Nowhere House: Complete walkthrough and guide - Playoholic (2023)

Nowhere House is a brilliant point and click adventure game from Dark Dome. The game follows the adventure of Adria who, along with two friends, visits a house in ruins at the top of the hill. The house is known to be cursed and haunted by a witch. She was hunted down and executed in Hidden Town many years ago.

Nowhere House: Complete walkthrough and guide - Playoholic (1)

Adria and her friends decide to explore the house. Suddenly, her friends disappear and she is stuck at home. He is unable to escape because large tendrils of thorns block the front door. You must help Adria find her friends and find a way out of the house.

Nowhere House is the third game in the mysterious point-and-click Dark Dome trilogy. The first game wasthe girl at the window🇧🇷 It's a short game, but the puzzles are really good.

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game guide

In Nowhere House, you must solve a series of clever interactive puzzles to escape the cursed house. The puzzles are not easy to solve and you have to pay attention to every detail in the house to solve them.

You have to interact with the objects by touching them. Use the arrows on the left and right of the screen to explore the rooms. Knock on the doors to enter another room.

You can pick up an item by tapping on it. The item will appear at the bottom of your inventory.

To put an item where it belongs, tap the item in your inventory, then tap where you want to use it.

You can also combine two items in your inventory. Simply tap on one item and then another to create a new item.

The game has three main characters: Adria, the gypsy and the magician. When unlocking the gypsy and the mage, you have to switch between three houses: the gypsy's house, the mage's house and the house where Adria is trapped. Both the gypsy house and the magician's house are exactly the same as Adria's house, but the puzzles will be different. You must constantly switch between these three houses by tapping the wizard, gypsy, and Adrias portraits in your inventory to solve puzzles.

video tutorial

You can watch the full Nowhere House walkthrough below, or read the text walkthrough if you're looking for solutions to all the house puzzles.

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In the first part we have to unlock the gypsy's house, which is nothing more than another version of the old house where Adria, the protagonist, is imprisoned. There are some simple puzzles to solve:

Take the photo from the brown drawer at the bottom of the closet. The closet is next to the door blocked by large thorny tendrils. This will be the first room.

See the photo. It's the image of the witch herself, notice the background. It's a shelf with potion bottles of different colors.

Go to the third room. Open the blue door. You see the same shelf in the bathroom.

Place the colored potion vials on the shelf as shown in the image. You have to look at the photo again to see the correct arrangement of the bottles on each shelf.

The cabinet under the shelf will open after placing the bottles shown in the picture.

Take the red key from the locker.

In the same bathroom. Open the cupboard in the top right corner above the sink and grab the radio/portable walky-talky. Exit the bathroom through the blue door.

Use the red key on the red door in the second room. This room also has a grandfather clock. You enter another part of the house with several new rooms, including an upstairs bedroom.

Explore each room until you reach the room with the white door. In this room there are also 9 candles mounted on the wall.

Touch the wooden drawers on the table in the room with the white door. The middle drawer is missing from this game.

Open the top drawer. Inside you'll find some batteries. get the batteries From the list of items at the bottom of the screen, combine the batteries with the walkie-talky by tapping on it and then tapping on the walkie-talky. This allows you to place batteries inside.

Exit this new area through the red door again - find the red door. It's next to the big radio. Exit this area by knocking on the door.

Go to the fireplace room. A white cloth covers a portrait. Tap on it to delete it. You will see the portrait of the gypsy.

Tap the walkie-talky in the item list > "Search". Change channels by tapping the arrow button until you find a channel that plays music.

Tap the fireplace. Now play the walkie-talky again and press the "Get" button. Play the same song.

A skeletal hand hands you a piece of paper with various symbols drawn in a magic square.

Go back to the grandfather clock room and go through the red door. Enter a room with an old radio on the left. Play the radio.

Change the radio station until the same song is playing on the walkie-talkie.

Write down the station numbers that play the same music as the walkie-talkie. You will find 4 station digits: up and down (example: 9, 8, 1, 3).

Match the numbers you just wrote with the symbols in the magic square on this sheet of paper in the item menu. So if the radio numbers are 9, 8, 1, 3, the four symbols used to open the lock are in the 9, 8, 1 and 3 squares of these magic squares with symbols. You must enter these symbols in this order. Exit the room through the red door.

Insert the four symbols (you just marked on the magic squares) into the keyhole next to the door blocked by thorny vines (the first room).

When the locker is open, tap on the red box. To open it, you need to connect corresponding dots in each section. Match 2 with 2, 5 with 5, and so on (see our video tutorial in this section for more information) until all the dots are connected with their corresponding dots.

Open it and take the diamond-shaped gem from the red box. Go to the fireplace room and tap on the portrait. Place the gem in the empty space just below the portrait.

(Video) Nowhere House Full Walkthrough

Adria will be teleported to the gypsy's house (this is the same version of the house in which the protagonist is trapped, only the puzzles will be different from the first house).

The gypsy will ask you to find her lost cat.

The Wizard's Portrait

In the next part, we'll find out how to reveal the wizard's portrait. There is a puzzle in the gypsy house.

Get the garden tool from the white drawers in the gypsy house. Explore this house through each door until you find the set of white drawers on the left side of the room. The garden tool is in the third drawer.

Go to the room with the white door. Tap the map next to it. Note the location of the key (marked with an "X"). Exit through the white door.

Outside, dig up the grass with the tool. Use the garden tool on the grassy area to the left of the white door. You'll find a purple key. Exit through the white door and go back through the red door.

Explore the rooms until you find a table with a locked drawer on the right. There's a bookcase above and a window to the left.

Use the purple key to open the drawer under the table.

Now head back to the main house (the house Adria was trapped in) by tapping the icon in the item list at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the room with the red door. Use the arrow keys to move to a room where there is a bookshelf in the upper left corner. This room also has an antique metal safe under the bookcase and a window on the right protected with wooden boards.

Tap on the bookshelf and take the smallest gray book. It's an album.

Return to the gypsy house from the item list by tapping the gypsy icon in the item list to teleport to your house.

Now go to the purple table with the drawer you just opened with the purple key. The drawer will open. Otherwise, just tap on it to open it.

Tap the album and tap the open drawer to place the album.

There are torn photos on the left side of the drawer. Solve the puzzle by placing the pieces of all the torn photos inside each gray album silhouette. It's easy - just pay attention to the background of each photo and arrange the jigsaw puzzle of all photos. You need to organize photos of 4 people: two boys and two girls.

When you have all the photos arranged correctly, check where a character is looking in each photo. Some will look up; others will look down. Each person in the photo is looking at a specific symbol. Take note of these symbols.

Go back to the main house. Go through the same red door into a new room. You will see a ladder. Tap on it to go up. It's complete. There is a red padlock.

Type the symbols on the red padlock as shown on each album image. Watch each character looking at an icon and write the icons in this order from the pictures:

Juan Manuel, Alejandra, Camila, Pablo.

Basically, the first thing you need to do is look at John's picture and look at the symbol he's looking at. Do the same with Alejandra, Camila and finally Pablo.

Open the red lock to enter the room above. You will find more rooms.

Tap each arrow to explore all rooms. Go to the room where there is a portrait covered with a white cloth. Tap the white cloth to reveal the wizard's portrait.

The portrait also has an empty slot for inserting a gem.

unlock assistant

In this part we will learn how to make the magician come out of the portrait.

You need to explore some rooms on the top floor of the main house where the wizard's portrait is kept. Enter the room with three round tables and a bluish armoire.

Open the closet and take the oil can and a set of four dice.

Go down the stairs and exit through the red door.

Enter the room with the barricaded window on the right and a metal locker on the left.

Use the oil can from the list of items below on the metal cabinet hinges. Only then can it be opened.

Open the metal cabinet and take the skull.

Go to the gypsy's house by tapping her portrait/icon in the list of items below the screen.

In the gypsy house, go to the room with the grandfather clock.

Tap the compartment at the bottom of the clock to open it and place the skull inside. The clock levitates and moves revealing the cube puzzle.

Go to the room where the gypsy is and give her these 4 dice. He rolls the dice and drops them on the fireplace table beside her.

Tap the dice to see the numbers on them.

Look at the numbers on the dice from left to right. Go back to the grandfather clock room in the gypsy's house and enter the numbers in the dice puzzle that appear on the dice thrown by the woman.

The plate opens, revealing another diamond-shaped gem.

(Video) Ghost Case Full Game Walkthrough (Dark Dome) +Secret Ending

Return to the main house, upstairs, where the wizard's portrait is kept. Insert this gem into the empty space below the portrait.

Adria is teleported to the wizard's house, which is the third version or replica of the main house. Note the color of your house. It has a greenish/yellowish tint. The gypsy house had a bluish tint.

tap the magician He will ask you to find his hat.

The secret room of the gypsy house

In this part we will find a secret room in the gypsy's house. The stairs to her room are broken, so you can't go up.

In the same wizard's house, go down the stairs and exit through the red door next to the four white drawers.

Go to the fireplace room. He has a rocking chair and a big red lockless chest. Open the chest.

Take the blue key from the chest.

Return to the main house and enter the room whose door is blocked by thorny vines. Open the white drawer at the bottom of the closet with the blue key. You will receive a deck of cards and the antenna.

Go to the wizard's house (tap the wizard's portrait in the item list to go to his house), upstairs, where the wizard will be waiting for you.

Give him the deck of cards. He will draw four cards from the deck and show them to you. Tap the cards in your hand to get a clear picture of them. Write the four numbers and colors.

On the same floor above, go to the room with a green/blue table with a brown box on it. Tap to enter the numbers and suits one by one as they appear on the cards drawn by the magician.

The box opens. Take the black key.

Go to the gypsy house and enter the room with the blue door. Enter the bathroom through the blue door.

Open the wooden cabinet in the upper right corner of the room. take the carrot

Go to the Wizard's House > Grandfather's Clock Room and give the carrot to the rabbit. The rabbit will run away with the carrot in its mouth.

In the house of the same wizard, leave the room with the pendulum clock. Go into the room where there is a TV on a table. Place the antenna on the TV.

Now you need to follow the rabbit to each location by looking at the images broadcast on the TV. Turn on the TV by pressing the top button.

Press the third button to see the rabbit next to a strange fountain. Go back to the main house. Go through the brown door and into the room with the white door with the row of candles on the left wall.

Open the white door with the black key.

Explore nature until you see the same rabbit next to the closed well. Tap the rabbit and he will jump to the left side of the screen. Tap the left arrow and you'll see the rabbit jump towards the rocks. Touch the stone and you will see that the rabbit has disappeared. But there is a small box with a TV and bunny ears. Select this image.

Go back to the TV room in the wizard's house. Press the fourth button.

The screen shows the same rabbit in the bathtub. Go to the same bathroom in the wizard's house. The bathroom or toilet can be accessed through the brown bedroom door. This room also has a barricaded door on the right.

Tap the rabbit and he will jump into the bathtub. Move the red cloth to reveal the bathtub. The rabbit will disappear again.

Go back to the TV room in the wizard's house. Press the last button on the TV.

The television will reveal the rabbit again, but this time it is shown next to a broken ladder.

Go to the gypsy house and get to the broken ladder. To do this, go through the red door (next to the white crates) and use the left/right arrows to move towards the broken ladder.

Tap the rabbit and he will jump on the broken ladder. The ladder will crumble and fall, but it will reveal an encrypted message: a series of four strange symbols.

Go to the main house and enter the room with the portrait of a gypsy woman. You'll see a locked red chest. Tap the red chest.

Type the symbols seen on the broken stairs in the same order on the blue padlock to open the red chest. You may have to switch between the gypsy room and this room to enter the code correctly. You can also take a screenshot of the symbols and it will be easy for you to write them. Open the chest andTake the wooden cube.

Next is the white drawer puzzle. This is very easy. You must switch between the three houses: the main house, the gypsy's house and the magician's house. In each of these three houses, open one of the four white drawers on the left side of the room with the red door. Open each drawer to observe the tangram symbols, starting with the first drawer of the gypsy house, the second and third white drawers of the magician house and finally the last drawer of the main house.

Now go to the main house and the room that has a metal closet, a barred window on the right and a small bookcase in the upper left corner.

There is a small safe on top of the shelf. Tap on it and enter the tangram symbols in the same order they appear in the first, second, third and last white drawer of each house.

Open the safe to find the seeds. take these seeds

Now go to the gypsy's house and open the blue door to enter the bathroom. Place the wooden bucket under the faucet and open the faucet to fill the bucket with water.

In the same gypsy's house, go to the room with the white door and exit. Outside, tap the grass on the left side of the white door. Put the seeds and then water with the bucket. A giant beanstalk in the ass real quick. Tap the up arrow to look up. There will be a window.

Tap the window and Adria will climb the beanstalk to climb through the window into the secret room. Look around this room.

look for the cat

Now that Adria is in the secret room of the gypsy house, it's time to explore it. Go to the area with a brown table with a drawer in the secret room above (you climbed the big beanstalk to enter this room). Open the drawer and take the can opener.

(Video) Haunted Laia FULL Walkthrough [Dark Dome]

Use the beanstalk to go down by simply tapping the window in the secret room.

Go through the blue door to the bathroom in the Gypsy's house. Open the wooden cabinet in the upper right corner of the room. Get canned tuna.

In the same bathroom, open the lower cabinet on the shelf on the left. Take the cauldron (black pot).

Go to the wizard's house by tapping his portrait at the bottom of the screen in the item list.

Go to the room with the fireplace and red chest. Tap the red chest and get the logs.

In the wizard's house, go upstairs and into the room with the blue table and a box (remember the card puzzle? Suits and numbers). Tap the box and take the lighter.

Combine the tuna can and the can opener in the item list to open the can. Just tap the two items one after the other to open the can of tuna.

Return to main house > fireplace room with gypsy portrait. Tap the fireplace.

Place the firewood, the cauldron, and then the open can of tuna in the cauldron. Use the lighter to light the wood and cook the tuna. The smell of tuna will reach the cat through the chimney. The cat is sitting upstairs in the house outside by the fireplace.

In the same house, go to the room with the barricaded window. This room also has this rusty blue metal armoire and a small bookcase on the left. The cat will be in this room. get the cat

Go back to the gypsy's house and give her the cat. She will give you a green key in return. Follow her to the crystal ball room. In the background is covered a purple cloth with symbols of the moon and the sun.

She will ask for the crystal ball. You have to take it.

Go upstairs to the wizard's house and enter the room with a window in the middle and a greenish cabinet on the right. Open the closet and take the crystal ball.

Take the crystal ball to the crystal ball room and place it in the empty space where you want to store the crystal ball.

The gypsy will reveal what really happened and it is Adria who got lost. When the three friends entered the mystery house (the main house), only Adria could see old furniture while her friends could see the empty house.

Her friends panicked and left the house when they couldn't find Adria. Adria was with them, but she couldn't find them either. It is a house of illusions. Illusions created by the witch.

Escape from the cursed house

There will be several puzzles in the final chapter of Nowhere House, including a simple candle puzzle.

In the crystal ball room, look at the symbol pattern behind the gypsy. Pay attention to the pattern of the sun symbols.

Nowhere House: Complete walkthrough and guide - Playoholic (2)

Go to Main House > Candle Room. Candles placed on the wall are next to the white door on the left wall.

Nowhere House: Complete walkthrough and guide - Playoholic (3)

Light the candles with the lighter following the same pattern shown on the purple cloth. Note the pattern arrangement of the sun symbols on the purple cloth, then light the candles in the same pattern.

A panel below the sails opens to reveal a metal "S" hook. Take this hook.

Go to the gypsy house > room with the white door. Exit the house through the white door.

Tap the bean stalk next to the white door to go back to the secret room.

In this room, use the green key the gypsy gave you to open the broken green cabinet and get the wizard's top hat. You'll also see the rabbit on the left.

Go to the wizard's house and give him the lost top hat. The magician thanks you. Follow him to the dressing room. Two large closets are placed next to each other. You can open the left side but not the right.

The magician enters the left cupboard and closes it. Tap the cabinet on the right to open it. The cabinet on the right will shake, and when you open it, you'll find you're holding a block of wood. Take the wooden block from him. You will also see a small red hammer in the lower right corner next to the wizard. take this hammer

In the same house, go downstairs and find the room where there is a small doll in a tempered glass cabinet. You must leave the room through the red door and only then will you find this room.

Use the red hammer to break the glass. Pull the string behind the wrist. He will utter these words:

"It's the time…"

In the main house, go to the grandfather clock room. Tap the clock and note the time: 11:45 (the time may be random in your game).

In the same house, enter the stairs through the red door. Open the lock on the door under the wooden stairs. Enter this code - "1145" to open the lock. It is the same time code displayed on the old clock. Open the door under the stairs and take the yellow key and a wooden wheel with symbols.

Go upstairs on the same staircase and enter the room where there are several wooden wheels attached to the wall. Place the wooden wheel in the empty space at the top of the wall.

Go to the gypsy's house by tapping on her portrait in the item list. Go to the room with the white door. Exit through the white door. Use the bean stalk to go up to the secret room.

In the secret room, go to the area where there are some books lying around on the floor. This area is full of cobwebs.

Take the red book. An eye is drawn to it. Read the book. There will be cryptic clues like four trees, a fountain, a statue, a key and a bucket. There will also be a special table with symbols very similar to those on the wooden wheels in the main house above.

On the symbol chart in the book, find the colored "X" and write down the symbols in the row and column where each "X" is found.

Go back to main house > upstairs > room with wooden wheels.

(Video) The Girl in the Window Complete Walkthrough

Spin the contoured wheels in blue, green, red and yellow. A wheel must be spun so that it lines up two symbols as shown in the graph with the "X" sign in the red book. The colored cross (X) on the table represents the wooden wheel with the same colored rim. Blue cross - wooden wheel with blue rim, red cross - wooden wheel with red rim and so on.

After spinning all four wheels and correctly lining up two symbols on each of the wheels as shown in the graphic, the leftmost panel opens to reveal the spooky-looking statue shown in the red book. take the statue.

Go to the gypsy house and enter the room with the fireplace. To the right is a locked red chest. Use the yellow key to open the red chest. Take the binoculars from the chest.

Go upstairs to the main house. Enter the room with the window in the center and a tall wooden statue with a wooden block missing. Insert the wooden block into the missing area. You got this wooden block from the wizard. You will see a large statue in the shape of an owl. The statue contains five wooden blocks that can be rotated to reveal other creatures such as the snake, wolf, owl and tiger.

Tap the center window to open it. You see the same trees as in the red book.

Use the binoculars to zoom in on these trees. You'll see symbols on the bark of each tree in different places: above, in the middle, below. These symbols correspond to the four creatures on the wooden statue.

You must rotate the wooden blocks in this way, as indicated by the symbols on each tree: Top block - Snake, Second block - Tiger, Third block - Owl, Fourth block - Wolf, Fifth block - Tiger. (Note: Animal symbols on each tree and their locations may be random.)

A panel on the far right of the chests slides up, revealing a lever. Tap to pull the stick down.

A scene shows the object suspended by a strong rope approaching the fountain. Note that the source is blocked.

In the same house, exit through the white door. Place the metal "S" hook between the object and the fountain.

Go upstairs to the same room where you just solved the wooden block puzzle. Pull the lever up. The object lifts the large stone block that covers the fountain thanks to the “S” shaped metal hook attached to it. Go back to the fountain and tap on it to look inside. You will see a creepy silhouette crawling.

Go to the wizard's house and go to the bathroom/bathroom. Open the cupboard under the sink. take the rope

Combine these three objects in the item list at the bottom of the screen. Tap on each object to combine them:

Wooden bucket + rope + statue.

Go back to the fountain in the main house. Tap the combo item and lower the wooden bucket with the statue into the well.

Two spooky creatures will grab the statue and place a pink key in the wooden bucket. Take the pink key.

Go upstairs to the main house. Explore the rooms upstairs until you find a red/pink book on a table. Touch the table. Use the pink key to open the pink book. The book has a strange icon on the cover.

Turn the pages until you see the page with the wall of thorns and a spell. Tear off the magic page.

You need these three items before Adria can read the spell aloud: frog, flower, and candle.

Go to the Wizard's house and take the red candle that is on top of the fireplace.

To find the frog in Nowhere House, you must go to the main house. Exit through the white door. You can find it behind a small bush. Check the screenshot below:

Nowhere House: Complete walkthrough and guide - Playoholic (4)

In the gypsy house, exit through the white door. The flower is behind a rock.

Now you have all three elements: frog, candle and flower.

Go back to the main house, go back to the first room with a door blocked by thorny vines.

Light the candle by matching the lighter with it. Place the three items on the ground near the door. Just tap on the door to place them one by one.

Take the paper so that Adria can read the spell aloud (remember to tear it off the pink book).

Endings: Good and Evil

Nowhere House has two endings: a good ending where she runs away from home and a bad ending where she is trapped in the witch's house in a frame forever.

Do nothing and just watch the final bad scene.

This is how you get to the good ending:

As Adria reads the spell aloud, the thorn's tendrils disappear and she sees her friends, a police car, and two policemen. She tries to leave, but there is an invisible shield that prevents her from leaving the house.

The police enter the house, search the room and leave the house when they see that there is no one inside. Adria can see them, but they can't.

After they leave, you have a few seconds to break the spell. Use the red hammer to break the pendant she's wearing. That is. It will break the invisible force field. He will find his friends again.

There is also a secret ending. After she escapes unharmed, the game allows you to re-enter the house. You have to solve a hidden puzzle to get the secret ending.

secret ending

Enter the secret room through the hidden concrete door. You enter a strange room that is presumably used by the witch for enchantments.

Check the position of the ingredients hanging at the top of the screen.

Tap the pink box on the table. The ends of the box should be in the same position as the materials hanging from the ceiling.

Open the box and take the book. It shows how the witch caught the gypsy and the wizard.

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Thus ends the secret ending in NowhereHouse. I expected more puzzles, but I think that's the only mystery.


Are there multiple endings to nowhere house? ›

NOTE: The game has two endings, a GOOD ONE, and a BAD ONE.

What is the code for nowhere house? ›

In the same house, enter the staircase room through the red door. Open the padlock in the door underneath the wooden staircase. Enter this code – “1145” to open the padlock.

How do you get the frog out of nowhere house? ›

Tap on the brush with berries to take a closer look at it. Behind the brush, you will see a frog. Tap on it to pick it up and a “Frog” will be added to your inventory. Ok, let's go to the right, and back into the building through the white doors.

How do you open the blue box in nowhere house? ›

The key that we found unlocks a blue desk. To get there go to the first room on the left, then through the brown door, and after that into the first room on the right. Select the “Purple Key” from the inventory and tap on the keyhole on the blue desk to unlock the drawer.

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Frogspawn is unobtainable as an item in Survival mode, even if mined with a Silk Touch tool.

Why does frog spawn go white? ›

White spawn may have died or could grow into albino tadpoles. If you have noticed that the normally black centre of the spawn is white then it could be because it has not been fertilised. This spawn will naturally break down in the water.

What triggers frogs to spawn? ›

More often than not, though, it is down to the pond. The two things that all spawn desperately needs to develop properly are light and warmth. You need to let the sunshine in to your pond for tadpoles to thrive. It may be cold outside but amphibians are already on the move looking for suitable ponds to spawn in.

Where should I place my 3 legged toad? ›

In general, the three-legged toad is placed on a small pedestal or table, so it is not sitting directly on the floor. It's thought to be better placed on a low elevated surface rather than a high one, so as to accumulate more wealth energy. The Money Frog can be placed in your home, office, and place of work.

Where do you put your Money Frog? ›

The correct placement for the Money Frog is near the house entrance. If it is an office where you wish to keep the Lucky Toad, make sure you keep it in the wealth corner, that is, the southeast.

Are frogs lucky or unlucky? ›

Partly due to the very large number of eggs that a frog will lay, it became a symbol of abundance as well. For many cultures that depend on rain for rich and bountiful crops the frog is a good luck symbol, a sign of prosperous weather to come. In Native American tradition the frog is often seen as a rain maker.

Is frog spawn toxic? ›

"If ingested the spawn has toxins in it similar to those in Fox gloves/digitalis and can attack a dog's nervous system.

What happens if you have too many frogs? ›

A large frog population in your yard may indicate that you also have an insect or moisture problem, because frogs will not congregate in an area without ample food and water. Some frogs may be poisonous to pets, and frogs can attract snakes who prey on them.

What happens if there are too many frogs? ›

Frogs attract snakes.

Snakes prey on frogs, so if you have multiple frogs hopping around your yard, you might also start to see snakes lurking among your plants. Some snakes, such as garter snakes and ringneck snakes, eat frogs and are poisonous, posing a threat to you, young children, and your pets.

How old is Robin got? ›

Robert Arryn
BornIn 292 AC (age 8)
FatherJon Arryn
MotherLysa Tully
Book(s)A Game of Thrones (appears) A Clash of Kings (mentioned) A Storm of Swords (appears) A Feast for Crows (appears) A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)
10 more rows

Why is it called a moon door? ›

The sloping roofs of a gate represent the half moon of the Chinese summers, and the tips of the tiles of the roof have talismans on the ends of them.

How do you open the sun room in Hello Neighbor? ›

When the time is night, go to the moon door, and open it. Set a chair in the frame to keep it propped open. Then, when it's day, go back to the moon door, which should still be open. From here you can access the sun door, which can also be propped open with a chair.

How long does it take for one person to do a 1000 piece puzzle? ›

A 1,000-piece puzzle has a solving time range of 5 to 12 hours and an average solving time of 9 hours.

What is the magic word in blackbox? ›

If you paste the text anywhere, it will say “xobkcalb” (Blackbox backwards). Type out “blackbox” in Notepad, then copy it, and that should light it up!

What is the account number in Agent A? ›

Use the lab key to unlock the drawer in her desk. You'll find tape and an invoice for Spy Buy with Ruby's account number on it. This might change each game! For me it was 322847.

What to do with corks in Agent A? ›

Outside, Pop the corks into the left and centre pumps. Then go back to the front of the house and spin the handle counterclockwise to turn the water back on.

What to do with diamond in Agent A? ›

Use the screwdriver to open the panel on the alarm system. Then place the diamond in middle of the laser to disarm the alarm.

How many endings to house are there? ›

Netflix's recent stop-motion animation film The House brought us three eerie tales involving the same house with little to no firm answers in each ending, leaving many people taking guesses at the potential meaning.

How many endings does house on the hill have? ›

Multiple Endings: The game has four different endings, depending on which path in the house you're taking. However, the game has two "official" endings, which are only unlocked until after the four different storylines are completed.

How many endings does simulacra have? ›

Endings. The game has a total of 7 endings (If you count the individual ones), 6 of which are bad, and 2 are for each character, while only 1 is the good one. Here you'll find a guide to getting the endings in Simulacra 2.

What is the objective of house the game? ›

Try to survive through the night in a house that's trying its best to kill you and your family.

Does House have a proper ending? ›

House gets his happy ending with Wilson and, perhaps more importantly, there's the implication that he'll be okay once his friend is gone." Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly wrote that "House had, in its final seasons, become a rather sentimental show" and the final episode was a "satisfying" and "fitting ending".

Is it possible to save everyone in House of Ashes? ›

The Final Stand: In the last mission of the game, even if all other correct decisions were made, players can still lose their characters. Each person will have a QTE sequence, and failing it will cause that character's death. Complete each sequence successfully, and everyone will survive to the end of the game.

Who is Toby in House game? ›

Description. Toby was the neighbor's boy. He was killed by James and left to rot in the house's basement. It is implied that he had some sort of relationship with Melody, and that his death is part of what caused Melody to become depressed.

How do you get the good girl ending in house? ›

Ending 2 - Good Girl

In order to achieve this ending, Tabby must kill everyone in her family. This includes Lisa, Melody, the Cat, Dolly, and the Rat.

What happened to Callum in the park? ›

His last appearance is at the end of the game, where Lorraine stabs him in the head with an ice chipper, presumably killing him.

How old is Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game published by Avalon Hill in 2004, designed by Bruce Glassco and developed by Rob Daviau, Bill McQuillan, Mike Selinker, and Teeuwynn Woodruff. Players all begin as allies exploring a haunted house filled with dangers, traps, items, and omens.

Can you save both Anna and Taylor? ›

During your encounter you will need to look out for and select these dialogues, "All life is precious" & "Both of them should be saved". After this you will be given the option to send Taylor towards Anna, and save them both.

Is the Simulacrum endless? ›

The Simulacrum is a wave-based arena mode set within a Void simulation and can be played both single and multiplayer. It is an endless mode that can conclude only in your simulated demise.

Who caused Maya death in Simulacra 2? ›

Big Bad: "The Ripple Man" is the Simulacrum of this game who preys on Kimera's influencers desperate to get rid of the controversial posts they've made to boost their reputations. It is the one responsible for killing Maya, and seeks to make her friends into its next victims.

How do you destroy the piano in house game? ›

It is possible to kill the Piano Demon by luring a baby rat into the room by playing the "Friend" song on the flute and the Piano Demon is playing the song. Doing so will cause the Cat to pounce on it, before jumping on top of the Piano Demon, killing it in the process.

What is the story of house? ›

The series' main character is Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), an unconventional, misanthropic medical genius who, despite his dependence on pain medication, leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey.

What did the dad do in house game? ›

He is Tabby and Melody's father. He seems to be the most affected by the house's influence, leading him to murder his own daughter and Toby.

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