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With so much to discover and unlock in the magical world ofErbel el Hogwarts, it makes sense to be armed with an arsenal of helpful tips and tricks to make sure you hit it off with your roommates.

Whether it's solutions to manage your inventory, tips to wreak havoc in the Highlands, or even guidanceUnlock Cosmetic Transmogrifications, our comprehensive tips and tricks below will prepare you for any Hogwarts Legacy that comes your way.


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Important Tips and Tricks for Hogwarts Legacy

  • Unfortunately, as hard as it is to resist the urge to explore early in the story, the game prevents you from leaving the search area, as any exploration outside of those limits will result in your death.
  • Don't waste valuable resources. Unfortunately, loot isn't collected automatically, so remember to pick up any resources that enemies might drop.
  • If you need to level up quickly to load gear or complete a specific quest, start looking.field guide pages. It's a quick and easy way to level up quickly.
  • Gear stats increase as your character level increases, so check your used gear regularly to make sure you're using the best gear possible.
  • To locateeyeball safesto earn quick money because these mystery chests will reward you with 500 galleons each.
  • Inventory management will play a big part in your Hogwarts Legacy experience, as you only have 20 equipment slots to start with. While that may sound like a lot, you'll soon learn that loot chests aregeneral, and as equipment stats increase as you level up and progress through the game, you will be constantly destroying and selling pieces of equipment. To resolve this issue you need to unlock additional inventory slotsConclusion of Merlin's trials, which are unlocked after completing a mandatory main quest.
  • Once the Merlin Trials quest is complete, these unique puzzles will appear on the map, each offering a unique twist to solving them, either with a new spell or by using the environment to your advantage. Each completed trial counts towards the Merlin Complete Trials challenge in the Explore menu. Each milestone you complete will reward you with four additional inventory slots – complete all challenges and you will have a total of 40 gear slots at your disposal.

Unfortunately, Merlin Trials is stuck behind a mandatory main quest that stays in the game for at least a few hours if you're going to focus on the story, so keep that in mind.

  • No more storage space? Instead of destroying the equipment, visit the merchants regularly and discard all the unwanted items to earn Galleons. We highly recommend stocking up on Galleons in advance, as potions and resources can get very expensive quickly.
  • There is fall damage so be very careful when traversing steep areas.
  • Many of the rewards are for completing them.Tasksmistraightthey are not really teams, just appearances. The reason for this is that Hogwarts Legacy has a transmog system from the start, but it's hidden in the gear menu. Therefore, to trigger transmogs, you must have a piece of gear for that slot, such as: B. Gloves. Then on the main gear screen, hover your mouse over the item slot and you will now find an option to change the appearance. Use oftransmogrification systemallows you to maintain your preferred look without losing important stats of the gear you wear in combat encounters.

Note, however, that changing the element will return the appearance to its original form. Therefore, if you want to maintain a specific appearance for your character, you will have to transform it every time you change something.

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  • As you progress through the main story, your connection to ancient magic will allow you to do just that.unlock talents, which are unique upgrades to your combat powers, basic abilities, stealth, spells, and more. Talents are unlocked with talent points, each time you increase your caster level, starting at level 5, one talent point is awarded.


  • When you change the pitch of your voice in the character creator, it might sound a bit robotic since a post-processing filter has been applied. Fortunately, if that tone bothers you, we recommend leaving your voice at the default tone. If you want to change your character's tone after the initial setup, you can adjust it in the audio options when entering the settings menu.
  • Each character you create has their own save slots. If more than one person is playing on the same account, or if you want to create a character from a different house, you can keep these files separate.
  • Periodically check the Challenges menu for completed challenges.straight, since it is easy not to claim the rewards. Without claiming your rewards, transmogs, or equipment upgrades like B. Inventory space is not automatically available to you.
  • If available, complete all teacher assignmentsside missions. These important side quests are crucial for unlocking new spells.
  • When performing a main quest, the shiny gold waypoint always takes precedence over your personal waypoints on the minimap - they are purple. These personal waypoints will only appear after you have completed the main quest.
  • With that in mind, by viewing the quests menu, you can see all the available quests that you can complete. These quest descriptions contain all the requirements needed to complete the quest and the reward you will receive. We strongly recommend that you use this information to prioritize which missions you want to complete first.
  • Use the Locate on Map button after selecting a mission to complete. While this doesn't work for missions, most other things on your map will auto-scroll and then you'll find the closest waypoint to fast travel to.
  • as soon as you haveAlohomora Unlocked- the spell needed to open locks - be attentivehalf moons- these are small monkey statues holding glowing moons. These statues can only be collected at night and are required to increase your Lockpicking level.
  • I want to be mysterious You will find an option to turn the hood on and off if you hover over the capes and robes slot.

Important Combat Tips and Tricks

  • instead of shootingmagicindividually, focus on combos. For example, Fire can only be performed at close range, so you can use Levioso to juggle normal magic shots, use Accio to pull an enemy towards you, and then use Fire to ignite them.
  • Apart from attacks using ancient magic or stun, enemies' shields can only be broken by a spell of the appropriate color: purple, yellow or red. This can be a bit overwhelming, so it might be a good idea to assign each face button to a specific color, even on different spell sets that you could eventually switch to with the d-pad. For example, on Xbox, you can use B for red spells, Y for yellow, and X for purple because it's close to blue. Just find a system that works for you and stick with it!
  • Speaking of ancient magic, the meter fills up quickly as you match your basic shots, so make sure to use it. Throwing items at enemies (especially red barrels) or hitting both bumpers at the same time can break shields and deal massive damage, often even killing an enemy outright. You can even specify some talents that will fill the gauge every time you perform certain actions.
  • Deal with the enemies above you first. They love to hang out and throw things at you, so get them on your level quickly!
  • Use stealth when you can! With the Disillusionment spell and Petrificus Totalus, you can sneak through enemy camps and stealthily take out enemies to remove them from future battles. You can also use invisible potions during fights to activate stealth even after being seen.
  • Visit the Enemy Collection menu for important information on specific enemies, including techniques to use, weaknesses to exploit, and specific spells an enemy may be most vulnerable to. Some of them are very context specific, like B. Blocking a troll's stone to return it to them.
  • It's easy to focus on the symbols above his head to know whether to counter or dodge. But enemies can also use AOE and even jump high into the air or bury themselves underground to camouflage their attacks. So keep your head in motion and make sure you have a good escape route if things get too complicated.
  • Almost every time you parry, you have to hold down the counter key to make sure Stupefy launches. You can level up Stupefy with certain talents, e.g. B. giving him the ability to curse enemies or even deal damage himself.
  • You cannot interrupt the movement of a spell once it has started. So make sure you don't have an attack waiting for you before you cast. Hitting an attacker with Stupefy or picking up groups of enemies can guarantee you have time to cast spells.
  • Keep in mind though that Stupefy will attack whoever you hit, not necessarily whoever you just blocked. You can then use attacks from enemies on the periphery to activate Stupefy on your most troublesome target.
  • Stun pairs perfectly with the Stunning Curse, Stun Mastery, and Stun Expertise talents. So if you're a defensive pitcher, you might want to prioritize these feats.
  • If your appearance is important to you, keep an eye on the Duel Achievements in the bottom right corner of the screen. Meeting these requirements gets you closer to unlocking new cosmetic options, and they're fun ways to try new things in battle.
  • Equip the item you think you'll need before starting a fight, if possible. Of course, you can always open the item wheel in the middle of a fight, but having a solid plan to start with, whether it's a potion or a blueprint, can save your clumsy fingers from wasting valuable resources. Those plants don't grow on trees, you know?
  • Talents are extremely important for fine-tuning your game, but they only unlock when you're close to completing the main story quest, Jackdaw's Rest.


  • Don't worry too much about managing your spells as you can unlock more spell sets with talent points once you've completed the Jackdaw's Rest main quest, this gives you access to four new spells at the touch of a button.
  • In battle, keep an eye on the lower right corner of the Dueling Talents UI, for example B. Using certain spells or items during combat. Completing them will unlock new cosmetics faster.
  • Note that Stupefy will cast whoever you want, not necessarily the one you just blocked. You can use an enemy's attack to stun a more troublesome enemy if you wish.

Essential browsing tips and tricks

  • Remember to use the Revelio spell frequently, as it is essentially a free x-ray vision. This spell can help detect nearby loot (gold), enemies (red), and quest-related items or puzzles (blue). It will even help show you the solution to hedge mazes.
  • Throughout the world you will discover small loot chests that are usually easy to find. But don't sleep on them, as most simply contain galleons; There is a rare chance that they contain cosmetic equipment and transmogrifications.
  • Hogwarts Legacy is full of mysteries, so be sure to read every page of the field guide you discover. Some even leave clues to cast specific spells on statues to discover secret passages through Hogwarts for Honeydukes.
  • Travel off the beaten path, mostly in caves and dungeons, to discover unmarked loot chests; Sometimes these can contain valuable items that you can then sell to merchants for quick and easy money.
  • Looking for Demiguise statues? When you're exploring Hogwarts, be sure to check out the classrooms and teachers' bedrooms, like Professor Fig's, as there's a good chance you'll find some of these statues in these areas. Find all the statues with ourLocation of the Seminviso statuesGuide.
  • Hardly any place in Hogwarts Legacy is taboo, as the wizarding world is hugely explorable. So if you notice a door, check it out as you can probably explore the inside.
  • Make sure you always have space in your inventory when searching for chests. If you are looking for a chest with a full inventory, there is a chance that you will not be able to claim the reward as the chest will be sealed.

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Can you turn evil in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

But most importantly, you can make your own quest choices that will result in different outcomes and ultimately in your own ending. However, in Hogwarts Legacy, you can't become an actual villain. The game is designed to put the player on a path to saving the world; your character is the only one who can accomplish it.

Can you pick your school in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Q: Can players choose their Hogwarts house in Hogwarts Legacy? A: Players can choose their Hogwarts house at the start of Hogwarts Legacy.

How can I be the best Hogwarts mystery? ›

You can find tips and advice about Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery in this guide that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.
  1. Read the Dialogs. ...
  2. Choose the Duration Carefully. ...
  3. Customize Your Character. ...
  4. Do not Spend Gems for the Story. ...
  5. QTE Events Are Important. ...
  6. Resetting the Game. ...
  7. Always Choose Energy as the Reward.

Can you become a prefect in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Being able to see the Prefect's Bathroom during the gameplay trailer seems to hint at the player's ability to become Prefects themselves. One male and one female student would be selected in their fifth year to become Prefects, and their duties will carry on until the day they graduate.

Who is the main villain in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Ranrok is the main antagonist of the 2023 video game Hogwarts Legacy. He is a goblin rebellion leader obsessed with finding a secret power source hidden beneath the Hogwarts castle. He is played by Griz Chapman.

Which is the best house in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

And to answer the first question, there is no “best” house outside of personal preference and history within the universe. Gryffindor was where Harry, Ron and Hermione were placed, the brave heroes.

Can you fly in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Flying around Hogwarts Legacy on a broom is one of the highlights for many fans of the series, but it isn't the only method of getting around the Highlands. As you progress through the main story, you'll gain access to a few more flying mounts and one land mount.

Does the Sorting Hat let you choose? ›

While the sorting hat will appear in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be the one deciding the house you'll be sent to. So all you have to do is select your preferred house once the choice presents itself.

How do you get unlimited energy in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Energy Toffees are rare candies that you may purchase in game. They grant the user unlimited energy for a set amount of time.

What happens if you join Slytherin in Hogwarts mystery? ›

What happens if you pick Slytherin in Hogwarts Mystery? You will have a green and silver tie, dormitory next to the Potions classroom and your Head of House will be Snape. Also at some choices, you can get more prizes choosing by Slytherin values. That's about it.

What happens if you run out of time in Hogwarts mystery? ›

If you are unable to complete a Special Adventure within the allotted time, you may be able to attempt it once again by using the memory book feature. Special Adventures can be replayed using Pages that you have earned by playing the game.

What is the easiest way to get gems in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Earn Gems by levelling up, winning the House Cup, learning new spells and potions, and more! Gems are used to unlock new accessories, speed up timers, and restore energy. Was this article helpful?

What is the tickling spell in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Rictusempra, the Perpetual Tickling charm, which apparently can be stopped by the Finite Incantatem charm, was used by Harry against Malfoy in the Duelling Club. The intent was, of course, to tickle Malfoy to the point that he would be unable to jinx Harry in return.

Is there a head girl at Hogwarts? ›

Hagrid has mentioned to Harry, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, that Harry's father and mother were Head Boy and Head Girl while they were at Hogwarts. While there must be a Head Boy and a Head Girl in each year Harry attends Hogwarts, the only one we ever hear of is Percy.

Who is slytherins prefect? ›

Felix Rosier | Meet Slytherin Prefect Felix Rosier! He will punish anyone who brings dishonour to Slytherin house.

When can you become a head girl in Hogwarts? ›

A Head Boy or Head Girl is a seventh year student who has authority over Prefects at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Who is gryffindors heir? ›

Harry is the magical Heir of Gryffindor (and he's also a descendent of Godric), Neville of Hufflepuff, Hermione of Slytherin and Luna of Ravenclaw.

Who else is the heir of Slytherin? ›

We also meet Tom Riddle, who is, as it turns out, the heir of Slytherin. Present only in spirit, he has all the same been controlling Ginny, and having her act as Slytherin's heir.

Who is the traitor in Hogwarts? ›


If you look up the word "traitor" in the dictionary, Peter Pettigrew's face will most likely appear right next to it. This man is known for his cowardly actions considering he betrayed Harry Potter not once, but several times throughout his life.

Which Slytherin is the best? ›

Wizarding World of Harry Potter: The Best Slytherins, Ranked
  • 6 Dolores Umbridge.
  • 5 Lucius Malfoy.
  • 4 Draco Malfoy.
  • 3 Leta Lestrange.
  • 2 Severus Snape.
  • 1 Tom Riddle.
Sep 19, 2022

What is JK Rowling's favorite Hogwarts house? ›

In the past, J.K. Rowling has said, 'In many, many ways, Hufflepuff is my favourite house. '

What is the bravest Hogwarts house? ›

Gryffindor. Gryffindor house is where you would find the pluckiest and most daring students (there's a reason the house symbol is the brave lion). The house colours are scarlet and gold, the common room lies up in Gryffindor Tower and the Head of House is Professor Minerva McGonagall.

Can you bring other pets to Hogwarts? ›

Can I have multiple pets? You can have one of each type of pet: Toad, Rat, Cat, and Owl.

Can you be an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Unfortunately, you can't become an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy. This does not mean that there aren't Animagi in Hogwarts Legacy though, as the NPC Natsai Onai, a character you befriend during the game's story, has the ability to transform into a Gazelle.

Can you do all Harry Potter rides in one day? ›

Yes, it is possible to see both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in one day. You will need a one-day two-park ticket to experience all that the Wizarding World has to offer, since Diagon Alley is located in Universal Studios and Hogsmeade is located in Islands of Adventure.

What is the longest time the Sorting Hat took to sort someone? ›

An archaic Hogwarts term for any new student whose Sorting takes longer than five minutes. This is an exceptionally long time for the Sorting Hat to deliberate, and occurs rarely, perhaps once every fifty years.

Who took the longest for the Sorting Hat to sort? ›

Professor Minerva McGonagall is the most famous hatstall. The Sorting Hat debated for a whopping five and a half minutes to determine whether the future Hogwarts headmistress should be placed in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Spoiler: She went to Gryffindor.

Who can pull the sword out of the Sorting Hat? ›

From the Story

Harry then sees the name Godric Gryffindor engraved below the hilt. Dumbledore assures Harry that only a true Gryffindor could have pulled the sword out of the Hat.

How much energy does a 8 hour class take Hogwarts mystery? ›

An eight-hour activity, however, tends to take about 20 energy per star. Since you are given a few different activity options that require different amounts of energy, try to choose the ones that will equal sets of 5 or 10 stars without going over, because the extra energy used doesn't count towards the next star.

Do pets give you energy in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Pets give your character extra energy when you pat them. There are fifteen pets you can purchase for your character within the shop (where you equip and purchase clothing). Pets can be purchased with Gems or Brown Notebooks. You can collect energy from your pets by visiting your Dormitory.

How do you get 100 energy in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Refilling Energy Over Time

Energy can be refilled over time. By simply shutting down the game or letting it run in the background, your energy bar will slowly refill as time passes. This is the most basic way to earn energy for your game when you run out of it.

What house is Rowan Khanna in? ›

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: Rowan has no set gender or House. Their gender and House are programmed to be the same as the options the player selects for their character. Upon reaching maximum friendship at level 10 with Rowan, a unique clothing item is gifted to the player: Rowan's glasses.

Can you befriend Merula in Hogwarts mystery? ›

You'll get the option to ask Merula to go with you, and surprisingly enough, she'll agree if you do.

What happens if you choose Ravenclaw in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Fans of the Harry Potter series know the Sorting Hat usually determines which house you end up in, but in Hogwarts Mystery you get to make the choice yourself. Regardless of which house you choose, your story isn't massively altered and there's no benefit or penalty for choosing one over the other.

What is the point of the secret clubhouse in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

The Secret Club room is a place for high-level club members across all clubs to meet, hangout and express their achievements and style with a variety of decor, creature, and even achievement rewards. Through Clubs, you will be able to unlock items that you may use to customize your Secret Club room as you desire.

What is the max energy limit in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

If you achieve a new character level through everyday play, you will be gifted a full energy bar. It stacks above the limit of your energy bar. Max level is 71 as of February 14th, 2022.

What age do you leave Hogwarts? ›

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (/ˈhɒɡwɔːrts/) is a fictional boarding school of magic for students aged eleven to eighteen, and is the primary setting for the first six books in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and serves as a major setting in the Wizarding World universe.

How do you enter cheats on Hogwarts mystery? ›

Assuming you're playing on a PC, there's a button (looks like “~`”) usually just below the “Escape” button at the top left of the keyboard, it should open a space for you to enter the codes. 8GEPRShTRrRV9Wq - gold.

What is the fastest way to get notebooks in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Notebooks are mainly obtained by participating in events such as House Pride or Collect Stars where they are offered as progression prizes. Notebooks may also be obtained as rewards for bonding with your Magical Creatures. They can also be earned during classes as part of the reward for completing lessons.

What is the fastest way to get Hogwarts mystery pages? ›

How do I get Pages? Pages can be earned by completing lessons, earning rewards, won from events, can be found in bundles and can even be located around Hogwarts itself just laying around!

Can you be evil in new Hogwarts game? ›

Officially, the aim of your character is to save Hogwarts Legacy's world from whatever threats are being posed. Therefore, being fully evil is not possible. This being said, you can pick rude options in dialogue and can use unforgivable curses on your enemies.

Can you be evil in Hogwarts mystery? ›

While you can't become an actual villain, it is possible to wield dark magic and play as an evil wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. As it's an open world RPG you have plenty of ways to customize your character, choose your house and develop your magical skills and powers.

Is Hogwarts Legacy dark? ›

Hogwarts Legacy Official Rating Confirms Dark Themes & Content. Hogwarts Legacy has been officially rated as 16+ by PEGI.

Who betrayed Hogwarts? ›

But Harry soon discovers that Peter Pettigrew — once a good friend to Harry's parents and Sirius — was in fact responsible for betraying the Potters' whereabouts to Voldemort.

Can you sell clothes in Hogwarts mystery? ›

There will probably be a couple of clothing accessories that players won't vibe with, and in that case, players can indeed sell their items for Galleons. However, items can't be sold from the menu; players must speak to certain NPCs to do so.

Who is the traitor in Hogwarts mystery? ›

The most likely culprit is none other than Madame Rakepick, who happened to show up just in time to save the player character from the Dark Wizard.

What is the scariest thing in Harry Potter? ›

Harry Potter: 5 Most Terrifying Creatures In The Wizarding World
  1. 1 The Lethifold (Living Shroud)
  2. 2 Blast-Ended Skrewt. ...
  3. 3 The Nundu. ...
  4. 4 Boggart. ...
  5. 5 Quintaped. ...
Jul 19, 2022

Who dies Hogwarts mystery? ›

Rowan's death struck the entirety of Hogwarts as an extremely painful event and their death was mourned by all of their friends, who found it difficult to come to terms with their tragic loss. In particular to suffer were Jacob's sibling, Ben Copper, and Merula Snyde, all of whom had watched them die.

Will Hogwarts Legacy include Quidditch? ›

All that has been officially said on the matter comes in the official FAQ about the game: “Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy.” The FAQ does expand by explaining that “broom flight for traversal and broom race challenges are part of the game”.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have multiplayer? ›

As you may already know, Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player game only, but is multiplayer in the cards for 2023 or even beyond? If you head over to the Hogwarts Legacy FAQ, developer Avalanche state very clearly that “Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player experience and does not have online or co-op gameplay.”

How many hours will Hogwarts Legacy be? ›

Hogwarts Legacy is thankfully a fully fledged RPG with a big story campaign. Just focusing on the game's main quests to finish the story will take players around 20 to 25 hours. This isn't the longest game we ever played, but it's still pretty sizeable.


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