RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2: Where Are They Now? (2023)

RuPaul's Drag Racerecently announcedCast season 15who will compete for their spot as America's Next Drag Superstar, including aDrag-RaceFirst, the season will see twins Sugar and Spice, who found fame on TikTok, go head-to-head.

The show has come a long way since the first seasons, but fans still love seasons like the second for introducing them to some of the bestDrag-Racestars to date. While they don't get the same level of attention as the newer line-ups, season two's queens have established themselvesDrag-Racehistory and made a name for themselves in the mainstream.



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Shangela may have been the first queen to be axed from season two, but that hasn't stopped her from becoming one of the show's most iconic queens. More recently, Shangela appeared onDancing with the Stars, where he had one of the best dances of season 31and competed fully cross-dressed, making her the first female competitor to do so.

But dancing isn't the only thing Shangela has been up to since her days on the main stage;Shangela joined other drag race alumniBob The Drag Queen and Eureka O'Hara for their showthey were herewhere they tour the country defending gay rights.

Nicole Paige Brooks

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Nicole Paige Brooks of Atlanta, Georgia stayed with the fans despite getting home earlier than most wanted, but her early retirement didn't hinder her drag career. Accordinglyare instagram, Nicole has appeared in and participated in various drag shows across the countrydraw legendsShow im Hotel Jane.

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Nicole was off social media for most of 2022 andyour sitehas not been updated since 2010. Though Nicole Paige Brooks hasn't returnedDrag-Racefor every seasonall stars,Fans still remember her proudly proclaiming where she's from and being one of the first to leave the show.

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mystical madison summer

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Mystique Summers will always be remembered for her fightmaturewith Morgan McMichaels and her plus-size queen confidence, which wasn't common on the show at the time. Since being sent home from the show, Mystique has continued to host drag shows and parties.

Accordinglyare instagram, Mystique has sewn more of her looks to wear to her drag shows. Aside from drag, the performer also cooks recipes, which seems to be a delightful hobby that she enjoys when she's not performing.

Kylie Sonic Love

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After being sent home from the first issuesnap game, It was unclear what the future held for Kylie Sonique Love. When it was announced that he would be returning to the main stageRuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 fans were most excited about ithow Kylie evolved as an artist. And with her development, Kylie beat all other queens to take home the crown, showing how much she's grown as an artist.

As she noted on the show, being able to compete as a trans woman made all the difference for Kylie as she showed fans more of herself. kylie recentlyCo-Moderatortranslationwith someone elseDrag-RaceAlumni who have also switched to discuss issues related to their community. according to herInstagram, Kylie continues to perform as she models and releases new music.

Morgan McMichaels

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Morgan McMichaels was ready for Season 2 drama, and despite being a great performer, she placed 8th overall. After leaving the show, Morgan continued playing and earned a spotall stars,where a new generation of fans could appreciate their drag style.

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Morgan recentlyplayed as a grinchin a holiday drag show that showcases her ability to bring non-traditional drag characters to life and continues to throw festivitiesshows during the holiday seasonuma Palm Springs. Segun ellaInstagram, Morgan has become close to her drag racing sister Mayhem Miller and will be doing shows alongside her for the foreseeable future, which is sure to attract plenty of fansDrag-Racesince both were fan favorites in their seasonsall stars.

Sahara Davenport

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A beautiful queen who knew how to act, Sahara Davenport was an entertainer admired by many during her time and beyond. Sadly, two years after his appearance on the show, as reported byDer Hollywood-Reporter,Sahara died of heart failure at the age of 27.

His death shook themDrag-RaceCommunity as this was the first time a contestant died after being on the show; However, by participating in the show, Sahara's legacy lived on among fans around the world. By himsocial mediaThey are still active and used as a place of remembrance for fans and their loved ones.

wilde Jessica

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ManyRPDRFans will remember Jessica Wild as the queen who was brave enough to impersonate RuPaul during the snatch game, but JLo fans will know her as suchthe queen that replicated perfectlyJennifer Lopez's SuperBowl flag as she received the Icon Award at the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

After appearing inall stars 6,Jessica has traveled the country performing at clubs and events, giving her fans the energetic and colorful show they have come to expect and hanging out with her.Drag-RaceJessica sisters USAyour social networkscheer for their drag colleagues and have recently campaigned for Shangela to get votesdance with the stars.

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WhileCast and crew reveal some things are wrong about RuPaul's Drag RaceOne thing the authenticity of which has never been questioned is the Pandora Boxx's ability to make people laugh. The comedy queen who took home Miss Congeniality had two seasons behind herall starssince its original season and showed that it was getting better at its craft.

Now Pandora keeps traveling and performing, but lately she ishas promoted its limited edition stuffed animalthat your most loyal fans can get when they feel they need even more Pandora in their lives. She has also dedicated herself to raising awareness of issues that are important to her andencourage others to get involved politically.


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As the youngest queen of her season, Tatianna had a lot to prove, and she did so by demonstrating her ability to offer looks and comedic moments that fans will never forget, like her performance insnap game. After being in Season 2, Tatianna appeared in one of theThe best drag race seasons in the entire franchise,All-Stars 2, and hasn't stopped acting since.

She followedshare music, including a full version of the legendary spoken wordsame parts,and goes onwalk across the country.


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Like Shangela, Jujubee made the most of her time between Season 2 ofDrag-Raceand now appearing in multiple seasons ofall starsand several othersDrag-RaceSpin-offs to ensure fans never forget the fun and energetic queen.

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More recently jujubeeprovidedCanada vs the WorldAfter the performanceAlongside Raven, where he continued to talk about drag and make fans laugh with his quick wit and intelligent comments on the queens' performances. according to herInstagram, Jujubee has recently wrapped up his tour and is taking a break for the holidays but will definitely be back on TV very soon.


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Just like Jujubee, Raven didn't deviate from the RPDR, she competed in one seasonall stars, and was a teacher in the ill-fated secessiondraw U,but more recently served as Richter im Drag Race UK.Renowned for her incredible makeup skills throughout her time on the show, Raven earned the coveted role ofRuPaul's makeup artistfor all shows in which the famous artist appears in women's clothing.

Though she doesn't perform as often as she used to, Raven still crawls.appearances atWOW offers moreshows, so fans never go long without him, and he even called his network showpainted by crow.

Tyra Sanchez

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After winning the second season ofDrag-Racing,It seemed like Tyra Sanchez was ready for stardom, but after a series ofcontroversy on social mediaFrom a fight with a fan to a potential safety threat to Drag Con 2018 attendees, fans weren't quite sure what to think of the Queen.

Following his retirement from drag in 2019, King Tyra, as he is now known, has announced itFacebookthat he would only return as an online artist, doing live shows. It's unclear how fans will welcome King Tyra, but one thing is for sure, Tyra Sanchez is no more and King Tyra looks to a more peaceful future.

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