The 15 Best Shining Fates Cards [Useful Pokemon Guide] | cardboard guard (2023)

When you're looking for rare Pokemon cards, it's important to know what you're looking for. Shining Fates is a set of many fantastic Pokémon cards, both in terms of design art and monetary value.

Below I've compiled a list of the best Shining Fates cards so you know exactly what to look for in your pack-breaking sessions.

The best Shining Fate cards

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1. Poké Kid (Ultra Rare Full Art, SHF #070)

Pokemon can be cute. children can be cute. What about children dressed as Pokémon? tenderness at eleven!

The adorable children dressed as Pokémon first appeared inNintendo DS-Gen IVgames. They then made their TCG debut in September 2020 Sword & Shield, pretending to be Pikachu.push childhonor us once againshining destinations. This time, they upped their appeal in Full Art with a new Eevee outfit.

Full Art Trainer cards are in high demand across the board, and Poké Kid is no different. Collectors delighted with the sweet charm ofshining destinations' Very rarepush childyou may have to spend somewhere in between$ 60For$ 110for PSA rated mints.

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2. Shiny Ditto V (Arte Completa, SHF #SV118)

Do you remember them?2005 EX Delta SpeciesExpansion where Ditto practically invaded the set with various Pokémon doppelgangers?

This Pikachu Ditto face is both sad and scary.shining destinationsthere are not so many ditto, but... there are still many.

We have a pair of Holo Rare V and VMAX and another shiny pair of V and VMAX. Fortunately, Ditto appearsshining destinationsin his true form. The Pokémon seem happier in their usual misshapen form.

Brilliant Rare Ditto V(SHF #SV118) is the first of the two most expensive Dittos in the set. The PSA gem bullets on this card can go up$ 100. If Ditto continues to stand out, surely no one will care to see more of the amorphous blob.

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3. Suicune brillante (SHF #SV022)

Originally from the Generation II region of Johto,Suicunequenchshining destinationsExpansion as the only Legendary Pokemon to get the Shiny Rare Shiny treatment.

There are other legendaries in the set, but they are all Incredible Rares.

shiny suicuneit cannot be a Pokémon V or VMAX. It's not a complete art, nor is it an exceptionally strong card. But his brilliant and gallant form made waves, proving to be one of the most coveted cards in the expansion, being defeated by a single card. Everyone really loves Suicune.

If you can only take out one normal Shiny (popularly known as Baby Shiny), then you better hope it's Suicune! a public service announcement 10shiny suicunesold by close$ 200and once reached$ 380.

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4. Bright Lapras V (full image, SHF #SV110)

If there's a definitive ranking of the softest Pokémon of all time, then it'sLapraswould probably be one of the leading candidates.

It is known that he likes to help people and carry them on his back. She is a tiny ship at heart, but none can sail the seas as majestically as the Lapras.

Brillante Lapras VFull Art captures the splendor and innocence of the Pokémon fans love so much. It's impressive to see how a first-generation Pokemon that wasn't very prominent in the franchise has built a consistent following over the years.

Lapras lovers exchanged a PSA 10Brillante Lapras Vcard for one$ 132high. His herd is still quite large, with a PSA population of 99 buds.

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5. Incredible Rare Kyogre (SHF #021)

The legendary water pokemonKyogreshe squirts loudlyshining destinationsas one of the three Incredible Rares on the set.

And no, the other two are not his outdated Generation III contemporaries, Groudon and Rayquaza.

Incredible Rare Kyogreit has a crazy attack that can knock out all of the opponent's Pokémon in one turn. A really exciting finisher to match a Legendary Pokemon. Aesthetically, it certainly looks good. The colossal figure of the Half Leap Pokémon towers over a beautiful splash of rainbow color, a visual hallmark of all Amazing Rares.

PSA gets a score of 245 forIncredible Rare Kyogregem bullets It is an amazing catch that can be traded as much as possible.$ 130vapor PSA 10s.

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6. Surprisingly Rare Yveltal (SHF #046)

is proof of thatYveltalWild design and a reputation for still looking dangerously scary despite a vibrant rainbow in the background.

and look at thisincredible destructionStroke! Sure, it has pesky power requirements, but it's still a wild instant knockout. Nothing short of a legendary dark vengeful/flying Pokémon.

Like the other two Amazing Rares in the set,Yveltalhe misses his other two legendary genetic partners. Will we finally see Xerneas and Zygarde as Amazing Rares? Unlikely. But that makes this lot a bit more valuable.

a public service announcement 10surprisingly rare Yveltalhit a$ 135high, with a current PSA population of over 170 gems. WhileIncredibly Rare Reshiram(SHF #017) not on this list, still a great collector's item at a great value$ 95.

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7. Rapidash de Galar brillante (SHF #SV048)

Rapidash sheds her fiery mane and tail and dons silky cotton candy curls.

Her alluring deep purple horn highlights her new Psychic Fairy-type transformation. First appearance inSword and shieldExtension,Galar-RapidashFans instantly swooned at how gorgeous it is.

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Brilliant Galar Rapidashit is one of the best pulls of all the Shiny Rares, second only to Shiny Suicune. It has a very small PSA population of just 13 perfect bullets, one of which sold as high as$ 75. Fan love for this Galar native extends to arguably its most adorable Stage 1 Pokémon.pony galariches(SHF #SV047) is another collector's favorite and sells for around$ 60.

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8. Shiny Ditto VMAX (Arte Completa, SHF #SV119)

How to shout to the whole world that it is now blueBrilliant same VMAXit devours almost the entire map in its shiny new form.

And true to the Gigantamax concept, the normally diminutive Ditto looks incredibly big.

OBrilliant same VMAXis probably the best edition of all SHF Ditto versions. The card's PSA population for Gem Mints isn't low at 171, but it's still one of the most expensive cards in the set. OneBrilliant same VMAXwith perfect PSA grade they are negotiable for approx.$ 100.

If you have another Ditto, don't feel too sad. Another one is already on the list. While the other two failed to make the cut, they are still good value for money.Rare lounge said VMAX(SHF #050) can trade for over $40 whilehola here see(SHF #050) costs around $20.

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9. Shiny Lapras VMAX (Full Artwork, SHF #SV111)

Shiny Lapras V's artwork has that touch of purity.

ButLapras Vmaxremove everything to present the Pokémon as a large threatening force. Despite its herculean size, Lapras's Gigantamax upgrade still retains the majesty of its original form.

Shiny Lapras is one of the best collectibles in the Shining Fates set. V and VMAX prints are highly valued. A rare feat, second only to Shiny Ditto. While Lapras V (SHF #SV110) peaked slightly higher,Shiny Lapras VMAXtraded for as high as$ 121. This is likely due to its high PSA population of 193 for gem bullets, which is nearly double that of its V counterpart.

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10. Rainbow Alcremie VMAX (ultra rare full art, SHF #073)

Anyshining destinationsThe VMAX map is a decent game.

They are not just a Full Art Gigantamax print like any other edition; They are the most sophisticated shiny variety. Sure, there's a Shiny Rare VMAX that everyone is dying to have, but everyone else isn't bad.

Ditto and Lapras have already placed their VMAX impressions on this list. They even have their V shapes in there. And this list entry can go to any other VMAX, butAlcremie VMAXit's a bit more complicated than the only rainbow-style card in the entire set. It's Officially a Regular Ultra Rareshining destinationsGroup (not Shiny Vault) but people like to lip syncAlcremie VMAXlike the rare rainbow secret of the set.

Rainbow Alcremie VMAXHad sales of more than$ 63for perfect graduated bullets. VMAX honorable mentions includeBrillante Rillaboom VMAX(SHF #SV106) coming in at $90,Brilliant VMAX Toxicity(SHF No. SV113) a $ 73 eShiny Grimmsnarl VMAX(SHF #SV117) for $66.

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11. Skyla (Full Art Ultra Rare, SHF #072)

The cheerful gym leader from the city of Mistralton has been a constantflighton the rise with great affection from fans and collectors.

Skylas2016 breaking pointFull Art (BKP#122) is still over $400 for Gem Mints. While your OG Full Art does2012 crossed the line(BCR #122) can even top $800. In her third full art print, Skyla gets no less love.

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shining destinationsA holeshe's a hard girl to come by with an estimated pull rate of one in 270 packs. She has a current PSA population of 348 for gemstone bullets. Although not as loud as its previous versions, a PSA 10 SHFFull Art Skylapromoted$ 155.

OuntilThe energy is very strong in that.

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12. Eternatus V (Secret Rare Full Art, SHF #SV121)

The elegant black and gold style was first seen insword and shield promoKarten, Zacian V (SWSH #076) and Zamazenta V (SWSH #077).

These cards were a hit and have become prized collector's items.shining destinationsThe expansion brings back the shine with Shiny Eternatus V and VMAX as the main Secret Rares in the set.

But since everything is black and gold, how can we know if it's ShinyEternatus? Or shouldn't it be the alternative version of Shiny? it's still goldEternato VThe map is impressive. And it got all the more appealing because the Legendary Pokemon is an absolute beast in TCG battles.

OroEternato Vit has a moderately high PSA population of 170 gems. One can be sold for up to$ 90.

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13. Eternatus VMAX (Secret Rare Full Art, SHF #SV122)

shining destinationsEternatus VMAXIt is a disaster.

Pokémon is skinny by nature, so it will be difficult to re-illustrate it in a drab fashion. But Eternatus V works. However, the supercharged Eternamax form is a bit confusing to look at if you're not familiar with previous impressions. The gold outline on a black background is still elegant and classy. But yeah, hot mess.

Eternatus V might be the prettiest card, but the duo only got their popularity because of it.Eternatus VMAX. The letter kills. Eternatus VMAX has an OP ability that expands the bank to eight slots and can boost its two-energy attack for any Dark-type Pokemon in play. That's a maximum of 270 damage for two energy!

The estimated mining rate for Gold Eternatus V or VMAX is one in 155 packs. Players and collectors are drawn to this rarity.Eternatus VMAXprint as high as go$ 150for a mint gem.

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14. Ball Guy (Ultra Rare Full Art, SHF #065)

bola typeis the unofficial mascot of the Galar Pokémon League, first introduced inPokémon Sword and Shield 2019Rollo.

No one knows who is behind the fantasy, neither her age nor her sex. Its only feature is giving gifts with Poké Balls. This character cheat has already been used bythe pokemon companyTwitter campaign in 2019. Ball Guy "hijacked" the fist and gave out Poké Balls when social media missions were completed.

shining destinationsis Ball Guy's TCG debut. When the expansion launched, few fans expected this guy (or gal) to become one of the most popular cards in the set. A mint gemfull art ball facewas as tall as$ 199. Its low population of 41 PSA will probably continue to increase its market price.

willingbola typeenter the pantheon of valuable trainer character cards? Only subsequent prints will show it. But for now, Ball Guy is off to a great start.

The 15 Best Shining Fates Cards [Useful Pokemon Guide] | cardboard guard (15)
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15. Shiny Charizard VMAX (Arte Completa, SHF #SV107)

Last on the list is the undefeated king,charizard!

Fans watched it from a mile away. In Charizard VMAX's previous forays intoflame of darknessmichampion pathThe expansions outsold all the other cards in the set. He turns things on again in the Shining Fates expansion, earning a three-on-three victory.

shining destinationsstands out for showingglowing charizardshiny black skin in his glorious Gigantamax form. Your popularity is a few steps behind.champion pathRainbow Charizard VMAX. But glossy print is still in high demand and is still all the rage in secondary markets.

There are over 3,000 gemstone reliefs on the card that have been graded by the PSA. It is the largest PSA population within theshining destinationscard game But instead of the price falling due to abundant supply, the Charizard is proving to be a very popular premium collector's item. A mint gemBrillante Charizard VMAXcan go for more$ 500.

Mesh Hat Gut Flippers from Bright Fates?

The best map ofshining destinationsis without a doubt theBrillante Charizard VMAX(SHF#SV107). It has a one-pack sample draw rate of 271, which is pretty common for Charizard Pursuit cards from other sets around 1:250.

Other great attractions are the two goldsecret rarely forever, one of the threeamazing oddities, mostfull art trainersmimax, and somethingbright vmibright darlingcards. Amazing Rares are known to have a moderately light draw at 1:20.

It is similar to the estimated extraction rate ofanimated emotion, the only other expansion with Amazing Rares. With all these fantastic collectibles, you can get one exciting card for every eight packs.

Please note, however, that these are not official withdrawal rates. Collectors compiled this data from tabulated results after opening thousands of packages. These prices are not guaranteed. Getting the best cards ultimately depends on luck.

Which Shining Fates product has the best draw rates?

Regular boosters have slightly more trustworthy guests of more than a thousand token rotate packs. While we may not have numbers, popular feedback says that theseshining destinationsThe products result in significantly better extraction rates:

  • Shining Fates Elite-Trainer-Boxcomes with ten TCG packs and oneEevee VMAX full art(SWSH #087) Promotional card, among others. SHF ETB may only have ten boosters, but the Eevee action card is also great value$ 20For$ 40for classified bales.
  • Shining Fates-Dosenhas three variants:Eldegoss V,Boltundv, ocrying v. You get one for each can.bright vPromotional card (SWSH #084 to #086) for which PSA 10 is exchanged$ 30on average and six TCG boosters.
  • Pin-Sammlung de broche Shining Fates Mad Partyis a set of four Mad Party themed boxes based onbunnelby,Until,Galarischer Sr. Rime, mifrom polteages. Action cards are less popular than other SHF promotions and each box only contains three TCG packs. But it's still widely accepted that these few boosts offer good chances for incredible pulls.

Are Shining Fates cards going up in value?

There is no general answer to all the letters of theshining destinationsdefined as the TCG market trend depends a lot on the popularity of each card.

Some maps will be permanent favorites, such as the best map of the expansion,Brillante Charizard VMAX. The current fee has hit a sweet spot of around $500, but that is expected to rise, as is the case with all Charizard prints.

full art supporterThe cards are becoming more and more popular and enjoying a constant increase in price. The Graded Trainer card mintage found on our list has nearly doubled in value in 2022 compared to the previous year.

As for the different sets.shiny pokemon, we can use the glitters in the2019 hidden destinationsSpecial extension for reference. Mosthidden fatesShiny GX prices have come down but have shown resistance, keeping prices around $100-$200.shining destinationsThe brilliant collection reflects the same pattern. Although there are some exceptions, such as the popularSHF brilliant Lapras VMAX(SHF #SV111), with prices rising.

In short, the trends depend on the auspiciousness of each card. Butshining destinationsis a special expansion with a special offer, so we can anticipate potential long-term growth in demand as more collectors seek out exclusive shiny copies of their beloved Pokémon.

Shining Fates have amazing rare items?

shining destinationsThere are three Incredible Rares:reschiram,Kyogre, miYveltal.

Each card features the beautiful signature graphic on a colorful background that spans the entire frame. Aside from the looks, people like the cards for their amazing playability. Some of themamazing odditiesHe has incredibly powerful moves.

amazing odditiesThey are all Legendary Pokemon. And so far we only have nine cards, one for each type of Pokémon. The first batch was introduced intoanimated emotionextension and the last three inshining destinations.

Since Incredible Rares have been absent from the newer sets ever since, it's likely they won't show up anymore. And what we have now could be the last and complete collection ofTCG Incredibles Rares.

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