The First Mystery of Medjugorje is not the Illumination of Consciousness (The Warning of Garabandal) (2023)

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The First Mystery of Medjugorje is not the Illumination of Consciousness (The Garabandal Warning)

VonA soul

(July 8, 2018, Feast of Our Lady of Kazan, Russia)

Contrary to what many people may believe, the First Medjugorje Mystery is NOT the Illumination of Consciousness (The Great Warning). Many people believe this falsehood because they try to reconcile the Marian apparitions in Garabandal with Medjugorje, and because the first three Medjugorje mysteries are known as "Warnings" to the world, they conclude that the first Medjugorje mystery is like the Garabandal warning. . But this is a wrong thought.

Only the Heavenly Father knows the exact day of the warning given to many chosen messengers from heaven. Even Jesus and his Blessed Mother do not know the exact date of the Great Warning, so it is impossible that the Great Warning is one of the Ten Medjugorje Mysteries because the seer Mirjana was informed of the exact dates of each of the Ten mysteries. . Please look at various heavenly messages regarding this fact:

Only God the Father knows the Day of Warningón-de-la-conciencia/solo-dios-el-padre-sabe-el-dia-del-aviso/

As I have shared in previous writings, in January 2017, in the midst of many spiritual struggles, the holy archangel Gabriel revealed to me several revelations related to the mysteries of Our Lady of Medjugorje and Our Lady of Garabandal. These things in particular were told to me by Saint Gabriel:

  • The Great Warning of Garabandal (illumination of consciousness) would be the first event of the time of the end. During this event, the six visionaries of Medjugorje and the visionary Conchita of Garabandal experienced the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje (Great Punishment of Garabandal) in their spiritual bodies. The Tenth Secret of Medjugorje and the Great Chastisement are exactly the same event from God. I understood that the Great Punishment is the three days of darkness when the gates of hell are wide open on earth.
  • After the Great Warning (illumination of the conscience) has taken place, God and Our Lady hope that the six visionaries of Medjugorje and the visionary Conchita de Garabandal pray to all humanity and especially to Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI, and to the Catholic Church. , about his personal experience with the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje (Great Punishment of Garabandal).
  • I understood from Saint Gabriel that only the substance of the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje (Great Punishment of Garabandal) could be revealed by all seers and not the actual date of the Great Punishment. I understood that only the Medjugorje seer Mirjana knows the exact dates of all the Ten Medjugorje Mysteries. I also understood that God and Our Lady do not give Mirjana permission to reveal the date of the Tenth Secret: Mirjana can only reveal her personal experience of the Tenth Secret during the Great Warning, but not when the Tenth Secret takes place on Earth. Mirjana must follow the instructions that Our Lady previously gave her about revealing the dates of the Ten Secrets and their content to humanity.
  • I understood from Saint Gabriel that the Pope of the Catholic Church, along with all Catholic Bishops, must expressly consecrate the nation of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in order to prevent nuclear war and ultimately prevent the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje (Great Punishment of Garabandal) on earth.
  • They have given me many details about the Great Wonder of Garabandal and I know the exact nature of the Great Mark of Garabandal that is in the pines.
  • S t. Gabriel spoke to me very limitedly of the relationship between the Great Sign of Garabandal, the Third Secret of Medjugorje (Great Sign of Medjugorje) and the Mysteries of Fatima given to the three little shepherds on July 13, 1917. However, they only informed me about of the relationship between Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje - I did not receive knowledge of the exact nature of the Third Secret of Medjugorje. I also received no further information about the other mysteries of Medjugorje.

Well, there are some important aspects of my personal encounter with Saint Gabriel that I would like people to really know and understand:

(Video) Garabandal Seer, Conchita, Reveals All: The Message, The Warning, The Miracle and The Punishment!

  • The first important aspect was the order in which the mysteries of Our Lady of Medjugorje and Our Lady of Garabandal were revealed. They told me that the Garabandal Great Warning (Illumination of Consciousness) would occur first. Immediately afterwards, the visionaries would testify about the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje (Great Punishment of Garabandal). Then the Great Miracle of Garabandal would occur in spring. Then, only later, some time after the great miracle of Garabandal, the dates and the content of the ten mysteries of Medjugorje would be revealed to humanity. I understood that the consecration of Russia according to the wishes of Our Lady of Fatima is a necessary part of mitigating/avoiding the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje (Great Punishment of Garabandal). I have not been given exact dates for any of these mysteries.
  • The second important aspect is that I was and am really surprised that God and Our Lady have given me this special knowledge. I never prayed in any way to receive such information about the Divine Plan and I never thought that as a chosen soul I would be privileged to possess such special knowledge. And truly, when the exact nature of the great wonder and sign of Garabandal was revealed to me, I was completely astounded. All this was for me an unexpected and undeserved grace. A year and a half later, I understand a little better why I received this information from heaven, but even now I remain very honest, stunned by everything.
  • The third important thing that I openly admit is that I do not consider myself a very intelligent person. I admit I have two advanced college degrees, but really, I'm not smart enough to reflect on my own human merits at this level of sophistication about the Divine Plan of God and Our Lady. I firmly believe that no one at this level of sophistication could contemplate the Divine Plan. I openly admit that I went through many spiritual struggles as Saint Gabriel imparted these insights to me over the course of several nights. Therefore, I frankly admit that all this knowledge can only come from an intelligence superior to my own human intellect, which is either God or Satan. However, knowing that it was amplified in all the various ways, I was spiritually assailed during the meeting and in the months that followed before finally revealing these ideas publicly on my blog.MariaRefugioDoSantoAmorApril 2017 (Easter) - Really, I don't see how Satan would benefit substantially from what I have publicly revealed. Perhaps some minor details could have been manipulated by him, I can never claim perfect judgement, but the gist of what I wrote here publicly, in this specific comment, and continue to know him privately, Satan has a lot more to lose with his demonic powers, they plan to enslave all humanity, especially when people witness the Great Miracle and the Sign of Garabandal and when the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary takes place. In fact, Satan has nothing to gain from what I have revealed so far. I believe these revelations are genuine and from God and Our Lady. I have no desire in my heart to deceive anyone.
  • The other fact that I wish to disclose publicly at this time is that Saint Gabriel the Archangel was not the only heavenly person present when these ideas were given to me in private. I share this because people might mistakenly think that this encounter with Saint Gabriel was just about him, Satan, and me. But when I talk about the great spiritual warfare that was taking place at that time, I want to show publicly that while Saint Gabriel spoke more, at certain points Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Joseph also spoke to me. And indeed, Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady were also present and they took me by the hand, although they did not speak to me. My guardian angel also revealed his presence to me. In fact, because so much spiritual warfare was going on at the same time as this information was being shared with me, I felt like I had the entire Court of Heaven with me in my room. In fact, heaven and hell fought an all-out spiritual battle to bring me each of these realizations over the course of several nights. They occurred in short waking hours at night because the rest of the day I worked full time and when I had to sleep I was fighting Satan in demonic nightmares. Please note that Satan and all of Hell aggressively attacked me during and after receiving these insights from St. Gabriel. This was not just a simple one-time encounter between Saint Gabriel, Satan, and me. Most people who receive such visions, speeches or heavenly messages are protected by many prayers from others, such as Medjugorje Visionaries, Holy Love Ministries, Luz de Maria (Light of Mary), etc. It was the first time that I publicly asked for intercession. Because until now I have never understood the power of the prayer of others. I have been fighting Satan in private for so long that I never realized before how he was paralyzing me in so many different ways. So, from January to April 2017, I had to deal with the full fury of Satan and all of Hell day and night before I could publicly reveal these findings to the world. When people started praying for me, I immediately witnessed the impact on my life and I am sincerely grateful to everyone ever since. In fact, any kindness expressed by blog readers is greatly appreciated by me. Even if it's just a Hail Mary prayer, your one act of compassion towards me literally changed my life. My life literally went from going to the ER for mysterious illnesses while struggling for a few months to write a useful blog comment to being able to blog for a day or two while doing other private work for Our Lady to advance in Your plans for the future. .salvation of souls. I know that what I have written here is a bit off topic for the purposes of this particular comment, but it is necessary once again to express my gratitude to everyone and how prayer really does make a difference in people's lives. Seriously, this blogMary Refuge of Holy Love,I would not survive today without the generous acts of love and simple prayers from many kind people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The reason I was asked to write this comment today is a post I recently found on the Medjugorje news website,mystical post.The article deals with what limited information was revealed by the Medjugorje seers about the First Secret, which supports my assertion that the Medjugorje First Secret is NOT the Illumination of Consciousness (The Garabandal Warning), as well as the sequence of the revelation of all the mysteries of Garabandal and Medjugorje. Here is a link to the article:

Vicka: "The first secret has to do with the Church of Medjugorje... Mirjana: "The first secret is not a nice thing and it will make you see things in a whole new way." nice-and-allows-you-to-see-things-from-a-whole-new-perspective

Also the Medjugorje seer Vicka revealed this in the past due to the mysteries of Medjugorje."Russia will become"and the visionary Mirjana said of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje:"I can't tell you much more, but by the time they start to come true, it will be too late."
These two statements by Vicka and Mirjana also support my recent comments about God's "hidden plan" and what events need to happen to prevent the Great Punishment and Tribulation under the reign of the Antichrist. In fact, the Warning and the Great Miracle of Garabandal, as well as the revelation of the content of the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje by the visionaries after the Warning, is a great catalyst for the Popes, the Bishops and the Catholic Church to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart. of Mary, as required at Fatima. Only through the consecration of Russia, global nuclear war and other chains of events leading to the reign of the Antichrist and the visible collapse of the Catholic Church can be prevented.

Also true is the fact that Mirjana shared that for many people it will be too late when the content and dates of the Ten Medjugorje Mysteries begin to be fulfilled. Found in Heavenly Messages inspeeches to the world,Our Lady indicated that some of the Ten Secrets include nuclear disasters, etc. Our Lady also stated in As Locuções that the tragedy of the destruction of nations is that such a world war takes the lives of so many unawares without adequate preparation for the moment of death and final reconciliation with God. And as indicated in the heavenly messagesholy love services (,At least 85% of the world population today is in a state of shame (mortal sin) before God. This will eventually result in a vast majority of people dying from nuclear weapons and ending up as lost souls in Hell.

In addition, it is also true that for many people it will be too late when the content and dates of the Ten Mysteries of Medjugorje begin to be fulfilled, because after the miracle of Garabandal happens, humanity will be subject to the Divine Justice of God. .for not repenting of their sins revealed during the Illumination of Conscience (The Warning). As I wrote in previous comments, with the help of various heavenly messages, humanity has only a limited time to repent after the Warning and Miracle of Garabandal has occurred, and to return to God together and fully after His Ten have ordered to live If God does not see a worldwide repentance with mass conversions to God, then the Antichrist will be allowed to reign and the Great Tribulation will happen as prophesied in the Scriptures (Book of Revelation and other prophetic books). Thus, when the Ten Medjugorje Mysteries begin to take place, the content and dates are given mainly to prepare the world's believers to withstand disasters, since the rest of the world will be lost under the sign of the beast and the Antichrist. , etc. Therefore, any mitigation of the Ten Mysteries of Medjugorje must take place immediately after the warning of humanity and the great miracle of Garabandal, because the further away from the unrepentant warning of the world, the more humanity will be subject to holy wrath. of God. Because, in truth, the Great Warning will hold all humanity to the highest level of responsibility before God, due to its nature as such a significant act of God's grace, on the same scale of responsibility that God gave to all angels at that time. dawn of creation, when a third of the angels fell from grace and were lost in hell.

(Video) Garabandal and the Illumination of Conscience

Much will be asked of whom much has been entrusted, and much more will be required of him to whom much has been entrusted."

(Luke-Gospel, Chapter 12, Verse 48)

To conclude, I would like to say that the fact that the First Mystery of Medjugorje somehow affects the Church of Medjugorje, since in the past Mirjana described the world as desolate at the time of the First Mystery of the 20th century as"It is the turmoil of a region of the world."As revealed to other chosen messengers from heaven, the Antichrist currently resides in Europe and after Garabandal's warning is given, he will attempt to exert his power to establish his rule in the European Union (the new Babylon) with his seat of power. in Rome under the Catholic Church. Therefore, it is very easy to conclude that, after the Great Warning, the Antichrist and other servants of Satan, such as elite globalists/Freemasons and Islamic terrorists, will aim for the final destruction of the site of Medjugorje because of what Medjugorje will represent. for the world. .- the source of reconciliation between humanity and God - after the Warning took place. These are my personal thoughts as I believe that the First Medjugorje Mystery is a combination of events, both natural and man-made phenomena, although I do not base this assumption on any specific heavenly revelation.

And these are my thoughts for today that I want to share with the followers ofMary Refuge of Holy Love.Thank you for your continued prayers for me and the success of this blog. I love them all.

God bless you!
-A soul

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