The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene - Summary and Notes (2023)

Table of Contents
foreword Part One: The Seductive Character A siren rake the ideal lover the dandy the natural to flirt the enchanting the charismatic The star the anti-seducer The Seducer's Victims: The Eighteen Guys Part Two: The Seduction Process Phase One: Separation: Awaken interest and desire Chapter 1 - Choose the right victim Chapter 2 - Creating a False Sense of Security - The Indirect Approach Chapter 3 - Sending Mixed Signals Chapter 4 - How to look like an object of desire - Make triangles Chapter 5: Creating a need that breeds fear and dissatisfaction Episode 6 – Master the art of insinuation Chapter 7 – Dive into his mind Chapter 8 - Creating Temptation Phase Two: Distract, create glamor and confusion Chapter 9 - Leave 'em hanging - what's next? Chapter 10 - Use the demonic power of words to sow confusion Episode 11 - Pay Attention to Details Chapter 12 - Poeticize your presence Chapter 13 - Disarmament through weaknesses and strategic vulnerabilities Chapter 14 - Confusing desire and reality - The perfect illusion Chapter 15 – Isolate the victim Phase 3 - The Precipice - deepening the effect through extreme measures Chapter 16 - Proving Yourself Chapter 17 - Running a regression Chapter 18 - Revive the Violator and the Taboo Chapter 19 - Use ghost bait Chapter 20 - Mix pleasure with pain Phase Four - Advance to Kill Chapter 21 – Give Them Room to Fall: The pursuer is pursued Chapter 22 - Use physical bait Chapter 23 - Master the art of bold movement Chapter 24 - Beware the consequences Appendix A: Seductive Environment/Seductive Time Appendix B: Gentle Seduction: How to sell anything to the masses FAQs Videos

Written in Robert Greene's signature style of demonstrating universal principles through historical examples, this book is entertaining and informative.

Not just a book on sexual seduction, but a universal guide to seduction in the broadest terms, whether political, social or otherwise, it is a book that everyone should read.

You will understand yourself and your relationships better, and applying the principles will help you in your personal and professional life. Highly recommended.


  • seduction is onePsychology game, not beauty, and everyone can become a master of the game.
  • A seducer doesn't switch off and on—Any social and personal interaction is viewed as a potential seduction. There isn't a moment to lose.
  • Seducers are never selfish. Your gaze is outward, not inward.
  • Joy is a feeling of beingpushed beyond our limits, being dominated by another person, by an experience.
  • After all, seducers are completely amoral in their approach to life.
  • Every seduction hastwo elements to analyze and understand: first, yourself and what seduces you; and second, your aim and the actions that penetrate your defenses and generate surrender.
  • "The greatest virtue is the demand for the greatest seduction." – Natalie Barney

Part One: The Seductive Character

  • Successful seduction begins with your character, your ability to exude a quality that draws people in and arouses their emotions in ways that are beyond your control.

A siren

  • A man gets bored with a woman no matter how beautiful she is; longs for various joys and adventures.
  • All a woman needs to change is to create the illusion that she offers so much variety and adventure.
  • Create the physical presence of a siren (boosted sex appeal mixed with a genuine, theatrical manner) and allow yourself to be sucked in.
  • Her time never seems to be taken up with work or housework; gives the impression that he lives for pleasure and is always available.
  • While part of you seems to be crying out for sex, the other part is shy and naive, like you can't understand the impact you're having.

character keys:

  • She represents a powerful male fantasy of a seductive, extremely confident, and highly sexual woman, offering endless pleasure and a bit of danger.
  • Once the mermaid stands out from the crowd, she must have two other crucial qualities: the ability to get the male to chase her so feverishly that he loses control; and a hint of danger.
  • Sirens are often fantastically irrational, which is immensely attractive to men who are overwhelmed by their own common sense.

physical qualities

  • Physical Characteristics: a fragrance, an enhanced femininity evoked by makeup or elaborate or seductive clothing.
  • The voice. The siren's voice is clearly a critical quality, as legend has it, and has an immediate animalistic presence with incredible suggestive power.
  • The siren must have a seductive voice that suggests eroticism, more often subtly than overt.
  • His voice is calm and leisurely, as if he never woke up or got out of bed.
  • body and decoration. If the voice is supposed to rock, the body and its décor have to dazzle.
  • The trick: Everything has to shine, but also be harmonious so that no decoration stands out. Her presence should be charged, larger than life, a fantasy come true. The ornament is used to cast and deflect a spell.
  • Movement and Behavior: The mermaid moves gracefully and leisurely.


  • However enlightened the times are, no woman can sustain the image of indulging in pleasure in absolute comfort. And no matter how hard she tries to distance herself from him, Siren's taint of ease always follows.


  • The rake is a magnificent figure in the female imagination: if he desires a woman, however brief that moment may be, he will go to the ends of the earth for her.
  • The burning rake teaches us a simple lesson:Intense desire has a distracting power in a woman., just like the physical presence of the siren on a man.
  • The key is not hesitating, letting go of all limitations, letting go, showing that you cannot control yourself and that you are fundamentally weak.
  • Don't worry about raising suspicions; As long as you're a slave to her charms, she won't think about the consequences.
  • Men are traditionally prone to appearance.
  • For women, weakness is language and words.
  • Choose words based on their ability to suggest, suggest, mesmerize, uplift, infect.
  • Remember: what matters is the form, not the content. The less your targets focus on what you say and the more on how you make them feel, the more alluring your impact will be. Give your words a sublime, spiritual, literary flavor to better suggest the desires of your unwitting victims.
  • Character Tips: Don't imagine that women are the cute creatures that some people would like to have. Like men, they are deeply attracted to the forbidden, dangerous, even slightly evil.
  • Always remember, when you throw the rake, you want to convey a sense of risk and darkness, and suggest to your victim that they are participating in something strange and exciting.
  • To play the rake, the most obvious requirement is the ability to let go, to lure a woman into a purely sensual moment where past and future become meaningless.
  • Ultimately, a rake's greatest asset is its reputation. Never underestimate your bad reputation or seem to apologize for it. Instead, accept it, improve it. That's what attracts women to you.
  • There are several things you should be known for: your irresistible attraction to women; Your uncontrollable devotion to pleasure (this makes you look weak, but it will also be exciting to be around); his disdain for the conventional; a rebellious streak that makes you look dangerous.
  • This last element can easily be hidden; Be polite and polite on the surface, but make it clear that behind the scenes you are incorrigible.


  • Like the siren, the rake is most at risk from members of its own sex.
  • Today, only the stars and the very rich can rake with impunity; the rest of us have to be careful.

the ideal lover

  • Are you longing for romance? Adventure? Sublime Spiritual Communion? The Ideal Lover reflects your imagination. He or she is an artist at creating the illusion you need and idealizing your portrait.
  • Indeed, attachment to a man depends very much on the grace of his parting.
  • Casanova was perhaps the most successful seducer in history; Few women could resist him. His method was simple: when he met a woman, he studied her, followed her mood, found what was lacking in her life, and provided for her.He became the ideal lover.
  • The ideal lover is rare in the modern world as the role requires effort. You need to focus intensely on the other person, understand what's missing, what's letting them down. People often reveal this in subtle ways: through gestures, tone of voice, a look into the eyes.
  • May this be a source of endless possibilities. Be an oasis in the desert of egocentric people; Few resist the temptation to follow a person who seems so in tune with their desires to fulfill their fantasies.

character tips

  • Each of us carries an ideal within us, either of what we would like to be or of what someone else should be for us.
  • Our ideal is something we believe is lacking in us. Our ideal may be buried in disappointment, but it lurks below, waiting to be kindled. When another person seems to have that ideal quality or has the ability to bring it out in us, we fall in love.
  • The key to following the path of the ideal lover is the ability to observe. Ignore your target's words and conscious behavior; Focus on the tone of your voice, a blush here, a look there, those signs that tell what your words won't say. Often the ideal is expressed in contradiction.


  • The greatest dangers of being the ideal lover are the consequences of letting reality creep in. When reality invades, distance is often a solution. -this-the ideal side of your character.

the dandy

  • Most of us feel trapped in the limited roles the world expects of us. We're instantly drawn to those who are more fluid and ambiguous than we are, the ones who create their own personalities.Dandies excite us because they defy categorization and imply a freedom we desire.

character tips

  • The dandy shows a real and radical difference from other people, a difference in looks and manners.
  • Dandies seduce socially and sexually; Crowds gather around her, her style is wildly imitated, an entire court or rabble falls in love with her.
  • Be bold and aesthetically different, never cheesy; making fun of current trends and styles, breaking new ground and not being interested in what others are doing.
  • However, the nonconformity of dandies goes far beyond appearances. It's a way of life that sets them apart; Assume this posture and a circle of followers will form around you.
  • Dandies are extremely cheeky. They don't care about others and never try to please.
  • Dandies are masters of the art of living. They live for pleasure, not for work; They surround themselves with beautiful objects and eat and drink with the same enthusiasm as they dress.


  • The dandy's strength, but also the dandy's problem, is that he often works with transgressive feelings about gender roles. Although this activity is highly charged and seductive, it is also dangerous as it taps into a source of great fear and insecurity.
  • Even a dandy has to measure his cheek. A true dandy knows the difference between a staged mockery of those in power and a comment that actually hurts, insults, or offends.
  • It is especially important to avoid offending those who are capable of hurting you.

the natural

Natural embodies the cherished qualities of childhood: spontaneity, sincerity, simplicity.

The primitives also make a virtue of weakness, drawing our sympathy for their trials and making us want to protect and help them.

Remember who you were before you got so polite and humble.

Below are the main types of Adult Natural. Keep in mind that the best natural seducers are often a combination of more than one of these traits.

The innocent:The primary qualities of innocence are weakness and misunderstanding of the world.

  • They act like they still see the world through innocent eyes, which is doubly funny as an adult.

the emperor: Mischievous children have a courage that adults have lost. This is because they don't see the possible consequences of their actions: how some people might be offended, how they might be physically harmed in the process.

  • Just don't apologize or sound apologetic, because that would break the spell.

the wonder: A child prodigy has a special, inexplicable talent: a gift for music, mathematics, chess, sports.

  • In the field work, at which they are exceedingly adept, these children appear possessed and their actions are simple.
  • If they have physical talent, they are gifted with unusual energy, dexterity, and spontaneity.
  • Adult wonders are often former wonder girls who have managed to remarkably retain their youthful impulsiveness and ability to improvise.
  • To play miracles you need a certain skill that feels easy and natural, as well as the ability to improvise.
  • If your skills do take practice, hide them and learn to make your job look easy.

the helpless lover: As people age, they protect themselves from painful experiences by switching off. The price of this is that they become rigid, both physically and mentally. But children are naturally vulnerable and open to experience, and that receptivity is extremely attractive.

  • They often manifest this spirit physically: they are elegant and seem to age less quickly than other people.
  • People are attracted to those who expect high things from life while tending to disrespect those who are fearful and lowbrow.
  • Wild independence has a provocative effect on us:it attracts us, at the same time it challenges us: we want to be the ones who tame it, who make energetic people dependent on us. Half the seduction is rousing those competitive cravings.
  • The more immersed you become in your own joyful world, the more seductive you become.Don't stop halfway: make the fantasy you inhabit as radical and exotic as possible and you will be noticed like a magnet.
  • People are immensely suggestible; Your sense of humor will rub off easily on those around you. In fact, seduction depends on mimesis, the conscious creation of a state of mind or emotion that is then reproduced by the other. butHesitation and clumsiness are also contagious and fatal to seduction.
  • If you appear indecisive or embarrassed at a crucial moment, the other person will sense that you are thinking of yourself instead of letting their charm sway you.
  • However, like a helpless lover, it has the opposite effect: your victim may doubt or be concerned, but in the face of such a confident and natural person, they will be in a good mood. Like dancing with someone you lead effortlessly across the dance floor, this is a skill you can learn.
  • It's about eradicating the fear and unease that has built up within you over the years, becoming more graceful with your approach and being less defensive when others seem to resist.


  • A child's trait can be charming, but it can also be irritating; the innocent have no experience of the world, and their sweetness can be cloying.
  • Because pure childishness can easily irritate, the most alluring naturals are those who, like Josephine Baker, combine adult experience and wisdom with childlike manners.
  • Most of the time it's just artists or people with a lot of free time who can afford to go all the way anyway.
  • Likewise, Naturals' seductive qualities work best on someone young enough to look natural.

to flirt

  • The ability to delay gratification is the ultimate art of seduction: while you wait, the victim is a slave. Flirts are the great masters of this game, orchestrating a back and forth between hope and frustration.
  • They feed on the promise of reward: the hope of physical pleasure, happiness, fame through society, power, yet all elusive; However, this only makes their goals pursue them even more.
  • The flirts seem completely self-sufficient: They don't need you, they seem to say, and their narcissism is devilishly attractive. They want to win her over, but they hold the cards.Coquette's strategy is to never offer complete satisfaction. Mimic the coquette's alternation of hot and cold and you'll keep seducers on their heels.
  • Humans are inherently evil. An easy achievement is worth less than a difficult one; we are only truly enraptured by what we are denied, by what we cannot fully possess.
  • His greatest power of seduction is his ability to distance himself, to get others to pursue him, and to delay his gratification.
  • The world is full of people trying, people aggressively asserting themselves. They might make temporary gains, but the longer they're around, the more people they'll want to confuse. They leave no space around them and without space there can be no seduction.
  • Cool flirts create space by getting raunchy and getting others to chase them. His coolness suggests a comfortable confidence that's exciting even if it doesn't really exist; Your silence makes you want to talk. Their self-control, their seeming lack of need for other people, makes us just want to do things for them, eager for the slightest token of approval and favor.

character tips

  • Remember: the essence of the coquette is not in provocation and temptation, but in subsequent withdrawal.
  • First of all, coquette must be able to attract the object of her attention. The attraction can be sexual, celebrity appeal, whatever it takes. At the same time, the coquette sends out opposite signals that cause opposite reactions and confuse the victim.
  • Remember: Overt flirting reveals your intentions very clearly. Better to be ambiguous and even contradictory, both frustrating and exhilarating.
  • Flirting depends on developing a pattern to throw the other person off balance.


  • Flirts face one obvious danger: they play on fleeting emotions. Every time the pendulum swings, love turns to hate. So they have to orchestrate everything carefully. Your absence must not be too long, your tantrums must be quickly followed by a smile.

the enchanting

  • Charm is seduction without sex.Enchanters are skilled manipulators who disguise their cunning by creating an atmosphere of pleasure and comfort. Their method is simple: they draw attention away from themselves and focus it on their goal. They understand your spirit, feel your pain, adapt to your mood. You feel more comfortable in the presence of a charmer. Charmers don't argue or argue, complain or make a fuss, what could be more seductive?

the laws of charm:

Make your goal the center of attention.

  • Enchanters take a back seat; Your goals become the subject of your interest.
  • Make them the star of the show and they will become addicted and dependent on you. On a mass level, make sacrificial gestures (no matter how wrong) to show the audience that you share their pain and are working for them.

Be a source of joy.


  • Nobody wants to hear about your problems and difficulties.Listen to your targets' complaints, but more importantly, distract them from their problems by giving them pleasure.
  • Being light-hearted and funny is always more charming than serious and judgmental.
  • A forceful presence is also more appealing than torpor., suggesting boredom, a major social taboo; jElegance and style usually outweigh vulgarity, as most people like to associate with whatever they consider sublime and sophisticated.
  • Harmonize antagonism.
  • The magician knows how to settle conflicts. Never provoke antagonisms immune to your charm; Retreat in the face of aggressive people, let them take your small victories.
  • Lull your victims to sleep with ease and comfort.
  • The key to making your victims comfortable is to mirror them and adapt to their mood. People are narcissistic: they are attracted to people who are most like them.
  • Show calm and self-control in the face of adversity.
  • Adversity and setbacks provide the perfect setting for charm. Showing a calm and collected appearance in the face of discomfort puts people at ease.

Never complain, never complain, never try to justify yourself.

The house is useful. If you do it subtly, your ability to improve the lives of others will be devilishly seductive.

The key is perseverance: many people seduce someone by promising great things (a better job, a new hookup, a big favor), but when they don't deliver, they make enemies instead of friends.

the art of charm

  • A rough exterior can hide a person dying of heat; A downtrodden, sober-looking guy may have trouble hiding uncontrollable emotions.This is the key to enchantment: to nourish that which has been repressed or denied.
  • FirstThey don't talk much about themselves, which adds to their mystery and hides their limitations.
  • SecondsThey seem interested in us, and their interest is so deliciously focused that we relax and open up to them.
  • FinallyCharming is good to be around. You don't have any of the ugly traits of most people: grumpy, complaining, assertive.
  • Time is the greatest weapon you have.Think patiently of a long-term goal and neither the person nor the army will be able to resist you. And charm is the best way to save time and expand your options in any situation.


  • Some are immune to an enchanter; especially cynical and confident types who don't need validation. These people tend to see enchanters as raunchy and devious and could get you into trouble. The solution is to do what most enchanters do naturally: befriend and enchant as many people as possible. Secure your power with numbers and don't worry about the few you can't seduce.

the charismatic

  • Charisma is a presence that moves us. It comes from an inner quality — confidence, sexual energy, determination, contentment — that most people lack and want. This quality radiates outward, permeating the gestures of charismatics, making them extraordinary and sublime, and leading us to believe that they are more than meets the eye: they are gods, saints, stars. Charismatics can learn to enhance their charisma with a piercing gaze, fiery rhetoric, a touch of mystery. You can seduce in a big way.
  • Learn to create the charismatic illusion by radiating intensity while staying aloof.
  • Charisma is seduction on a mass scale. Charismatics make crowds fall in love with them and then lead them.
  • They don't explain where their confidence or joy comes from, but everyone can feel it; it radiates outward without the appearance of conscious effort. The charismatic's face is often lively, full of energy, desire, vigilance: the look of a lover that is immediately attractive, even slightly sexual.

The following are the basic qualities that help create the illusion of charisma:

  • Purpose.When people think you have a plan, that you know where you're going, they will instinctively follow it. The direction doesn't matter: choose a cause, an ideal, a vision and show that you will not deviate from your goal.
  • Secret.Mystery is at the heart of charisma, but it is a special kind of mystery, a mystery that expresses itself through contradiction. Since most people are predictable, the effect of these contradictions is devastatingly charismatic.
  • Holiness.Most of us must constantly compromise in order to survive; not the saints. They must live their ideals without worrying about the consequences.
  • Preparedness.A charismatic person relies on the power of words. The reason is simple: words are the quickest way to create emotional turmoil.
  • To achieve this kind of eloquence, it helps if the speaker is as emotional and absorbed in the words as the audience.
  • Eloquence, however, is learnable: the devices used by La Pasionaria—words, slogans, rhythmic repetitions, phrases that the audience must repeat—can be easily acquired.
  • Show.A charismatic is larger than life, has an extra presence. Actors have studied this type of presence for centuries; They know how to stand up and grab attention on a crowded stage.
  • disinhibition🇧🇷 Most people are oppressed and have little access to their subconscious.
  • First he must prove that he is less inhibited than his audience, that he exudes a dangerous sexuality, that he is not afraid of death, that he is wonderfully spontaneous.
  • Fervor.You have to believe in something, strong enough to animate your every gesture and make your eyes shine.
  • A prerequisite for ardent faith is a good reason to join:a crusade
  • vulnerability🇧🇷 Charismatics show a need for love and affection.
  • Aventura.Charismatics are unconventional. They have an air of adventure and risk that appeals to boring people. Be bold and courageous in your actions - let yourself be seen as someone who takes risks for the benefit of others.
  • Magnetism.If one physical attribute is crucial in seduction, it's the eyes. They reveal emotion, tension, distance without saying a word. Charismatic demeanors can be even-tempered and calm, but their eyes are magnetic; They have a piercing gaze that unsettles the emotions of their targets, using violence without words or actions.

All of these skills are purchasable.

  • Practice the effect you want.
  • Don't apologize or stay halfway. The more unrestrained you appear, the more attractive the effect.
  • Believe it or not, a plain looking man or woman with clear vision, determination and practical skills can be stunningly charismatic when matched with some success.Never underestimate the power of success in enhancing one's aura.
  • This is the look you want: you don't need anything or anyone, you're fulfilled.
  • The less obvious you are, the better: let people infer that you're happy instead of hearing it from you. Let them see it in your relaxed manner, soft smile, ease and comfort.
  • Remember, being aloof and distant only increases the impact. People will fight for the slightest sign of their interest.


  • Psychologists speak of "erotic exhaustion", the moments after lovemaking when you feel tired and resentful. Reality creeps in, love turns to hate. Erotic fatigue is a threat to all charismatics.
  • The only defense is mastering your charisma.
  • The best kind of charisma is created consciously and kept in check.
  • Remember: charisma depends on success, and the best way to maintain it after your first charismatic run is to be practical, even cautious.
  • After all, there is nothing more dangerous than succeeding a charismatic.
  • They miss their inspirer and blame the successor. Avoid this situation at all costs. If it is unavoidable, do not try to continue what the charismatic started; go in a new direction.

The star

  • Daily life is difficult and most of us are constantly trying to escape it in fantasies and dreams. The stars feed on this weakness; Distinguished from others by a distinctive and attractive style, they make you want to see them.
  • At the same time, they are vague and ethereal, keeping distance and allowing us to surmise more than there is.
  • Its main requirement is self-distancing. If you see yourself as an object, others will see you too. An ethereal and dreamlike air enhances the effect.
  • You are a blank canvas. Float through life uncompromisingly and people will want to take you over and consume you.
  • And keep your distance: let them identify with you without being able to touch you.

character tips

  • First,it must have such a presence that it can fill the spirit of your target the way a close-up fills the screen. You must have a style or presence that sets you apart from the rest.
  • Seconds, cultivate an empty and mysterious face, the center radiating stars. This allows people to read what they want in you and imagine they could see your character, even your soul.
  • Stars make you want to know more about them. You must learn to pique people's curiosity by giving them a glimpse into your personal life, something that seems to reveal part of your personality.
  • Let them fantasize and imagine. One trait that often elicits this reaction is an air of spirituality that can be fiendishly seductive, such as James Dean's interest in Eastern philosophy and the occult.
  • Kind and generous touches can have a similar effect.
  • The things you love (people, hobbies, animals) reveal the kind of moral beauty people like to see in a star. Tap into this desire by showing people glimpses of your private life, the causes you fight for, the person you are (currently) in love with.
  • Remember:Everyone is a public artist.People never know exactly what you're thinking or feeling; They judge you by your looks.


  • Stars create illusions that are pleasant to look at. The danger is that people will tire of her - the illusion no longer fascinates - and turn to another star.
  • You must have all eyes on you at all costs.
  • Don't worry about notoriety or reputation damage; We are remarkably tolerant of our stars.

the anti-seducer

  • Pickups draw you in with the focused, individual attention they give you.Anti-deceivers are the opposite: insecure, self-centered, and unable to understand another person's psychology.They literally repel each other.Self-aware, anti-seducers never realize when they're annoying, imposing, or talkative.🇧🇷 They lack the subtlety to create the promise of pleasure that seduction demands. Eliminate the anti-seductive qualities in yourself and recognize them in others; There is no pleasure or benefit in associating with the anti-deceiver.
  • Anti-seducers come in many forms and types, howeverAlmost all share a single attribute, the source of their dislike: insecurity.
  • End the lack of generosity. It is an impediment to power and a grave sin of seduction.

Types of anti-seduction

The brute.

  • If the seduction is some kind of ceremony or ritual, part of the pleasure is its duration, the time it takes, the waiting that builds anticipation. Brutes have no patience for such things; They only care about their own pleasure, never yours.

The choking one.

  • Smothers fall in love with you before you even know they exist.
  • A sub-variant of the Stifler is the doormat, a person who slavishly imitates you.

the moralist.

  • Seduction is a game and should be played with a light heart. All is fair in love and seduction; Morality never comes into the picture. However, the character of the moralizer is rigid. These are people who follow fixed ideas and try to get you to bend to their standards.

The miser.

  • Cheap indicates more than a money problem. It is a sign that a person's character is limited, something that prevents them from letting go or taking risks. It's the most anti-seductive quality of all, and you can't give in to it.

O chocolate.

  • Bumblebees are confident and their shyness adds to yours.
  • In seduction, the key weapon is boldness, denying target time to stop and think. Bumblebees have no sense of time.

El Windsack.

  • The most effective seductions are provoked by looks, indirect actions, and physical lures. Words have their place, but talking too much often breaks the spell, highlights superficial differences, and weighs things down.

The Reactor.

  • Reactors are very sensitive, not to you but to their own ego. They examine every word and every action for signs of disrespect to their vanity.

The vulgar.

  • The vulgar don't pay attention to the details that are so important in seduction. You can see it in their looks, their clothes are kitschy in every way, and their actions: they don't know that sometimes it's better to control yourself and not give in to impulses.
  • There's nothing more anti-seductive than feeling like you've been stolen by someone you can't resist. The slightest semblance of such presumption is fatal to seduction; You have to prove yourself, take your time, win the heart of your goal.
  • Exaggerated pride without justifying anything is highly anti-seductive.
  • The person who is obviously looking for money or some other material reward can only resist.If that is your intention, if you seek more than pleasure - money, power - never show it.
  • The best way to avoid getting involved with anti-seducers is to spot them right away and avoid them, but they often fool us.
  • Don't get angry, it can only encourage her or exacerbate her anti-seductive tendencies. Instead, be distant and aloof, not paying attention to them, making them feel like you don't care. The best antidote to an anti-deceiver is to be an anti-deceiver yourself.
  • Remember:Seduction is an attention game about slowly filling the other person's mind with your presence.🇧🇷 Distance and inattention produce the opposite effect and can be used as a tactic if necessary.

The Seducer's Victims: The Eighteen Guys

  • Victims are ranked based on what they think they are missing out on in life.— Adventure, attention, romance, mischievous experience, mental or physical stimulation, etc. Once you identify your type, you have the necessary ingredients for seduction: you will be the one to give them what they lack and they don't get along . yours
  • By examining potential victims, you learn to see the reality behind appearances.🇧🇷 A shy person might want to be the star; a Puritan may want a transgressive emotion.
  • Never try to seduce your own man.

victim theory

  • Nobody in this world feels whole and complete. We all feel a gap in our character, something we need or want but cannot achieve on our own. When we fall in love, it's often someone who seems to fill that void.
  • Look at the people around you. Forget your social makeup, your obvious personality traits: look behind it all, focus on the gaps, the missing parts of your psyche. This is the raw material of every seduction. Pay close attention to their clothing; Her gestures, her careless comments, things around the house, certain looks make her talk about her past, especially past romances. And slowly the outlines of these missing parts appear.
  • Understand: Humans are constantly giving signs of what is wrong with them.They crave fulfillment, be it illusion or reality, and if it has to come from someone else, that person has tremendous power over them.
  • We often intentionally and unconsciously develop a social appearance specifically designed to mask our weaknesses and shortcomings.
  • More important,Break the habit of thinking that other people have the same flaws as you.
  • Never try to seduce someone who is your type.🇧🇷 They will be like two jigsaw puzzles without the same pieces.

the guys

The reformed libertine or mermaid.

  • People of this type were once carefree seducers who got on well with the opposite sex. But the day came when they were forced to give it up.
  • These guys are ripe for the taking - all you have to do is cross their path and give them a chance to continue on their rake or siren paths. Their blood will stir and the call of their youth will overwhelm them.
  • However, it is important to give these guys the illusion that they are the ones seducing you.
  • Don't be put off if you're in a relationship; An existing engagement is often the perfect foil.

The disappointed dreamer.

  • When they were kids, these guys probably spent a lot of time alone. For fun, they developed powerful fantasy lives fueled by books, films, and other types of popular culture.
  • You can recognize this guy by the books he reads, the movies he watches, the way he pricks up his ears when told about the real adventures that some people have.
  • These guys make excellent, satisfying victims. First, they often have a lot of pent-up passion and energy that you can release and focus on yourself. They also have great imagination and willpower and will respond to anything that is vaguely mysterious or romantic that you offer them.
  • If you give them part of what they want, they will figure out the rest. Do not, under any circumstances, allow reality to destroy the illusion you create.

The royal spoiled one.

  • These people were classic spoiled brats.
  • But her relentless pursuit of change wears her down, and that comes at a price: work problems, a string of unfulfilled romances, friends scattered across the world.
  • What the spoiled prince or princess is really looking for is one person, that father figure, who will spoil them the way they desire.
  • To seduce this guy, be prepared to offer plenty of distraction: new places to visit, new experiences, colors, spectacles.
  • Recognize these types by the turbulence of their past (job changes, travel, short-term relationships) and their aristocracy, regardless of their social class.

the new prude

  • Sexual modesty still exists, but it's less common than it used to be. However, pride is never just about sex; A Puritan is someone who is overly concerned with appearance, with what society considers appropriate and acceptable behavior.
  • New Pride is overly concerned with standards of kindness, fairness, political sensibilities, good taste, etc. However, what sets the New Vertical apart, like the Old, is that deep down they are excited and fascinated by guilty and transgressive joys.
  • They tend to wear drab colors; They certainly never take a chance on fashion. You can be very judgmental and critical of people who take risks and are less than correct. They are also addicted to routine, which gives them a way to calm their inner turmoil.
  • The New Prude is often more likely to be tempted by someone with a dangerous or mischievous side.
  • You can often lure a newcomer into seduction, giving him the opportunity to criticize you and even try to reform you.

the shattered star

(Video) Art of Seduction by Robert Greene Book Summary Animation

  • The problem with crushed stars is that at some point in their lives they were in the spotlight, maybe they were handsome and charming and bubbly, maybe they were athletes or some other talent, but those days are long gone.
  • You can recognize. Stars crushed by certain careless moments: they suddenly get some attention in a social setting and it makes them shine; they mention their glory days and there is a little twinkle in their eyes; a little wine in the system and they become bubbly.
  • Seducing this guy is easy: just make him the center of attention.
  • When you're with them, act like they're stars and you bask in their glow.
  • Make them talk; especially about yourself.

The beginner.

  • What separates novices from the ordinary innocent youth is their deadly curiosity.
  • Seducing a newbie is easy. However, it takes a bit of art to get it right. Beginners are interested in people with experience, especially those with a tinge of corruption and evil. Make this knock too hard, however, and it will intimidate and startle them. What works best at Novice is a mix of qualities. You yourself are somewhat childish, with a playful spirit. At the same time, it is clear that you yourself have hidden ominous depths.
  • Everything should be romantic, even the bad and dark sides of life.
  • The enticing language works wonders for the beginner, as does the attention to detail.Colorful shows and events appeal to your sensitive senses

The Conqueror.

  • These guys have an unusual amount of energy that is difficult to control. You are always looking for people to conquer, obstacles to overcome.
  • You won't always admit it. Outward Conquest: You can appear a little shy in social situations and have a certain reserve. Don't pay attention to your words or your looks, pay attention to your actions, at work and in relationships.
  • You want to give them a good hunt. Being a little difficult or moody and flirting will often do the trick.
  • To tame them, have them charge and charge like a bull.
  • The Boy Scout is usually a male, but there are many Boy Scouts out there.

The Exotic Fetishist.

  • Most of us are excited and fascinated by the exotic. What sets exotic fetishists apart from the rest of us is the level of this interest that seems to guide all of their choices in life.
  • These guys are easy to spot. You like to travel; their houses are full of objects from distant places, they fetishize the music or art of this or that foreign culture. They usually have a strong rebellious streak.
  • Clearly, the way to seduce her is to position yourself as exotic: at least if you don't appear to be from a different background, race, or have an alien aura, then you shouldn't even bother.
  • A variation of this type is the man or woman trapped in a debilitating relationship, worldly pursuit, dead end.
  • These exotic fetishists make better victims than self-haters because you can offer them a temporary escape from what's oppressing them.

Die Drama-Queen.

  • There are people who can't do without the constant drama in their lives, it's their way of distracting boredom.
  • With this guy you have to be willing and able to give him the rough mental treatment they want.
  • You will recognize drama queens by the number of people they have hurt, the tragedy and trauma that has befallen them.

The teacher.

  • This guy cannot escape the trap of analyzing and criticizing everything that comes his way. Your mind is overdeveloped and overstimulated. Even when they talk about love or sex, they do so with a lot of thought and analysis.
  • They want to escape their mental prisons, they want pure physicality without any analysis, but they can't get there alone.
  • Deep down, they want to be dominated by someone with physical presence, such as a libertine or a mermaid.
  • Let your teachers maintain their sense of mental superiority; let them judge you
  • They give them what no one else can: physical stimulation.

The beauty.

  • From a young age, beauty is considered by others. His desire to look at her is the source of his power, but also the source of much dissatisfaction: he constantly worries that his powers are draining and he will no longer be visible.
  • The most important thing in this seduction is to validate those parts of beauty that no one else appreciates: her intelligence (usually greater than people realize), her skills, her character.
  • Intellectual stimulation works well for Beauty, distracting her from her doubts and insecurities and making it seem like you appreciate that side of her personality.
  • Bella would like to be more active and pursue this alone. A little flirting can work well here: at some point, with all your adoration, you may get a little cold and invite her to chase after you.

The aged baby.

  • Some people refuse to grow up.
  • They can be charming at twenty, interesting at thirty, but by forty they start to wear out.
  • The aging baby does not want competition, but a grown-up figure. If you want to seduce this guy, you have to be willing to be responsible and serious.
  • Behave like a loving adult to the limit, never judge or criticize their behavior, and a strong bond will form.

the saviour

  • You know these guys for their empathy: they listen carefully and try to get you to start a conversation. You will also find that they have a history of relationships with dependent and troubled people.
  • Saviors can make excellent sacrifices, especially if you like chivalrous or maternal attention.
  • If you're a man, play the boy who can't handle this cruel world; A savior will envelop her in motherhood and gain the added satisfaction of feeling more powerful and in control than a man.
  • Exaggerate your weaknesses, but not with open words or gestures.- let her feel that you lacked love, that you had a series of bad relationships, that you were treated unfairly in life.
  • They can also invite moral salvation: they are bad. you have done bad things They need a stern but loving hand.

The street.

  • These guys lived a good life and experienced many joys. They probably have or had a large amount of money to support their hedonistic life.
  • Roués are consummate seducers, but there is one type who can easily seduce them: the young and innocent.
  • If you want to seduce her, you probably need to be a bit young and at least appear innocent.
  • Resisting his advances is also good: Roués will find it lively and exciting to pursue. It might even seem like you don't like them or distrust them, that will really turn them on. As a resistance fighter, you control the dynamics.

The Idol Worshiper.

  • Everyone misses the inside, but idol worshipers have a greater emptiness than most people. They cannot be satisfied with themselves, so they look in the world for something to worship, something to fill their inner emptiness.
  • Idol worshipers are easy to identify: they are the ones who put their energy into a cause or religion.
  • The way to seduce this guy is to simply become his object of worship and take the place of whatever cause or religion you are so passionate about. At first glance, it may seem like you share their spiritual interests, join them in their worship, or maybe expose them to something new; someday you will move.

Keep two things in mind when seducing this guy.

  • First,They tend to have overactive minds which can make them quite suspicious. Since they generally lack physical stimulation and physical stimulation is distracting, give them something: a hike up the mountain, a boat ride, or sex will do.
  • seconds,often suffer from low self-esteem. Don't try to lift it; they will see through you and your efforts to compliment them will conflict with their image. You must worship him; you won't love her.

The sensualist.

  • What sets these guys apart isn't their lust for pleasure, it's their hyperactive senses. Sometimes they show this quality in their looks: their interest in fashion, color, style. But sometimes it's more subtle: Because they're so sensitive, they're often quite shy and freak out at the idea of ​​standing out or being extravagant.
  • You can recognize them by how receptive they are to their surroundings, how they can't stand a room without sunlight, how they get depressed by certain colors, or excited by certain smells.
  • The key to seducing them is to direct their senses, take them to beautiful places, pay attention to details, engage them in spectacle, and of course, use lots of physical lures.
  • Like animals, sensualists can be attracted to colors and smells. Engage as many senses as possible and keep your targets distracted and weak.

The Lone Leader.

  • Powerful people aren't necessarily different from others, but they are treated differently and that has a big impact on their personality.
  • Lone wolves want to be seduced so someone can break through their isolation and dominate them.
  • The best way to seduce these guys is to be equal or even superior, the kind of treatment they never get. If you open up to them, it will come across as real and they will be touched.
  • Lone leaders can be moved by inflicting some Pain followed by Tenderness.
  • This is one of the hardest guys to seduce., not only because they are suspicious, butbecause their minds are full of worries and responsibilities🇧🇷 They have less mental space for seduction.They must be patient and smart and slowly fill their minds with thoughts of you.

the floating sex

  • Gender-fluctuating types find the separation of the sexes into such distinct genders as a burden.
  • What gender floaters are really looking for is another person of uncertain gender, their opposite-gender counterpart. Show them that they can relax in your presence and express the downtrodden side of their character.
  • If you're not the floating type, leave this guy alone. You will only inhibit them and cause more discomfort.

Part Two: The Seduction Process

  • You will not seduce anyone simply by relying on your attractive personality or by occasionally doing something classy or alluring.
  • Seduction is a process that takes place over time: the further and slower you go, the deeper you penetrate your victim's mind.
  • It is an art that requires patience, focus and strategic thinking.
  • You must always be one step ahead of your victim, throw dust in their eyes, cast a spell, throw them off balance.
  • To help you deepen your seduction, the chapters are divided into four phases, with each phase having a specific goal to be achieved:
  • make the victim think of you;
  • Access your emotions by creating moments of joy and confusion;
  • deepening work in your subconscious, awakening suppressed desires;
  • and finally bring about physical delivery
  • At all costs, resist the temptation to rush or improvise to the climax of your seduction.You are not seductive, you are selfish. Everything in everyday life is rushed and improvised and you have to offer something different.

Phase One: Separation: Awaken interest and desire

  • After you've decided who you want to seduce (1: Choose the right victim), your first task is to get your victims' attention and get their interest in you.
  • For those who may be more resilient or difficult, try a slower, more insidious approach and befriend them first (2: Creating a False Sense of Security: Indirect Approach); For those who are bored and less elusive, a more dramatic approach will work, one that either enchants them with a mysterious presence (3: Sending Mixed Signals) or seems coveted and coveted by others (4: Apparently Desired). 🇧🇷
  • Once the victim is properly intrigued, you need to transform their interest into something stronger: desire.
  • Cravings are usually preceded by feelings of emptiness, of something lacking in us that needs to be filled.
  • You must consciously instill such feelings, making your victims aware of the adventure and romance that is missing from their lives (5: Create a need: create fear and dissatisfaction). When they see you as the one who will fill their void, interest turns to desire.
  • Desire must be stimulated by subtly implanting in them ideas, clues to the seductive pleasures that await them (6: Mastering the Art of Intimation).
  • Reflecting your victim's values, satisfying their desires and moods, will captivate and delight them (7: Put yourself in their mind).
  • Without noticing how it happened, your thoughts circle more and more around you.
  • It's time for something stronger. Lure them with irresistible pleasure or adventure (8: create temptations) and they will follow you.

Chapter 1 - Choose the right victim

  • It all depends on the purpose of your seduction. Study your prey carefully and select only those that are receptive to your charms.
  • The right victims are the ones you can fill a void for, who see something exotic in you.
  • They are often isolated or at least somewhat unhappy (perhaps due to recent adverse circumstances), or they can easily be, as the perfectly contented person is almost impossible to seduce.
  • The perfect victim has a natural trait that attracts them. The strong emotions that this quality evokes will help make your seduction maneuvers more natural and dynamic. The perfect sacrifice makes the perfect pursuit possible.
  • The perfect victim is one that excites you in a way that words cannot explain, that has nothing to do with superficiality to affect you. He or she often has a quality that you lack, and you may even secretly envy them.
  • There should be some tension: the victim may be a little scared of you, maybe even a little dislike of you.
  • Be more creative in choosing your prey and you'll be rewarded with a more exciting seduction.
  • Of course, this means nothing if the potential victim isn't open to your influence. Test the person first. Once you feel that he or she is vulnerable to you as well, the hunt can begin.

key of seduction

  • How do you recognize your victims? By the way, they react to you. You shouldn't pay so much attention to your conscious reactions.
  • Instead, pay more attention to reactions that are beyond your conscious control: a blush, an involuntary reflection of your gesture, unusual shyness, maybe even a tinge of anger or resentment.
  • Like Valmont, you can tell the right goals by the effect they have on you. Maybe they are uncomfortable.
  • When a person has such a profound effect on you, it changes all of your subsequent maneuvers. Your face and gestures become more vivid. You have more energy; When victims resist you (as a good victim should), you are in turn more creative and motivated to overcome their resistance.
  • Notice the types you didn't consider before. There you will find challenge and adventure.
  • On the other hand,In general, you should avoid people who are busy with business or work: seduction requires attention, and busy people have very little head space for you to occupy.

Chapter 2 - Creating a False Sense of Security - The Indirect Approach

  • If you are too direct from the start, you risk creating resistance that will never let up.
  • They approach you through third parties or appear to maintain a relatively neutral relationship, gradually moving from friend to lover.
  • Schedule occasional "chance" encounters, as if you and your target were destined to meet; Nothing is more seductive than a feeling of destiny. Coo at the target to make them feel safe, then strike.
  • First, Your friendly conversations with your targets will provide you with valuable information about their character, tastes, weaknesses, and the childlike desires that determine their adult behavior.
  • SecondsBy spending time with your targets, you can make them feel comfortable around you. Believing that you are only interested in your thoughts and company, they will lessen your resistance and resolve common gender tensions.
  • At this point, every careless remark, every light physical contact, will trigger another thought, one that will catch him off guard: Maybe there could be more between you.
  • Once this feeling is awakened, they will wonder why you didn't move and take the initiative, and delight in the illusion that they are in control.There is nothing more effective in seduction than making the seduced believe that it is they who are seducing.
  • The first step to mastering is simple: once you've picked the right person, you need to get the target to come to you. In the early stages, if you can make your targets think they're the first to approach, you've won the game.
  • You can also play cat and mouse with them, first appearing interested and then backing off and actively enticing them to follow you in your network.
  • Small talk can be a brilliant tactic; hypnotizes the target. The flatness of his forehead gives increased power to the most subtle suggestive word, to the slightest glance.
  • Never mention love and you will let its absence say a lot: your victims will wonder why you never talk about your feelings.
  • Learn to hide your feelings and let people figure out what's going on for themselves.
  • In all circumstances you must never give the impression that you are looking for something; this will create a resistance that will never let up. Learn to approach people from the side.


  • Carefully constructed indirect seduction can reduce the number of your conquests, but it more than makes up for its quality.

Chapter 3 - Sending Mixed Signals

  • Once people are aware of your presence and maybe even a little intrigued, you need to pique their interest before they decide on someone else.
  • What is obvious and surprising may catch your attention at first, but that attention is usually short-lived; in the long run, the ambiguity is much stronger.
  • Most of us are too obvious; let's be difficult to understand. It sends mixed signals: both tough and tender, both spiritual and earthly, both innocent and cunning. A blend of qualities suggests depth that both fascinates and mystifies.
  • An elusive and enigmatic aura will make people want to know more and draw them into your circle. Create that power by pointing out something contradictory within yourself.
  • To stimulate your interest,it must suggest a complexity that cannot be understood in a week or two.You are an unspeakable mystery, an irresistible attraction that promises great pleasure if you can be possessed.
  • The key to attracting and keeping attention is to exude mystery. And no one is inherently mysterious, at least not for long; Mystery is something to work on, a trick on your part, and something to use early in the seduction.
  • Let part of your character show through for everyone to see.
  • But it also sends a mixed signal, a sign that you are not what you appear to be, a paradox. Don't worry if this sub-quality is negative, like danger, cruelty, or amorality; People are drawn to the mystery anyway, and sheer goodness is seldom seductive.

key of seduction

  • It's actually quite easy to create that first feeling: a seductive style of dress, a salacious look, something extreme about you. But what happens next?
  • Your attractiveness will fade if you don't cast the permanent spell that will make people think of you in your absence. It means capturing their imagination, making them think there's more to you than meets the eye. Once they start beautifying their image with their costumes, they are hooked.
  • However, this needs to be done early on, before your targets know too much and form their impressions of you. It has to happen the moment they see you. By sending mixed signals on that first date, you create a little surprise, a little excitement: you come across as one (innocent, cheeky, intellectual, funny), but you also give them a glimpse of something else (devilish, shy, spontaneous, Sad). 🇧🇷 Be subtle: if the second quality is too strong, you will appear schizophrenic.
  • In order to attract and hold attention, you must display attributes that belie your physical appearance and create depth and mystery. If you have a sweet face and an innocent demeanor, it indicates something dark, even cruel, in your character. This.
  • A strong variation on this theme is the mix of physical warmth and emotional coldness.
  • Remember: That first impression, that appearance, is crucial. Showing too much desire for attention is a sign of insecurity and often turns people off; On the other hand, he plays very cold and disinterested, and no one will bother to get close to him. The trick is to combine both postures at the same time. It is the essence of coquetry.
  • These principles have applications well beyond sexual seduction. In order to grab the attention of a large audience and get them thinking about you, you need to mix your signals. Show too much of even a noble quality like knowledge or efficiency and people will feel you lack humanity. We are all complex and ambiguous, full of contradictory impulses; if you only show one side, even if it's your good side, you get on people's nerves.


  • The complexity you point out to other people will only affect them properly if they have the ability to enjoy a mystery. Some people like simple things and don't have the patience to chase after a person who confuses them. They prefer to be blinded and overwhelmed.
  • It all depends on your goal: don't worry about creating depth for people who are insensitive to it or who might even be put off or irritated by it. You can recognize these types by their penchant for the simpler pleasures in life, their lack of patience for a more nuanced story. Keep it simple with them.

Chapter 4 - How to look like an object of desire - Make triangles

  • We want what others want. To lure your victims closer and make them hungry to possess you, you must create an aura of desire to be sought out and courted by many. It becomes a vanity for her to be the preferred object of her attention in order to escape a crowd of admirers.
  • Create the illusion of popularity by surrounding yourself with members of the opposite sex: friends, ex-boyfriends, current suitors. Create triangles that encourage rivalry and increase your worth. Build a reputation that precedes you: if many have succumbed to his charms, there must be a reason.
  • Our desire for another person almost always involves social considerations: we are attracted to people who are attractive to other people.
  • And the most effective way to create this illusion is to create a triangle: put another person between you and your victim and subtly let them realize how much that other person loves you.
  • The third point of the triangle does not have to be just a person: surround yourself with admirers, reveal your past achievements, that is, surround yourself with an aura of concupiscence.

key of seduction

  • Desirability is a social illusion.
  • Let people compete for your attention, let them see you the way others want you to be. The aura of desire will surround you.
  • Your reputation, your glorious past as a seducer is a powerful tool to create an aura of desire.
  • Men who think that a reputation for being slutty will make women fear or distrust them and that this should be minimized are greatly mistaken. On the contrary, it makes them more attractive.
  • Your own reputation may not be that attractive, but you must find a way to suggest to your victim that others, many others, find you desirable. There's nothing like a restaurant full of empty tables that keeps you from going inside.
  • A variation of the triangle strategy is the use of contrasts: carefully exploring boring or unattractive people can make you more attractive in comparison. For example, at a social gathering, make sure your target is talking to the most annoying person there is.
  • The use of contrasts has far-reaching political implications, as a political figure must also be seductive and desirable. Learn to highlight the qualities your competitors lack.
  • Ultimately, appearing desirable to others will increase your worth, but often the way you present yourself can also play a role.Don't let your targets see you too often; Keeping your distance seems unattainable, unattainable. A rare and difficult to obtain item is usually more valuable.

Chapter 5: Creating a need that breeds fear and dissatisfaction

  • A perfectly contented person cannot be deceived.Excitement and disharmony must be instilled in the minds of your targets. It arouses in them feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness with the situation and with themselves: they do not have adventures in life, they deviate from the ideals of youth, they become bored.
  • The sense of inadequacy you create gives you room to move forward so they see you as the answer to their problems. Pain and fear are the very precursors of pleasure. Learn to create the needs you can fill.
  • While Lawrence had great success with his frontal approach,It's often better to stoke thoughts of inadequacy and insecurity indirectly, by pointing out comparisons to yourself or others, and in some way implying that your victims' lives aren't as good as they imagined.He wants them to feel at war with themselves, torn in two directions, and look forward to it.

key of seduction

  • As a seducer, you must never confuse a person's appearance with reality. People are always prone to seduction because in reality everyone lacks a sense of accomplishment, they feel that something is fundamentally missing.
  • Remember: most of us are lazy. Self-relieving our feelings of boredom or inadequacy takes a lot of effort; letting someone else do the work is easier and more exciting.
  • If they're stuck in a rut, let them feel it more deeply by calling it "innocent" and talking about it. What you want is a wound, an insecurity that you can stretch a little, an anxiety that will be better alleviated by relating to someone else, that is, to yourself. You need to feel the pain before you fall in love .
  • Lawrence made his goals seem personally inadequate; If you're having a hard time being that brutal, focus on your friends, your circumstances, the outside of your life.
  • Businesses and politicians know they cannot persuade their public to buy what they want or do what they want unless they first create a sense of need and dissatisfaction. Leave the masses unsure of your identity and you can help define it for them.
  • It is as true for groups or nations as it is for individuals: you cannot seduce them without missing out.


  • Charm is often a more subtle and effective way to seduce.
  • It's a kind of diffuse seduction, devoid of tension and the deep emotions that sexual diversity arouses.
  • But if you're subtle and smart, it can be a way to weaken your defenses and create a harmless friendship.
  • Once they are under your spell like this, you can open the wound.

Episode 6 – Master the art of insinuation

  • It's important that your targets are unhappy and need your attention, but if it's too obvious, they'll see through you and become defensive. However, there is no known defense against innuendo: the art of planting ideas in people's minds by leaving elusive clues that days later take root and even appear to them as their own ideas.
  • Submission is the supreme means of influencing people.Create a sublanguage (bold statements followed by retreats and apologies, sneaky comments, small talk combined with seductive looks) that penetrates the target person's subconscious to convey their true meaning. Make everything suggestive.
  • Light physical contact indicates desire., as well as a fleeting but memorable glance or an unusually warm tone of voice, both for a brief moment. A casual remark suggests that something about the victim interests him; but be subtle, your words reveal a possibility, create a doubt.

key of seduction

  • Remember: in order to sow a seductive idea, it is necessary to involve people's imagination, their fantasies, their deepest desires. What gets the wheels turning is proposing things people already want to hear: the possibility of pleasure, wealth, health, adventure. In the end, these good things turn out to be exactly what you seem to offer them.
  • The slips of the tongue, the seemingly unintentional “sleeping” comments, the flirtatious innuendo, the quick apologies—all of these have immense allusive power.
  • The key to being successful with your advances is to make them when your targets are most relaxed or distracted, so they don't realize what's happening.
  • Polite banter is often the perfect cover for it; People ponder what to say next or are lost in their own thoughts.
  • Hints, hints, and clues create an alluring atmosphere that suggests your victim is no longer tied into the routines of everyday life, but has entered another realm.


  • The danger with hinting is that if you leave things ambiguous, your target could misunderstand you.
  • There are times, especially later in a seduction, when it's best to communicate your idea directly, especially when you know your target will accept it.

Chapter 7 – Dive into his mind

  • Most people are locked into their own worlds, making them stubborn and difficult to convince.The way to get her out of her shell and prepare for your seduction is to get inside her mind. Play by their rules, enjoy what they like, adapt to their mood. By doing this, you will caress your ingrained narcissism and lower your defenses. Fascinated by the reflection you present, they will open up and become vulnerable to your subtle influence.
  • You'll soon be able to change the dynamic: once you get into her mind, you can bring her into yours, to the point where it's too late to turn back. Satisfy your targets in every mood and whim without giving them anything to react to or fight back.
  • Of all the seduction tactics, getting into someone's mind is perhaps the most diabolical of all. Make your victims feel like they are seducing you.

key of seduction

  • One of the biggest sources of frustration in our lives is the stubbornness of others. How difficult it is to reach them, to get them to see things our way.
  • Paradoxically, the way to get people out of this shell is to become more like them, actually a kind of reflection of them.
  • When you mirror someone, don't stop at the person they've become; immerse themselves in the spirit of the ideal person they wanted to be.


  • So never go too far with duplication. It only makes sense in the first phase of a seduction; At some point, the dynamic has to be reversed.

Chapter 8 - Creating Temptation

  • Lure the target into the depths of your seduction by creating just the right temptation: a foretaste of the pleasures to come.
  • Find that weakness of theirs, that fantasy that hasn't materialized yet, and hint that you can lead them there. It could be wealth, it could be adventure, it could be forbidden and guilty pleasure; the key is to keep it vague.
  • Awaken a curiosity stronger than the accompanying doubts and fears, and they will follow you.

key of seduction

(Video) 5 STEPS To Master The ART OF SEDUCTION Today! | Robert Greene & Lewis Howes

  • What people want is not temptation; Temptation happens every day. What people want is to give in to temptation, to give in.
  • So your task is to create a stronger temptation than the daily change. It has to be focused on them, on them as individuals, on their weaknesses.
  • Understand: Everyone has a key weakness that creates others. Find that childhood insecurity, that lack in her life, and you have the key to seducing her.
  • Their weakness can be greed, vanity, boredom, a deeply suppressed desire, or a hunger for forbidden fruits.
  • Your past and especially your past romances will be full of clues.
  • Many of these social barriers are gone today, so they need to be made; This is the only way to spice up the seduction.
  • Taboos of any kind are a source of tension, and they are now psychological, not religious.
  • Explore your past; whatever they seem to fear or are running from could be the key.


  • The opposite of temptation is security or gratification, both of which are fatal to temptation. If you can't seduce someone outside of their usual comfort, you can't seduce them.
  • When you satisfy the lust you aroused, the seduction is over. There is no turning back temptation.

Phase Two: Distract, create glamor and confusion

  • Your victims are intrigued enough and their lust for you grows, but their bond is weak and they might decide to back off at any moment.
  • The goal in this phase is to distract your victims enough to keep them excited and confused, giving them pleasure but making them want more that retreat is no longer possible.
  • If you give them a pleasant surprise, they will see you as delightfully unpredictable, but it will also amaze them.(9: Keep them in suspense, what's next?).
  • The witty use of soft, pleasant words will intoxicate them and stimulate fantasies.(10: Using the demonic power of words to sow confusion.)
  • Aesthetic touches and nice little rituals will excite their senses, distract their mind (11: Pay attention to details).
  • The greatest danger at this stage is the mere suggestion of routine or familiarity.You must keep a secret, keep a little distance, so that your victims will become obsessed with you in your absence (12: Poetize Your Presence).
  • They may realize that they are falling for you, but they should never suspect how much of it stems from your manipulations. Timely reporting of your weakness, how emotional you have become under their influence, will help you cover your tracks.(13: Disarmament due to strategic weakness and vulnerability).
  • To turn your victims on and really arouse them, you need to make them feel like they're actually living out some of the fantasies you've created in your imagination (14: Confusion of Desire and Reality).
  • By only giving them part of the costume, you'll keep them coming back for more. Putting your attention on them to make the rest of the world go away will even mislead them, even if you take them on a journey (15: Isolate your victim). There's no turning back.

Chapter 9 - Leave 'em hanging - what's next?

  • The moment people feel they know what to expect from you, your spell on them is broken. More than that, you gave them power. The only way to seduce and have the upper hand is to create suspense, a calculated surprise.
  • Give the victim emotions with a sudden change of direction.
  • In seduction, you need to constantly create tension and excitement, a feeling that nothing is predictable about you. You create drama in real life, so put your creative energy to use, have fun.
  • But the best part are the surprises that reveal something new about your character. This must be configured.

key of seduction

  • Any sudden event has a similar effect, hitting our emotions before we get defensive.
  • You show up somewhere unexpectedly, say or do something out of the blue, and people won't have time to realize that your move was calculated.
  • Finally, you might think it's wiser to present yourself as trustworthy rather than whimsical. If so, you're just shy.
  • On the other hand, if you prefer to improvise and imagine that any kind of planning or calculation defies the spirit of surprise, you are making a serious mistake.
  • Constant improvising simply means being lazy and only thinking about yourself.


  • The surprise might not come as a surprise when you keep doing the same thing over and over again.
  • You must vary the method of your surprises.

Chapter 10 - Use the demonic power of words to sow confusion

  • It's hard to get people to listen; They are preoccupied with their own thoughts and desires and have little time for yours. The trick to getting them to listen is to say what they want to hear, to fill their ears with what pleases them. This is the essence of seductive language.
  • Spark people's emotions with charged phrases, flatter them, comfort their insecurities, wrap them in fantasies, sweet words and promises, and they will not only listen to you, but also lose the will to oppose you.
  • Keep your language vague and let them read whatever they want. Use writing to fuel fantasies and create an idealized portrait of yourself.
  • Whether you're speaking to one person or a crowd, try a little experiment: control your desire to speak your mind. Before you open your mouth, ask yourself: What can I say that will have the most pleasing effect on my audience? Often this means flattering their egos, easing their insecurities, giving them vague hopes for the future, and sympathizing ("gotcha") with their afflictions.
  • Remember: the tone of your texts will annoy them. If your language is sublime, poetic, and creative in your praise, you will be unwillingly infected. Never argue, never defend yourself, never accuse her of being cruel. That would ruin the spell.
  • Don't waste time with real information; Focus on feelings and sensations and use expressions full of connotations.Plant ideas by giving hints, writing suggestively without explaining yourself.

key of seduction

  • The key to seductive language isn't the words you speak or your seductive tone of voice; it is a radical shift in perspective and habits.
  • The difference between normal speech and seductive speech is like the difference between noise and music.
  • Learn to sniff out the parts of a person's ego that need validation. Make a surprise, something no one has thought of, something to praise, something you can describe as a talent or positive trait that others have not noticed. Speak with a little trembling, as if overwhelmed and aroused by your target's stimuli.
  • The emotions you want to arouse must be strong. Don't talk about friendship and disagreements; talk about love and hate. And it's crucial that you try to feel some of the emotions you want to evoke.
  • The seductive language must have a kind of boldness that covers a variety of sins.
  • Never say "I don't think the other party made a wise decision"; Say "We deserve better" or "You made a mess. Affirmative language is active language, full of verbs, imperatives and short sentences. Remove "I think", "maybe", "in my opinion". Get straight to the heart.
  • Her words represent nothing real; Their sound and the feelings they evoke are more important than what they are intended to represent.


  • Don't confuse flowery language with seduction: If you use flowery language, you risk making people nervous by appearing pretentious.
  • Master Your Tongue: Use silence to cultivate an enigmatic presence.
  • After all, seduction has rhythm and rhythm. In phase one you are cautious and indirect. It's often best to disguise your intentions in order to reassure your target with deliberately neutral words. Your conversation should be harmless, even a little boring.
  • In this second phase, you turn more to attack; This is the moment of seductive language. Wrapping them up in your flirtatious words and texts now is a pleasant surprise.

Episode 11 - Pay Attention to Details

  • Sublime words and grand gestures can be suspicious: Why are you trying so hard to please? The details of a seduction, the subtle gestures, the improvised things she does are often more enchanting and revealing.
  • You must learn to distract your victims with a variety of pleasant little rituals: carefully tailored gifts, clothing and jewelry designed to please them, gestures that show the time and attention you are giving them.All your senses are involved in the details you orchestrate.
  • create shows to dazzle your eyes; mesmerized by what they see, they won't realize what you're really doing. Learn to suggest the right feelings and moods through details.

key of seduction

  • Remember, the more you can get people to focus on the little things, the less they'll notice your larger direction.The seduction takes on the slow, hypnotic rhythm of a ritual where details are of great importance and moments are full of ceremony.
  • But in the long run the most seductive thing is what you don't say, what you communicate indirectly.
  • The gesture, the thoughtful gift, the small details feel so much more real and substantial.

Chapter 12 - Poeticize your presence

  • When your goals are alone, great things happen: the slightest sense of relief that you're not there, and it's over. Familiarity and overexposure will cause that reaction.
  • So stay elusive so that when you're gone, they'll want to see you again and only associate you with pleasant thoughts.
  • Keep her mind occupied by alternating exciting presence with cold detachment, exuberant moments followed by calculated absences. Associate yourself with poetic images and objects so that when people think of you, they begin to see you through an idealized halo.
  • You must embody something at all costs, even if it is mischief and mischief. Anything to avoid the air of familiarity and vulgarity.

key of seduction

  • This makes the seducer's job easier: people are dying to fantasize about you.
  • Soon after falling under a person's spell, we form in our mind a picture of who they are and the pleasures they can offer.
  • The first happens when we first meet the person. The second and most important one comes later, when a little doubt arises: you want the other one, but he eludes you, you are not sure if he is yours.
  • Remember, if they get you easily, you may not be worth that much.It's hard to be poetic when a person gets off so cheap.If, after the initial interest, you make it clear that you don't take it for granted if you raise a little doubt, the target person will imagine that there is something special, sublime, and unattainable about you. Your image will crystallize in the other person's mind
  • Although it is said that absence increases affection, too early an absence is fatal to the crystallization process.
  • Do everything you can to make the target think of you. Letters, souvenirs, gifts, unexpected encounters, all this gives him ubiquity. Everything should remind her of you.


  • The only thing that cannot be idealized is mediocrity, but there is nothing seductive about mediocrity.

Chapter 13 - Disarmament through weaknesses and strategic vulnerabilities

  • Many maneuvers on your part can arouse suspicion. The best way to cover your tracks is to make the other person feel superior and stronger.
  • When you appear weak, vulnerable, bound by the other person, and unable to control yourself, your actions will appear more natural and less calculated.
  • To gain more confidence, trade honesty for virtue: Prove your "sincerity" by confessing a sin of your own—it doesn't have to be real. Sincerity is more important than kindness. Play the victim and then turn your target's sympathy into love.

key of seduction

  • Remember: what is natural to your character is inherently seductive. A person's vulnerability, that which they cannot control, is often what is most seductive about them.On the other hand, those who show no weaknesses often arouse envy, fear and anger.“We want to sabotage them just to tear them down.
  • Don't fight your weaknesses or try to suppress them, but bring them into play. Learn to turn them into power. The game is subtle: if you wallow in your weakness, overplay your hand, you'll be seen as someone seeking sympathy, or worse, pathetic.
  • Not,What works best is allowing people to occasionally glimpse your character's tender, fragile side, and usually only after they've known you for a while. This insight will humanize you, reduce your suspicions and pave the way for a deeper connection. Usually strong and controlled, sometimes you let go, give in to your weakness, let it see.
  • Seductive men learned a long time ago to become more feminine, to show their emotions and to take an interest in the life of their target.
  • The key is to indulge your softer side while remaining as manly as possible.
  • However, remember to keep everything in moderation. A pinch of shyness is enough; too much and the goal will despair,he worries that she'll end up doing all the work.
  • If you appear too ambitious or too controlled in social and political situations, people will fear you. It's important to show your soft side. Displaying a single vulnerability will hide a multitude of manipulations.


  • Timing is everything in seduction; You must always look for signs that the target is falling under your spell. A person who falls in love tends to overlook the other person's weaknesses or see them as good.
  • The only weaknesses worth pointing out are the ones that make you look adorable. All others must be suppressed and exterminated at all costs.

Chapter 14 - Confusing desire and reality - The perfect illusion

  • To offset the difficulties in their lives, people spend a lot of time daydreaming, imagining a future full of adventure, success, and romance. If you can create the illusion that you can make them live out their dreams, they are at your mercy.
  • It's important to start small, gain her trust, and slowly build the imagination that fits your desires. It targets secret desires that have been thwarted or suppressed, fueling uncontrollable emotions and dulling your mind. The perfect illusion is one that is not far from reality but has a touch of unreality, like a daydream. It brings the deceived to a point of confusion where they can no longer distinguish between illusion and reality.
  • Remember: people want to believe in the extraordinary; With a little footwork, a little mental foreplay, they will fall in love with your illusion. At least err on the side of reality: use real props (as the boy Pei Pu es Bourisout showed) and add fantastic accents to your words or occasionally a gesture that gives it a slight unreality.
  • When our emotions are involved, we often find it difficult to see things as they are.

key of seduction

  • The real world can be unforgiving: events happen over which we have little control, other people ignore our feelings in their quest to get what they need, time is running out before we get what we want.
  • Your job as a seducer is to bring a little flesh and blood into a person's fantasy life by impersonating a fantasy character or creating a scenario that resembles that person's dreams.
  • You must first select targets that have some repression or unfulfilled dream, always the likely victims of seduction.
  • Instead, it creates the appearance of normality. Once your targets feel confident that nothing is out of the ordinary, you have room to fool them.
  • The big mistake when animating a costume is imagining that it has to be larger than life.
  • Indulge your subjects in this desire by first making it clear that you're playing a role and then inviting them to join you in a shared fantasy.
  • The idea that we can restore something, that a mistake can be corrected, is tremendously seductive.


  • There is no rollback for this chapter. No seduction can take place without creating an illusion, a sense of a real but separate world from reality.

Chapter 15 – Isolate the victim

  • An isolated person is weak. By slowly isolating her victims, she makes them more vulnerable to her influence.
  • Their isolation may be psychological: by filling their field of vision with your pleasurable attention, you shut everything else out of their minds. They only see and think of you.
  • The isolation can also be physical: you take them out of their normal environment, their friends, their family, their home.
  • Lure the seduced into your hiding place where nothing is familiar.
  • Don't give your targets time or space to worry, suspect, or oppose you. Flood them with the kind of attention that drives away all other thoughts, worries, and problems. Remember, people secretly want to be distracted by someone who knows where they're going. It can be a pleasure to let go and even feel isolated and weak if the seduction is slow and graceful.

key of seduction

  • A strong, established target is difficult to seduce. But even the strongest of people can become vulnerable if you can isolate them from their nests and safety nets. Block your friends and family with your constant presence, taking them out of the world they're used to and taking them to places they're not.
  • Let them spend some time in their environment. Deliberately breaking their habits by getting them to do things they've never done before. They get excited, which makes it easier to distract them. Disguise everything as a pleasurable experience, and your goals will one day wake up cut off from anything that normally comforts them. Then they will turn to you for help, like a child crying for its mother when the lights go out.
  • Your worst enemies in a seduction are usually your target's family and friends. You are outside your circle and immune to your charms; they can give a voice of reason to the misled. They must be silent and subtle to ward off their target. Insinuate that they are jealous of their goal's luck in finding him or that they are father figures who have lost their spirit of adventure. This last argument is extremely effective with young people whose identities are constantly changing and who are more than willing to rebel against any authority figure, especially their parents. They represent emotions and life; Friends and parents represent habit and boredom.
  • The isolation principle can be taken literally by taking the target to an exotic location.
  • After all, at some point in seduction, there has to be a hint of danger in the mix. Your targets must feel like they're gaining a great adventure by following you, but they're also missing something: a part of their past, their precious comfort.
  • Actively encourage these mixed feelings. An element of fear is the right seasoning; While too much fear is debilitating, in small doses we feel alive.


  • The risks of this strategy are simple: Isolate someone too quickly and you'll create a sense of panic that can drive the target to flee.

Phase 3 - The Precipice - deepening the effect through extreme measures

  • The goal in this phase is to delve into everything: the effect you have on his mind, the feelings of love and connection, the tension in his victims. With the hooks ingrained within them, you can slide them back and forth between hope and despair until they weaken and break.
  • Showing how far you are willing to go for your victims, performing a noble or chivalrous act (16: Prove Yourself) will create a powerful shock and elicit an extremely positive response.
  • Everyone has scars, suppressed desires, and unfinished business from childhood. Bring those desires and hurts to the fore, make your victims feel like they got what they never had as children, and delve deep into their psyche, fueling uncontrollable emotions (17: Performing a Regression).
  • You can now push your victims beyond their limits, letting them show their dark side and adding a sense of danger to your seduction (18: Stir the Transgressive and Taboo).
  • You need to deepen the spell, and nothing will confuse and delight your victims more than adding a spiritual touch to your seduction.
  • It is not lust that drives him, but destiny, divine thoughts and all that is high (19: Use spiritual lures).
  • The erotic is hidden beneath the spiritual. Now your victims are correctly configured. By intentionally hurting them, instilling fear and agony in them, you bring them to the edge of a precipice where it will be easy to push them and trip them (20: mix joy with pain). You feel great tension and long for relief.

Chapter 16 - Proving Yourself

  • Most people want to be seduced. If they resist your efforts, it's probably because you didn't go far enough to dispel their doubts about your motives, the depth of your feelings, etc.🇧🇷 Timely action that shows how far you are willing to go to win her over will allay her doubts.
  • Don't worry about looking stupid or making a mistake: any kind of action that is self-sacrificing and for the sake of your goals will overwhelm your emotions so much that you won't notice otherwise.Never be discouraged by people's resistance and never complain. Instead, rise to the challenge by doing something extreme or chivalrous.
  • Instead, encourage others to prove themselves by being elusive, unattainable, and worth fighting for.
  • Most of the time you give up too quickly.
  • First, understand one major law of seduction: Resistance is a sign that the other person's emotions are involved in the process.The only person you can't seduce is someone who is distant and cold.

There are two ways to test yourself.

  • First the spontaneous action:A situation arises where the victim needs help, needs to solve a problem, or simply needs a favor. You cannot predict these situations, but you must be prepared for them as they can occur at any time.Impress the target by going the extra mile and sacrificing more money, more time and more effort than they expected.
  • The second way to prove yourself is through courage, which you plan in advance and carry out on your own at the right time.– preferably in some form of seduction when the victim's doubts are even more dangerous than before.
  • Choose a dramatic and difficult action that reveals the painful time and effort involved.Danger can be extremely seductive. Skillfully lead your victim into a crisis, a moment of danger or indirectly put him in an awkward position, and you can play the savior, the brave knight. The strong feelings and emotions it evokes can easily be redirected into love.
  • When it comes to hard or difficult goals, it's often best to improvise.
  • If your action seems sudden and surprising, it will make them more excited and relaxed. A bit of indirect information gathering, a bit of gossip, is always a good idea.
  • Most important is the spirit in which you represent your test. If you're lighthearted and playful, making the target laugh, testing yourself and having fun at the same time, it doesn't matter if you miss or if it realizes you've pranked.
  • Making your entrance as elegant and chivalrous as possible will take seduction to a new level, arouse deep emotions and hide any ulterior motives you might have.The sacrifices you make must be visible; Talking about them or explaining how much they cost you will sound like boasting.
  • Losing sleep, getting sick, wasting valuable time, risking your career, spending more money than you can afford. You can overdo it all, but don't brag or feel sorry for yourself: take the pain and let her see it.Since almost everyone seems to have an angle, your selfless and noble act will be compelling.
  • The allure of seduction is breaking away from our normal routines and experiencing the thrill of the unknown.
  • Show that you have a reckless streak and a daring nature, that you don't have the usual fear of death and that most people are instantly intrigued by.
  • Remember, it's not just what you do that matters, but how you do it. If you are naturally self-centered, learn to hide it. React as spontaneously as possible, exaggerate the effect, seem nervous, exhausted, even silly: love has brought you to this point.
  • Make people compete for your attention, get them to prove themselves in some way, and you'll find they're up to the challenge. With such challenges, the heat of seduction mounts: show me that you really love me.
  • When one person (regardless of gender) rises to the occasion, the other person is expected to do the same and attraction increases.


  • When trying to prove yourself worthy of your target, remember that each target sees things differently; A display of physical strength will not impress anyone who does not appreciate physical strength; It will only show that you seek attention and show off.
  • The seducer must adapt his way of proving himself to the doubts and weaknesses of the seduced.

Chapter 17 - Running a regression

  • People who have experienced a certain type of pleasure in the past will try to repeat or re-experience it.
  • The deepest and most beautiful memories usually come from early childhood and are often unconsciously associated with a father figure.
  • Bring your goals back to this point by putting yourself in the Oedipal triangle and positioning yourself as the needy child. Without realizing the cause of your emotional reaction, they will fall in love with you.
  • Alternatively, you can step back and allow them to take on the role of protective and nurturing parent.
  • In each case, you offer the ultimate fantasy: the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with mother or father, son or daughter.
  • To practice it in real life, you have to play a therapist and encourage people to talk about their childhood.Most of us are very happy to do the favor; and our memories are so vivid and exciting that part of us goes back and just talks about our early years.
  • But pay attention to his tone of voice, nervous twitches when he talks and especially anything he doesn't want to talk about, what he denies or what upsets him.
  • Many statements actually mean the opposite: if they say, for example, that they hated their father, one can be sure that they are hiding a great disappointment that they actually loved their father too much and perhaps never got what they got from him wanted him. to him.
  • Pay close attention to recurring themes and stories.The most important thing is to learn to analyze emotional reactions and see what is behind them.
  • When speaking, maintain the therapist's attitude: attentive but calm, and occasionally make nonjudgmental comments. Be loving but distant, rather empty, and they will start projecting emotions and fantasies onto you.

The key is not just talking about memories, that's weak. What you want is for people to react to old problems from the past in the present without realizing what's going on.The regressions you can perform fall into four main types

infantile Regression🇧🇷 The first bond, the bond between a mother and her baby is the strongest.

  • Never judge your goals, let them do what they want even if they misbehave; At the same time, surround her with loving attention, take her out of comfort.
  • In the meantime, create environments that reinforce the feeling you create: warm environments, playful activities, bright and cheerful colors.

ödipale Regression🇧🇷 After the mother-child bond comes the Oedipal triangle of mother, father and child.

  • Play a parenting role, be loving but sometimes scold and instill some discipline. Children love a little discipline, it makes them feel like the adult is taking care of them.
  • Don't continue with the regression until you've learned as much as you can about your childhood: what's left, what's missing, etc.

Die ideale Regression of Egos🇧🇷 As children, we often form an ideal figure based on our dreams and ambitions. First, this ideal figure is the person we want to be. We see ourselves as brave adventurers, romantic figures. So during puberty we turn our attention to others and often project our ideals onto them.

  • To achieve this effect, try to emulate the intense, innocent humor of a teenage crush.

reverse parental regression🇧🇷 Here you are the one who withdraws: you consciously play the role of the cute, lovable, but also sexually charged boy. Older people always find younger people incredibly attractive.

  • Remember that certain types are more prone to oedipal regression. Look for those who, like Professor Mut, seem the most grown-up: prudish, serious, a little conceited.
  • It is almost impossible to fully embody someone's ideal. But if you get close enough, if you evoke some of that ideal spirit, you can lead that person into deep seduction.
  • To perform this regression, you must play the role of therapist. Get your targets to open up about their past, especially their past loves and especially their first love. Watch out for expressions of disappointment, like how this or that person didn't give you what you wanted. Take them to places reminiscent of their youth. In this regression you create less a relationship of dependency and immaturity than the youthful spirit of a first love.
  • Remember that most of us enjoy looking back to our early years, but paradoxically, the people who enjoyed those times the most are often the ones who had the most difficult childhoods.


  • In order to reverse regression strategies, those involved in a seduction would need to remain adult during the process. Not only is that weird, it's not very pretty.

Chapter 18 - Revive the Violator and the Taboo

  • There are always societal limits to what you can do. Some of these most elementary taboos date back centuries; others are more superficial and merely define polite and acceptable behavior.
  • Making your goals feel like you're guiding them across any kind of boundary is immensely seductive.
  • Humans long to explore their dark side.
  • Not everything in romantic love has to be fluffy and soft; suggests that you have a cruel and even sadistic side. They don't respect age differences, marriage vows, family ties.
  • Once the desire for transgression has drawn your goals to you, they will find it difficult to stop.
  • Take them further than they thought: the shared guilt and complicity will create a strong bond.
  • Release the lost self within them; The more they affect him, the deeper his influence will be on them. Going halfway will break the spell and create shyness. Go as far as you can.

key of seduction

  • The moment people feel something is forbidden, part of them wants it.This is what makes a married man or woman such a precious target: the more forbidden one is, the greater the desire.
  • Since what is forbidden is desired, you must appear forbidden in some way. The most outrageous way to do this is to engage in behavior that gives you a dark and forbidden aura.In theory, you're someone to avoid; In fact, you are too seductive to resist.
  • Play on your dark side and you will get a similar effect.For you, getting involved means going beyond your limits, doing something perverse and unacceptable, for society, for your fellow human beings. For many, this is a reason to take the bait.
  • A mix of the masculine and the feminine, the violent and the tender, it will always look transgressive and attractive.
  • Do what you can to reintroduce a sense of wrongdoing and crime, even if it's just psychological or delusional. Obstacles must be overcome, social norms broken, laws broken before the seduction can be accomplished.


  • The reversal of emerging taboos would remain within the bounds of acceptable behavior. That would be a very lukewarm seduction. That's not to say that only perverted or wild behavior is seductive; Friendliness, helpfulness and an aura of spirituality can be enormously appealing because they are rare qualities.
  • In seduction there is absolutely no power to respect boundaries and boundaries.

Chapter 19 - Use ghost bait

  • Everyone has doubts and insecurities about their body, their self-esteem, their sexuality. If your seduction is purely physical, you will raise these doubts and make your subjects uncomfortable.
  • Instead, shake them off their insecurities by focusing on something sublime and spiritual: a religious experience, a sublime work of art, the occult.
  • Highlight your divine qualities; appears dissatisfied with worldly things; talk about the stars, destiny, the hidden threads that unite you and the object of seduction.Lost in a spiritual fog, the subject feels light and uninhibited. Deepen the impact of your seduction by making your sexual climax appear like the spiritual union of two souls.

key of seduction

  • Pleasure is the bait you use to lure a person into your web.
  • You may think your goal is unrestrained and pleasure-seeking, but most of us are plagued by an underlying preoccupation with our animal nature. If you don't address this concern, your seduction, even if successful in the short term, will be superficial and temporary.
  • Instead, like Natalie Barney, try to capture the soul of your target to lay the groundwork for a deep and lasting seduction.
  • It's not money, sex or success that moves you; Your pulses are never that low. No, something much deeper motivates him. Whatever it is, keep it vague and let the target imagine its hidden depths.


(Video) Robert Greene - How To Seduce Anyone With Psychology

  • Making your targets feel like your affection is neither temporary nor superficial will usually draw them in even more. For some, however, it can trigger anxiety: the fear of commitment, of being in a claustrophobic relationship with no way out.
  • What you want is to lose her in the moment and experience the timeless depth of your feelings in the present. Religious ecstasy is about intensity, not duration.

Chapter 20 - Mix pleasure with pain

  • The biggest mistake in seduction is being too nice. Your kindness may be charming at first, but it soon becomes tedious; you try too hard to please and seem insecure.
  • Instead of overwhelming your goals with kindness, try inflicting a little pain.Attract them with focused attention, then change direction and suddenly look disinterested. Make her feel guilty and insecure.Even pause, expose them to an emptiness and pain that gives you a leeway: now an approach, an apology, a return to former kindness will weaken them to the knees.
  • The lower the minima you create, the higher the maxima. To increase the erotic charge, create the excitement of fear.
  • Your seduction must never follow a simple upward course towards pleasure and harmony.
  • Your job is to create moments of sadness, despair, and fear to create the tension that allows for great release.
  • Don't be afraid people will run away if you make it difficult, we only leave behind those who bore us.
  • Your kindness and harshness must be subtle; Indirect digs and compliments are best.Play the psychoanalyst: Make scathing comments about your unconscious motives (you're only telling the truth), then sit back and listen.

key of seduction

  • Gentleness in seduction, however, soon loses all effect, although it may initially attract someone (it is calming and comforting). Being too nice can literally drive the target away from you.The erotic sensation depends on creating tension.
  • Most of the time you are agreeable, not because of your own inner goodness, but out of fear of displeasure, out of insecurity. Go beyond that fear and suddenly you have options: the freedom to create pain and then magically dissolve it. Your power of seduction is increased tenfold.
  • People will be less upset by your offensive actions than you might think.
  • Arouse their jealousy, make them insecure, and the validation you give their ego by choosing them over rivals is doubly pleasing.
  • Remember, you're more afraid of boring your targets than of upsetting them.
  • When you need inspiration, find the part of the goal that irks you the most and use it as a springboard for therapeutic conflict. The more real your cruelty, the more effective it will be.
  • Apply this wisdom in reverse: never let your targets get too used to you. You must feel anxiety and fear. Show them some coolness, an outburst of anger they weren't expecting. Be irrational if you have to.
  • There is always a trump card: a break.


  • People who have experienced a lot of pain or loss recently will run away when you try to inflict more on them.
  • Also, remember not to use the pleasure-through-pain tactic too soon.
  • Then first put on the mask of a lamb and make joy and attention your bait. Tease her first and then take her on a wild ride.

Phase Four - Advance to Kill

  • First you worked on her mind: mental seduction. So you confused and stirred her up: emotional seduction. Now it's time for melee combat: physical seduction.
  • At this point, your victims are weak and ripe for lust: you cause panic with a little coldness or disinterest, they chase you with impatience and erotic energy (21: Give them room to fall, the pursuer will be pursued).
  • To get them boiling you need to put their minds to sleep and warm their senses. It's best to lure them into lust by sending them specific charged signals that will irritate them and spread sexual desire like poison (22: Use physical lures).
  • The time to strike and kill is when your victim is full of desire but not consciously waiting for the climax (23: Master the art of bold movement).
  • Once the seduction is over, there is a risk that disillusionment will set in and ruin all your hard work (24: Beware the consequences).
  • If you are looking for a relationship, you have to constantly seduce the victim, create and release tension. If his victim is to be sacrificed, he must do so quickly and cleanly, leaving her freedom (physical and psychological) to move on to the next victim. Then the game starts again.

Chapter 21 – Give Them Room to Fall: The pursuer is pursued

  • When your targets become too used to you as the attacker, they give up less of their own energy and the tension eases. You have to wake her up, turn the tables.
  • Once they are under your spell, step back and they will start chasing you. Start with a touch of distance, an unexpected absence, a hint that you're bored.
  • He stirs the pot and looks interested in someone else.
  • Don't make any of this explicit; Let them feel and their imagination will do the rest and create the doubt you want. Soon they will want to possess you physically and the containment will go away.
  • The goal is for them to fall into your arms of their own free will. It creates the illusion that the seducer is being seduced.
  • First, it's always best to keep some distance from your goals. You don't have to go so far as to remain anonymous, but you also don't want to be seen too often or perceived as intrusive.
  • If you're always in their face, always the aggressor, they'll get used to being passive and the tension in your seduction will ease.
  • So at that moment when they are filled with desire and interest, when they might be waiting for you to move like Madame Sabatier did that day in her apartment, take a step back. You are unexpectedly distant, friendly, but no more, certainly not sexual. Leave this on for a day or two. His withdrawal will inspire fear; The only way to alleviate this fear is to chase it and own it.

key of seduction

  • Nobody likes complicated and difficult, andYour target will expect closure to come quickly. However, this is the point where you need to train yourself to hold back.
  • You want them to stalk you and get hopelessly caught in your web in the process.
  • The only way to do this is to back off and make them anxious.
  • Understand: A person's willpower is directly related to their libido, their erotic desire.
  • When you back off, keep it subtle; you cause discomfort. Your coldness or detachment should seize your targets when they are alone, in the form of a poisonous doubt creeping into their minds.
  • When you appear interested in someone but are unresponsive sexually, it is annoying and presents a challenge: they will find a way to seduce you. To achieve this effect, first show interest in your goals, through letters or subtle cues. But when you're in his presence, you adopt a kind of asexual neutrality. Be friendly, even cordial, but no more.
  • In the later stages of seduction, let your targets know that you are interested in someone else; This is another way to take a step back.
  • First, shower your goals with affection. You won't know where it came from, but it's a delicious feeling and you'll never want to be without it. When he disappears in his strategic retreat, you will experience moments of fear and anger.
  • The only way to win him back, to protect him, is to reverse the pattern, to imitate him, to be loving and generous.


  • There are times when creating space and absence will explode in your face. An absence at a critical moment of seduction can cause the target to lose interest in you.
  • Only use absence when you are sure of the target's affection, and never let it last too long. It is more effective later in the seduction.
  • Also, never create too much space: don't write too much, don't be too cold, don't show too much interest in another person.
  • Some people are also resiliently passive: they'll wait for you to make a bold move, and if you don't, they'll think you're weak.

Chapter 22 - Use physical bait

  • Targets with active minds are dangerous: If they see through your manipulations, they could suddenly develop doubts.
  • Gently quiet her mind and awaken her dormant senses by combining a non-defensive attitude with a charged sexual presence.
  • While his cold, indifferent air soothes your spirit and lowers your inhibitions, his looks, voice, and demeanor, radiating sex and desire, penetrate your skin, excite your senses, and raise your temperature.
  • Never force the physical; Instead, infect your targets with heat and lure them into lust. Take them with you into the moment: a heightened present where morality, judgment and concern for the future vanish and the body succumbs to pleasure.
  • The key to luring your target into the final act of your seduction is not making it obvious, not announcing that you are ready (to attack or be attacked).
  • You must make your body glow with desire for the goal. Her desire must be read in her eyes, in a tremor in her voice, in her reaction as their bodies draw closer.
  • You cannot train your body to act in this way, but once you have chosen a victim (see Chapter 1) that will have this effect on you, everything will flow naturally.
  • Understand: everything starts with you. When the time comes to make the seduction physical, train yourself to let go of your own inhibitions, your doubts, your lingering feelings of guilt and fear. Your confidence and calm has more power to intoxicate the victim than all the alcohol you can use.
  • Show lightness: Nothing bothers you, nothing intimidates you, you don't take anything personally. They invite your targets to throw off the burdens of civilization, to follow their lead, and to step aside.
  • Don't talk about work, duty, marriage, past or future. Many other people will do this.

key of seduction

  • Now more than ever, our minds are in a constant state of distraction, bombarded with endless information being hurled in all directions.
  • Understand: The only way to relax a distracted mind is to get it to focus on one thing.
  • Throughout the seduction process, you filled the target person's mind. Letters, memories, shared experiences keep you constantly present, even when you are not there.
  • Now when you move to the physical part of seduction, you need to see your goals more often. Your attention needs to intensify.
  • Remember: everything starts with you. Don't get distracted, be present in the moment and the goal will follow you.
  • Once the target's overactive mind slows, their senses will come alive and their physical decoys will be twice as powerful.
  • Physical appearances are crucial, but you're looking for an overall buzz of the senses.
  • Subtly modulate the voice, make it slower and deeper. Vivid senses will replace rational thinking.
  • The seducer brings the victim to a point where he reveals involuntary signs of physical arousal, which manifest themselves in various symptoms. Once these signs are recognized, the seducer must act quickly and pressure the target to lose themselves in the present, past, and future, all moral qualms vanishing.
  • Keep a few things in mind as you make your sacrifices in the moment.
  • First, a messy look (Madame de Lursay's tousled hair, her frilly dress) appeals more to the senses than a tidy look.
  • Second, look out for signs of physical arousal. Blushing, a trembling voice, tears, unusually loud laughter, relaxing body movements (any kind of involuntary reflexes, their gestures mimic yours), a treacherous slip – these are signs that the victim is getting into the moment and pressure is being applied.
  • Like war, seduction is often a game of distance and closeness. First, you follow your enemy from afar.
  • His main weapons are his eyes and a mysterious figure.
  • The key is to keep your gaze short and direct, and then look away like a sword looking at meat. Let your eyes show lust and keep the rest of your face still.(A smile spoils the effect.)
  • Once warmed up, the victim quickly closes the gap and moves into melee combat, where there is no room for the enemy to retreat, no time to think or ponder the position he put them in. To remove the fear element from this, use flattery, make the target feel more masculine or feminine, complement their charm. It's his fault you got so physical and aggressive.
  • Joint physical activity is always a big attraction.
  • For Flynn, it was swimming or sailing. In this physical activity, the mind switches off and the body works according to its own laws.
  • For the moment, all moral considerations disappear and the body returns to a state of innocence. In part, you can create this feeling by adopting a carefree attitude. You don't care about the world or what people think of you; You don't judge your goal at all.
  • So get rid of your tendency to moralize and judge.


  • Some people panic when they feel like they are falling into the moment. Often the use of spiritual lures helps to disguise the increasingly physical nature of the seduction.
  • Instead, make it seem like a spiritual, mystical union and they will be less aware of your physical manipulations.

Chapter 23 - Master the art of bold movement

  • The time has come: your victim clearly wants you, but is unwilling to openly admit it, let alone act on it.
  • This is the time to put aside chivalry, friendliness and flirting and stand out with a bold step.
  • Don't give the victim time to think about the consequences; it creates conflict, it stirs up tension, so that the bold movement becomes a great liberation.
  • Showing hesitation or discomfort means you're thinking of yourself rather than falling for the victim's charms.
  • Never stop or reach the goal halfway believing that you are correct and considerate; Now you have to be seductive, not political. One has to go on the offensive, and that's you.
  • Never underestimate the role of vanity in love and seduction. If you appear impatient, impatient for sex, this suggests that libido is at stake and has little to do with the target person's stimuli. That's why you should postpone the climax.
  • Once you can see in your target's gestures that they are ready and open (a look in their eyes, similar behavior, an odd nervousness in your presence), you need to go on the offensive and make them feel like you're bothered and were pressured by their thy charms. 🇧🇷 in a brave step.

key of seduction

  • Think of seduction as a world you are entering, a world separate and distinct from the real world. The rules are different here;what works in everyday life can have the opposite effect when it comes to seduction.
  • The problem is that after years of living in the real world, we lose the ability to be ourselves. We become shy, humble, too polite. Your job is to regain some of your childlike qualities, to eradicate all that false humility. And the most important quality to recover is boldness.
  • The bold move should come as a pleasant surprise, but not too much.
  • Learn to read the signs that the target person is falling in love with you. His attitude towards you will have changed, he will be more compliant, with more words and gestures that reflect yours, but there will still be a touch of nervousness and insecurity. Inwardly, they surrendered to you, but they don't expect a brave answer. move. This is the time to attack.
  • They want a certain level of tension and ambivalence so that the movement is a great liberation.
  • Don't plan your bold move in advance; It can't seem calculated. wait for the right moment Look out for favorable circumstances. This gives you room to improvise and get carried away by the moment, which reinforces the impression you're trying to give, like you're suddenly being overcome by desire. If you sense the victim waiting for the bold move, step back, give them a false sense of security, and then lunge.
  • Take the widow's suggestion: her bold step should have a theatrical quality. It will make you unforgettable and make your aggression seem sympathetic, part of the drama.
  • The theatrics can come from the stage: an exotic or sensual location. It can also come from your actions.
  • An element of fear that someone might find you, for example, will add to the tension. Remember: you are creating a moment that needs to stand out from the monotony of everyday life.


  • When two people come together consensually, that's not seduction. There is no investment.

Chapter 24 - Beware the consequences

  • Danger follows the consequences of a successful seduction. At a certain point, the emotions often turn in the opposite direction: towards exhaustion, distrust, disappointment.
  • Beware of the long goodbye; Unsafe, the victim will grab and scratch, and both sides will suffer. If you want to break up, make the sacrifice quickly and suddenly. If necessary, intentionally break the spell you created.
  • If you intend to maintain a relationship, beware of the energy drop, an insidious intimacy that will taint the imagination.In order for the game to continue, a second seduction is needed. Never let the other person take you for granted: use absence, create pain and conflict to keep the seduced on their toes.
  • combat inertia. The feeling that you are making less effort is often enough to deter your victims.
  • When the first seduction is over, show them that it's not over yet, that you want to keep proving yourself, focus your attention on them, attract them. That's often enough to tie them up.
  • Never trust your physical charms; even beauty loses its appeal with repeated exposure. Only strategy and effort will combat inertia.
  • keep the secret Familiarity is the death of seduction.
  • Remember: Reality is not seductive. Keep some dark corners in your character, defy expectations, use absences to shatter the clingy, possessive attraction that allows intimacy to seep in. Keep a secret or take it for granted.
  • keep the light Seduction is a game, not a matter of life and death. In the "post" phase there will be a tendency to take things more seriously and personally, and to complain about behavior that you don't like. Combat this as best you can, as it creates the exact effect you don't want.
  • His playfulness, the little tricks he uses to please and please her, his forbearance towards her mistakes will make his victims obedient and easy to handle.
  • Avoid slow burnout. One is often disappointed, but does not have the courage to make the break.
  • Once you're disillusioned and know it's over, end it quickly without apologizing.
  • If parting with the victim is too complicated or difficult (or your nerves fail), do the next best thing: consciously break the bond that binds them to you.
  • It is almost impossible to resist a person who provides unconditional pleasure. When they are with you, keep your mind light and playful. Play with the parts of your character that they find charming, but never make them feel like they know you too well.
  • The lesson is simple: keep the moments after seduction and breakup in the same tone as before, enhanced, aesthetic, and lustful. If you don't feel guilty about your irresponsible behavior, it's difficult for the other person to feel anger or resentment.
  • Seduction is a joyful game that you put all your energy into right now. Separation should also be joyful and elegant: it's work, travel, a dreaded responsibility that challenges you.
  • Create an unforgettable experience and move on, and your victim will likely remember the delicious seduction, not the breakup.
  • If you are looking for integration, the seduction must never stop. Otherwise boredom sets in. And often the best way to keep the process going is to inject intermittent drama.This can be painful: open old wounds, provoke jealousy, withdraw a little. (Don't confuse this behavior with persistent criticism or criticism; this violation is strategic and designed to break rigid patterns.)
  • On the other hand, it can also be pleasurable: think about testing yourself again, paying attention to small pleasant details, creating new temptations.In fact, you need to mix the two aspects as too much pain or pleasure is not seductive.
  • Remember:Comfort and safety are the death of seduction🇧🇷 A ride with a little trouble will do more to create a deep bond than expensive gifts and luxuries.
  • Young people are right not to worry about solace in love, and returning to that feeling will bring a spark of youth back to life.
  • The long and prolonged death of a relationship not only causes your partner unnecessary pain, it also has long-term consequences for you, making you more nervous about the future and leaving you feeling guilty.
  • If you take a quick, clean break, they'll appreciate it in the long run. The more you apologize, the more you insult their pride, creating negative feelings that will linger for years.
  • The victim must be sacrificed, not tortured.
  • After the seduction of a person (or a nation) there is almost always a pause, a slight disappointment that sometimes leads to parting; However, it's surprisingly easy to seduce the same target again. Old feelings never go away, they remain dormant and in no time you can surprise your target.


  • To enchant a person, you need to constantly seduce him. But you can allow a little familiarity to creep in. The target wants to feel like they know you. Too much mystery breeds doubt. It will also be exhausting for you who have to deal with it.
  • The goal isn't to remain completely unknown, but to occasionally rouse victims from their complacency by surprising them as you have surprised them in the past. If you do it right, they have that nice feeling that they're constantly learning more about you, but never too much.

Appendix A: Seductive Environment/Seductive Time

  • In seduction, your victims must slowly feel an inner change. Under his influence, they lower their defenses and feel free to act differently, to be a different person.
  • Certain places, environments and experiences will greatly assist you in your quest to change and transform the seduced. Rooms with an increased theatrical quality (opulence, shiny surfaces, playful spirit) create a childlike, happy atmosphere that makes it difficult for the victim to think clearly.
  • Creating an altered sense of time has a similar effect: dizzying and unforgettable moments that stand out, a festive and playful atmosphere. You want to make your victims feel like being with you gives them a different experience than being in the real world.
  • The time you spend with them is dedicated to them and nothing else. Instead of the usual rotation of work and rest, give them big, dramatic moments that stand out. You take them to places other than the places they see in everyday life: heights and theater squares.

The following are key components in reproducing the time and place of the festival:

create theatrical effects🇧🇷 The theater creates the feeling of a separate magical world.

  • To achieve this effect in real life, you need to design your clothing, makeup, and attitude to have a playful, artificial feel, a sense that you've dressed for the enjoyment of your audience.
  • Your encounters with your targets should also have a sense of drama that is achieved through the scenarios you choose and your actions. The target must not know what will happen next. Create suspense with twists that lead to a happy ending; you act

Use the visual language of pleasure

  • You want to avoid images that have depth that might trigger thoughts or guilt; Instead you have to work in environments that are all superficial, full of shiny objects, mirrors, puddles of water, a constant play of lights.
  • The sensory overload of these spaces creates an intoxicating, optimistic feeling. The more artificial, the better. Show your targets a playful world full of pictures and sounds to delight the baby or toddler in them. The luxury, the feeling that money has been spent or even squandered, reinforces the feeling that the real world of duty and morality has been banished. Call it the brothel effect.

Keep it full or closed.

  • People who huddle together raise the psychic temperature to greenhouse levels. Festivals and carnivals thrive on the contagious feeling that a crowd inspires. Sometimes bring your target into these environments to lower their normal defenses.
  • Likewise, any type of situation that brings people together in a confined space for an extended period of time is extremely conducive to seduction.
  • Guide your seducers through a crowded, festival-like environment or seek targets in a closed world.

create mystical effects.

  • Spiritual or mystical effects distract people's minds from reality, leaving them feeling uplifted and euphoric. From here it is only a short step to physical pleasure.
  • Anything remotely mystical helps block out the real world, and it's easy to slip from the spiritual to the sexual.

Distort your sense of time: speed and youth..

  • The festival time has a kind of speed and frenzy that makes people feel more alive.
  • Bring them to places of constant activity and movement. Embark with them on a kind of journey together and distract their minds with new landscapes.
  • And youth is above all energy. The pace of seduction needs to be accelerated at a certain point, creating a whirlwind effect in the mind.

create moments.

  • Everyday life is a monotony in which the same actions are repeated over and over again. The party, on the other hand, is remembered as a moment when everything changed, when a bit of eternity and myth entered our lives.
  • Your seduction needs to have those high points, moments when something dramatic happens and time is experienced differently.
  • You must provide these moments for your goals, either by staging the seduction in a place (carnival, theater) where they occur naturally, or by creating them yourself, with dramatic actions that evoke strong emotions.

Keep it light and fun, full of distractions, noise, color and a bit of chaos..

  • No weight, no responsibilities or judgments. A place to get lost.
  • While you are in your present, your goals should feel a shift. Time has a different rhythm, you hardly notice how it passes. They feel like everything stops for them, just like at a festival all normal activities stop. The useless pleasures you give them are contagious: one leads to another and the other until it's too late to take it back.

Appendix B: Gentle Seduction: How to sell anything to the masses

The less you seem to be selling anything, including yourself, the better; By being too obvious in your speech, you will arouse suspicion; You will also bore your audience, an unforgivable sin.

Instead, make your approach smooth, seductive, and insidious.

  • soft: to be indirect🇧🇷 Create news and events that get media attention and get your name out there in a way that feels spontaneous, not difficult or calculated.
  • Seductive:entertain yourself Your name and image are bathed in positive associations; They sell joy and promises.
  • insidious:Target the unconscious, use memorable images, and put your message in the images. Make what you sell part of a new trend and it will become one. One can hardly resist the gentle seduction.

the soft sale

  • A crowd, an electorate, a nation can be brought under its influence simply by employing at the mass level the tactics that work so well with an individual.
  • The only difference is the goal - not gender, but influence, a voice, people's attention - and the level of tension.
  • The mass-level seduction is more diffuse and smooth. By constantly generating enthusiasm, you will captivate the masses with your offer. They pay attention to you because it feels good.
  • Bring joy first by creating a positive vibe around your name or message. It creates a feeling of warmth and relaxation.
  • Never appear to be selling anything that comes across as manipulative and suspicious.
  • Instead, focus on the entertainment value and good feeling by sneaking the sale through the side door. And in that sale, you don't appear to be selling yourself or any particular idea or candidate; They sell a lifestyle, a good mood, a spirit of adventure, a fashion sense or a well-packaged rebellion.
  • Here are some of the key components of soft selling:

Appear as news, never as advertising.

  • The first impression counts.
  • Everyone knows that advertising is clever manipulation, kind of a hoax. So for your first public appearance, think of an event, some kind of attention-grabbing situation that the media will "accidentally" pick up as news.
  • Suddenly you stand out from everyone else, if only for a moment, but that moment has more credibility than hours of publicity. The key is to carefully orchestrate the details and create a story with dramatic impact and movement, suspense and resolution. The media will be reporting on this for days. Hide your true purpose, sell yourself at any cost.

Awaken the basic emotions.

  • Never promote your message through a rational and direct argument.
  • Frame your words and images to evoke basic emotions: lust, patriotism, family values. It's easier to get and keep people's attention when you get them to think about your family, your kids, your future.
  • Likewise, find ways to surround yourself with emotional magnets: war heroes, children, saints, small animals, whatever it takes. Let your appearance remind you of these emotionally positive associations and give you additional presence. Never let these associations define or create yourself and never leave them to chance.

Make the center of the message.

  • Pay more attention to the form of your message than to the content. Pictures are more alluring than words, and the pictures (calming colors, appropriate background, suggestion of speed or movement) should be your real message.
  • Your images must have a hypnotic effect. You should make people happy or sad depending on what you want to achieve.

Speak the target's language, be nice.

  • Avoid appearing superior to your audience at all costs. Any hint of hubris, using complicated words or ideas, citing too many statistics is fatal. Instead, let yourself appear equal and intimate with your goals.
  • Show you share your audience's skepticism by revealing the tricks of the trade. Keep your advertising as simple and minimal as possible so that your competitors appear sophisticated and ostentatious in comparison.
  • Your selective honesty and strategic weakness will make people trust you.

Start a chain reaction - everyone does it.

  • People who appear to be desired by others are instantly more attractive to their target audience.
  • You must act as if you have already moved a multitude of people; Your behavior becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Seem to be at the forefront of a trend or lifestyle and audiences will applaud you for fear of being left behind.
  • Promote your image with logo, slogans, posters so that it appears everywhere. Promote your message as a trend and it will become one. The goal is to create a sort of viral effect where more and more people become infected with the desire to have what you offer. This is the easiest and most tempting way to sell.

Tell people who they are.

(Video) "ART OF SEDUCTION," whiteboard animation summary, by Robert Greene

  • It is always unwise to involve an individual or the public in any type of discussion.
  • Tell them who they are, create an image, an identity they want to adopt. Make them dissatisfied with their current state. Making you dissatisfied with yourself gives space to propose a new lifestyle, a new identity.
  • Myths create identification. Build a myth about yourself and ordinary people will identify with your character, your situation, your aspirations, just as you identify with theirs. This picture should include your flaws, highlight the fact that you are not the best orator, the most educated man, the softest politician. Human and realistic appearance belies the manufactured quality of your image. To sell this image you need to have the right blur.
  • It should not only be inspiring, but also fun; This is a popular and friendly gesture.
  • The moment the target person knows you are looking for something, a vote, a sale, they become recalcitrant. But disguise your sales pitch as a news event, and not only will you avoid their resistance, but you could create a social trend that sells for you.
  • Associations that are, for example, patriotic or subtly sexual or spiritual, anything pleasant and seductive, take on a life of their own.
  • Free yourself from the need to communicate in the normal direct way and you have better soft-selling opportunities. Make the words you say discreet, vague, seductive. And pay much more attention to your style, the images, the story they tell. Convey a sense of movement and progress by showing yourself in motion.
  • Don't express trust with facts and figures, but with positive colors and images.
  • Let the media cover you without direction and you are at their mercy. So change the dynamic: does the press need drama and visuals? provide them.
  • Remember: images stay in the memory long after the words are forgotten. Don't preach to the public, it never works. Learn to express your message through images that suggest positive emotions and happy feelings.
  • The media is desperate for events with entertainment value, inherent drama. Feed that need. Audiences have a soft spot for the realistic and the slightly fantastic, for real events with a cinematic twist.
  • Make your events and publicity stunts believable and reasonably realistic, but make your colors a little brighter than usual, characters larger than life, drama bigger. Provide a sex and danger advantage. They create a confluence of real life and fiction, the essence of every seduction.
  • However, it's not enough to get people's attention - you have to hold them long enough to captivate them. This can always be done by provoking controversy.
  • While the media rants about the effect you are having on people's values, they are spreading your name far and wide, unwittingly giving you the advantage that makes you so attractive to the public.


What is the summary of the book The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene? ›

The Art of Seduction (2001) examines the amoral game of seduction, explaining how seduction always starts in the mind and that the most successful seducers know this very well indeed. It explains strategies for inciting interest, disorientating the target of seduction, stirring desire and kindling emotions.

What does the art of seduction teach u? ›

The Ardent Rake teaches us a simple lesson: intense desire has a distracting power on a woman, just as the Siren's physical presence does on a man. The key is to show no hesitation, to abandon all restraint, to let yourself go, to show that you cannot control yourself and are fundamentally weak.

What is the key to seduction? ›

Every seduction has two elements that you must analyze and understand: first, yourself and what is seductive about you; and second, your target and the actions that will penetrate their defenses and create surrender.

What is a seduction story? ›

The seduction novel is a literary genre which was popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. A seduction novel presents the story of a virtuous, but helpless woman who is seduced by a man that will eventually betray her.

What are the different types of victims in art of seduction? ›

The Eighteen Types of the Seducer's Victims
  • The Reformed Rake or Siren: People of this type were once happy-go-lucky seducers who had their way with the opposite sex. ...
  • The Disappointed Dreamer: ...
  • The Pampered Royal: ...
  • The New Prude: ...
  • The Crushed Star: ...
  • The Novice: ...
  • The Conqueror: ...
  • The Exotic Fetishist:
Jan 23, 2016

Why was seduction a crime? ›

Seduction, in law, refers to an act by which a person entices another to have unlawful sexual intercourse with them by means of persuasions, promises, flattery or bribes without using any physical force or violence.

What are the steps of seduction? ›

Greene gave us permission to republish these rules from his book.
  • Choose the right victim. ...
  • Create a false sense of security — approach indirectly. ...
  • Send mixed signals. ...
  • Appear to be an object of desire — create triangles. ...
  • Create a need — stir anxiety and discontent. ...
  • Master the art of insinuation. ...
  • Enter their spirit.
Jun 1, 2014

How to use the art of seduction in real life? ›

We've summarized Greene's 24 rules of seduction below.
  1. Choose the right victim. ...
  2. Create a false sense of security — approach indirectly. ...
  3. Send mixed signals. ...
  4. Appear to be an object of desire. ...
  5. Create a need — stir anxiety and discontent. ...
  6. Master the art of insinuation. ...
  7. Enter their spirit. ...
  8. Create temptation.
Feb 7, 2017

Is the art of seduction about manipulation? ›

Greene saw The Art of Seduction as the logical follow-up to The 48 Laws of Power since seduction is "about power and manipulation as much as it is about romance, about how to make someone fall under your spell."

What type of seduction is the ideal lover? ›

The Ideal Lover

The Ideal Lover studies her conquest, goes along with his moods and finds out what is missing from his life. This seductress appeals to people's idealized visions of themselves. She makes her target feel elevated, noble, spiritual, and this magic keeps him seduced.

What is a siren woman? ›

Siren, in Greek mythology, a creature half bird and half woman who lured sailors to destruction by the sweetness of her song.

What kind of woman is a siren? ›

The Siren is of highly charged traditionally-feminine energy and tends to attract those of a completely opposite, traditionally-masculine energy. Whether or not you identify as male, female or neither, you'll tend to be attracted to a Siren when you show characters on the extremes of traditionally-male behaviour.

How do I become a great seducer? ›

How to become an expert at seducing – 7 tips for seduction
  1. Here are the 7 fundamental tricks to help you seduce others easily.
  2. Understand the opposite gender.
  3. Be friendly.
  4. Don't hesitate to seduce.
  5. Don't try to copy someone, be original.
  6. Dress wisely.
  7. Be a pleaser to seduce successfully.
  8. Pay attention to your looks.

What are the 3 pillars of seduction? ›

The Three Pillars of Seduction
  • body language. lean in. intimate gazing. hands touch face.
  • confidence. we are attracted to confidence because if you think about our primal and subconscious brain, it's looking for the best and strongest mate. confidence is a belief system. ...
  • self-pleasure.
Aug 20, 2015

Why should I read the art of seduction? ›

The Art of Seduction is a read like no other: it fascinates and entices in ways few books are capable of. It is not a book on how to get laid; at its core, it is a guide for the most effective forms of manipulation, a series of social strategies that, if used correctly, will leave ANY person at your mercy.

What is seduce behavior? ›

verb. lure or entice away from duty, principles, or proper conduct. type of: entice, lure, tempt. provoke someone to do something through (often false or exaggerated) promises or persuasion.

What does seduce mean in love? ›

What does seduce mean? To seduce someone is to make them want to engage in sexual activity with you, especially in a subtle or manipulative way. Seduce is also commonly used in a more general way meaning to tempt or influence someone to do something, especially something bad or something they wouldn't normally do.

What is the seduction of crime theory? ›

The central thesis of Seductions of Crime is that situation-specific emotional and sensual sensations play a major role in the committing of crimes.

What is the crime of simple seduction? ›

Simple Seduction. -. The seduction of a FEMALE 20 PERSON [woman] who is single or a widow of good reputation, 21 over [twelve (12)] SIXTEEN (16) but under eighteen years of age, 22 committed by means of deceit, shall be punished by [arresto mayor] 23 PRISION CORRECCIONAL."

Is seduction still a crime? ›

Seduction has not as a rule been a criminal offense in most Western countries, but in the United States statutes in most states imposed criminal liability upon the seducing male.

Is the art of seduction evil? ›

Seduction has been associated with being misleading and sometimes evil, but in many cases it is done unconsciously and involuntarily and is almost always done with the goal of mutual emotional benefit. In fact, loving someone means being seduced by that person.

What is seduction under the promise of marriage? ›

"The statute making seduction a crime is not to punish illicit intercourse, but to punish the seducer who by means of a promise of marriage, destroys the chastity of an unmarried female of previous chaste character, and who thus draws her aside from the path of virtue and rectitude, and then fails and refuses to ...

What are seductions of crime examples? ›

Youths' and adults' descriptions of murders, robberies, shoplifting, burglary, vandalism, school truancy, and other acts form the basis of the argument that sensual attractions and feelings of moral restorations are the essence of the criminal's immediate experience and must be included in explanations of crime.

How do you tell if a guy is trying to seduce you? ›

20 signs that indicate you really turn him on
  1. He initiates physical contact.
  2. He puts some extra effort into his physical appearance.
  3. There's a lot of flirting.
  4. His voice sounds deeper when he's talking to you.
  5. He stares at you, and not just your face.
  6. Firm and tense (but confused) movements.
  7. You catch him blushing.
Aug 3, 2022

How do you psychologically seduce a woman? ›

9 Psychological Tips To Attract Women
  1. Have an open body language. ...
  2. Similarity attracts. ...
  3. Give her a sincere compliment. ...
  4. Increase Oxytocin Levels. ...
  5. The Positive Personality Hack. ...
  6. Make her laugh. ...
  7. Break the “Touch Barrier” ...
  8. Make her feel special.
Feb 14, 2022

What does Robert Greene say about love? ›

Love at first sight doesn't necessarily lead to something. You still need to go through the process to find out the other person's character.” @robertgreene.

What type of seducer is the charmer? ›

The Charmer is a type that plays on people's vanity and insecurity to gain their affection. The best way to summarize this type is to think of Benjamin Disraeli. He said, “Talk to a man about himself and he will listen for hours.” Disraeli knew how to make people feel good about themselves.

What is the siren in the art of seduction? ›

The Siren. The siren is the person who represents adventure and change. They develop their persona and charm on the premise that their partner is always looking for a variety of experiences and they present those experiences to their partner.

What are the two 2 classes of qualified seduction? ›

Two classes of qualified seduction:
  • Seduction of a virgin over 12 and under 18 years of age by certain persons, such as a person in authority, priest, teachers etc and.
  • Seduction of a sister by her brother or descendant by her ascendant, regardless of her age or reputation (incestuous seduction)
Jan 25, 2012

Do Sirens fall in love? ›

Sometimes a Siren will fall in love with a human.

However, the land and sea are two different worlds. Tales of mermaids who tried to overcome this great divide usually end in sadness and heartbreak. Known examples are Princess Thetis, Pania of the Reef and Nympha.

Why are the Sirens evil? ›

Sirens are considered to be evil. Stories tell of sirens who sing to the sailors and put them into a trance so they can kill them. One could argue that sirens are not evil, that they are simply biologically programmed to kill, similar to animals who kill other animals or humans.

Who is the girl on the Starbucks logo? ›

“It's the siren. She is not a real person, but we kind of think of her as one. She's the biggest symbol of our brand, really, other than our partners (employees).

What kills a siren? ›

  • Bronze dagger and victim's blood – The only way to kill a siren is to stab it with a bronze dagger dipped into the blood of someone it has infected. The death of a siren releases its victims from its hold.
  • Mirrors – A siren's true face can be seen in a mirror.

What is a male siren called? ›

Tritons are a special type of mermen. They are counterparts of mermaids known as sirens, all fierce and violent warriors on sea and land.

What is a coquette woman? ›

: a woman who likes to win the attention or admiration of men but does not have serious feelings for them : flirt. She was a bit of a coquette.

Is The Art of Seduction book worth reading? ›

The Art of Seduction is a read like no other: it fascinates and entices in ways few books are capable of. It is not a book on how to get laid; at its core, it is a guide for the most effective forms of manipulation, a series of social strategies that, if used correctly, will leave ANY person at your mercy.

Is The Art of Seduction about manipulation? ›

Greene saw The Art of Seduction as the logical follow-up to The 48 Laws of Power since seduction is "about power and manipulation as much as it is about romance, about how to make someone fall under your spell."

Is The Art of Seduction a good book? ›

Just as beautifully packaged and every bit as essential as The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction is an indispensable primer of persuasion and offers the best lessons on how to take what you want from whomever you want or how to prevent yourself from being taken.

Is The Art of Seduction evil? ›

Seduction has been associated with being misleading and sometimes evil, but in many cases it is done unconsciously and involuntarily and is almost always done with the goal of mutual emotional benefit. In fact, loving someone means being seduced by that person.

What gender is The Art of Seduction for? ›

The Art of Seduction (2001) is a mix between a dark psychology text and a seduction manual for men.

How do you master The Art of Seduction book? ›

The master of persuasion has another book titled, "The Art of Seduction " which offers 24 techniques used to manipulate everyone's greatest weakness — the desire for pleasure. Greene also identifies 10 different types of seductive characters, including "The Siren," "The Charmer," and "The Natural."

What is the 20 law of power? ›

Law 20.

Make sure the only cause you commit to is yourself. Maintain your independence at all costs. This allows you to play people off against each other.

What is Law 5 The 48 Laws of Power? ›

Make your reputation unassailable. Always be alert to potential attacks and thwart them before they happen. Meanwhile learn to destroy your enemies by opening holes in their own reputations. Then stand aside and let public opinion hang them.”

What type of seducer is natural? ›

The Natural seducer is the one who has somehow retained the childhood traits. They have an innocent quality about them which makes them irresistible. Like a child they are impish, vulnerable and defenseless, open and spontaneous. They make their audience lower their guards because they appear so guileless and fresh.

Does Robert Greene believe in God? ›

No, Robert Greene didn't believe in God. Greene had no spiritual practice, even though he belongs to the Jewish religion.


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