture by using Plum's flight magic and various katakana characters to materialize whatever they desire.

Is there a secret ending in there is no game? ›

Endings. There is only two endings, an ending where the User don't forgive Game, and an ending where Game is forgiven.

What game does not have a ending? ›

The most famous open-ended sandbox game of all time, Minecraft, has no end.

What is the blind girl in the haunted house game? ›

Perception is a first-person horror-themed adventure video game in which the player assumes the role of Cassie Thornton, a blind woman who navigates a mansion through means of echolocation.

Who are the killers in Haunt? ›

Vampire to Harper and Nathan. The Slashers are the main antagonists of the 2019 slasher film Haunt. Like the name implies, they are a mysterious group of psychotic slashers who have tattoed and deformed their own faces to personify an specific monster.

How many mazes are at Haunt? ›

It is Canada's largest haunted theme park featuring over 300 monsters, nine walk-through "maze" attractions, six uniquely themed atmospheric scare areas, and three live shows. During its operation, the grounds are transformed via decorative props, thematic music, eerie lighting to further create its scary atmosphere.

What is the password in tiny room stories town mystery? ›

The main thing to do on the computer right now is to open the notepad to see that the roof padlock password is 3569. 6. Find the ladder in the room and climb up. Enter 3569 on the padlock to open it.

What is the password in tiny room chapter 10? ›

Search the desk drawers to find a key. Back out and climb up the ladder, then open the padlock with code 3569. Climb up to the roof and unlock the right door with the key from the desk.

What is the theme of out of nowhere? ›

“[Padian] offers plenty of story in Out of Nowhere: romantic rivalries, class tensions, family pressures. She has a firm sense of plot, and the circumstances her characters grapple with – cyberbullying, the burden of a burnout friend, the pain of growing and changing – will resonate with young readers.”

What is the password for Crimson room? ›

(Note: The numbers on the cards are different every time you play. Additionally, 1994 will always work as the code.)

Is tiny room worth it? ›

Each chapter feels like a challenge, especially given a few notably frustrating puzzles. That being said, though, Tiny Room Stories is more fun than any puzzle game really has the right to be. Regardless of whether you're a puzzle amateur or a master detective, this game is undoubtedly worth your time.

How many levels are in tiny room? ›

Challenging gameplay: There is a total of fifteen chapters that you need to go through. Each and every level is filled with tons of puzzles. The developers described the game as a combination of quests and escape rooms, and I definitely approve of this description.

What is the password for the computer in Tell Me Why Chapter 1? ›

Use the key to open the padlock on the cabinet in the locker room. You'll find a password reminder inside. The clue is "winner on my 20th birthday." We know it's her birthday today.

What pin number do you enter in the forgotten room? ›

Enter both 1968 and 4183 into the suitcase to unlock it.

What is the password for tiny room all? ›

Look around the table, move the newspapers and find the password 1234. However, under the keyboard at the monitors is a hint with the permutation of these numbers. Enter code 4213.

What is the theme of 24 hours in nowhere? ›

24 Hours in Nowhere is a heartwarming tale about two friends growing up in the least livable town in the United States. Nowhere, Arizona lives up to its name, with incredible high school dropout rates, bullies and intense poverty rates.

What is the story of the boy from nowhere? ›

Based on true events, BOY FROM NOWHERE follows the story of Gary, a young and vulnerable Filipino boy who loses everything in an attack on his village that kills his father. Desperate to find his mother and her tribe, Gary sets out on a perilous journey while battling hunger and solitude.

What is the nowhere girl about? ›

Nowhere Girl by Cheryl Diamond follows Diamond from when she is a small child to when she is 30. In that time, she lives in an astonishing number of places, whether it's countries or cities within states. Her name and identity changes each time.


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