15 Healthy Family Movies (Sparkling Clean) (2023)

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Snuggle up with my husband and kids for onehealthy family movieIt's one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. The older our children get, the more I realize how important our time together is. As parents, we must lovingly guide and guide these sweet gifts and protect them from harmful influences vying for attention.

Whether we are out on a family outing, playing a game, or watching a movie, we can treat each of these occasions as opportunities for our children to set an example and point them in the right direction.

While it may not be as easy to find good, clean, character-building movies as it used to be, they still exist! I want to share some of our wholesome family movies in hopes your family finds a new favorite!

The following movies are divided into two separate lists: the best non-animated family movies and the best animated family movies. Be sure to check out both! This combination of our favorites is safe for even the youngest viewers, but appealing to adults too.

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The best non-animated family movies

From animals to sports to adventures, there is something for everyone on this list!

Air Bud

I have good memories of my two younger brothers.Air Budregularly on the VCR for many years. It's hard to believe that my own basketball-obsessed little man now enjoys it as much as she does!

Josh Fram moves to a new town while still mourning the loss of his father. He desperately needs some hope when he finds what appears to be an abandoned dog. A friendship soon develops, and Josh discovers that he and his new friend "Buddy" have more in common than he ever thought possible.

face the giants

Good football movies can lift our spirits. Althoughthink about the titansIt will always be one of my absolute favourites.face the giantsis another wholesome movie that families should watch.

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Coach Grant Taylor is struggling not only on the football field but also in his personal life as his family suffers from infertility. His doubts and questions eventually turn into trust in God, whatever the outcome. As Coach Taylor puts his faith into action, he discovers that God can use our trials and victories for his glory and our good.

Hachi: A Dog's Story

hachiis a sweet and simple story about the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog and his human. Professor Parker Wilson sees a lonely puppy at a train station one night on his way home from work. His attempts to find the owner (or any owner) fail, but his nocturnal bonds with the child are heartbreaking. This Loomjerker is based on the true story of an Akita and his master in 1920's Japan.

the beginner

Dennis Quaid stars as high school baseball coach Jim Morris, who makes a life-changing bet with his struggling team: if they win the district championship, he'll try to make it to the majors. True to his word, he shows up to an open tryout for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and, to the shock of the sports world, becomes the oldest rookie in Major League Baseball. A sweet story about determination, baseball and family.the beginnerOne of the best non-animated family movies.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

ochronicles of Narniawas originally a series of fantasy books by popular author C.S. Luis. Lewis's ability to weave such a powerful story into the form of a children's allegory has made it a bestseller (it sold over 100 million copies) in recent decades.

since 2005The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe(the first of the film trilogy) was released. Siblings Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund Pevensie accidentally discover the land of Narnia when they stumble upon a mysterious cabinet while playing hide-and-seek. Narnia is full of interesting creatures, but it is ruled by an evil queen. The children soon meet the wise and kind Aslan, who faithfully guides them to rid the land of his rule forever. You will definitely enjoy this family action movie!

Anne of Tejas Verdes (1985)

Actress Megan Follows was perfectly cast for her role as Anne Shirley, a redheaded orphan with a wild imagination and passionate personality. This classic family film (the first in a miniseries) focuses on what it means to be a true friend.

the nativity story

Watching is a family tradition for us.the nativity storyevery year at Christmas time. The production and acting team make this one of the best Biblical movies about the life of Christ. This simple retelling of the birth of Jesus focuses on the faith of young Mary and hers her adoring husband Joseph, as she reminds us that He came for everyone from the lowest shepherd to the greatest king.

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This wholesome family film holds a special place in my heart. My husband, two young children, and I first saw it on vacation a few years ago. My (then) four year old (who has ADHD) was mesmerized throughout the entire movie! It was a sweet memory of the four of us snuggling up to enjoy a good movie together.

The film centers on the life of basketball coach John Harrison and troubled young woman Hanna Scott. The two paths intersect and inspire each other more than they ever thought possible.

15 Healthy Family Movies (Sparkling Clean) (2)

With destiny at home

This classic family movie from my childhood is still as good as it was then. The Seaver family goes on vacation, leaving their beloved pets at a friend's ranch while they're away. Worried that their family won't return, Shadow, Chance and Sassy embark on a journey through the desert to find their way back home. Shadow's wisdom, Chance's excitement, and Sassy's insecurity make for a fun movie for the whole family!


animated family movies

More favorites to cuddle up on a Friday night!


Oh how I wish they had made more heartwarming family movies like this!Geistis a sweet movie about the journey of a horse with a mind of its own. Good acting (Matt Damon) and a beautiful soundtrack by Brian Adams make this a wholesome family movie not to be missed!

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The first few minutes of Up had me hooked (and yes, I was 20 when I first saw it!). What begins as a rich story about the bond between husband and wife quickly turns into a surprising adventure of unlikely friends. Up is an imaginative story about an inquisitive boy who softens the heart of a grieving old man. It's a movie the whole family can enjoy!


Wall-E is an animated sci-fi adventure about a lone robot left on Earth while the remaining population flees a deteriorating planet. What it lacks in words, it makes up for in compelling content and some important reminders: #1 We were never meant to live life alone. #2 We must be true to our planet. #3 We need to be conscious of our health. If you are looking for an original yet sweet movie then this movie is for you.

The prince of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt is based on the Biblical account of the life of Moses. Baby Moses is a Hebrew who was saved from certain death by Pharaoh. Ironically, he is adopted by the pharaoh's daughter to be raised as a king in the Egyptian palace. Years later, God uses his sphere of influence to lead his own people out of slavery. Beautifully told, this Christian family film brings this powerful true story to the lives of children and adults alike.

ice Age

ice Ageis a family comedy that is sure to put a smile on your face. A group of alien animals stumble upon a boy on a mission to reunite him with his family. Unbeknownst to them, Sid the sloth, Manny the mammoth, and Diego the saber-toothed tiger become a family of their own.


Bolt the Pup is a big screen action hero. He doesn't understand that his incredible abilities and stunts are digitally designed and believes that he has real superpowers. He finds out the hard way that he's really just a normal dog with normal abilities when he's accidentally sent out into the rough streets of New York. Bolt teams up with a cat and a hamster on a quest to reunite with his owner, Penny.

Wholesome family movies bring us closer together.

Whether it's a laugh together or a wholesome conversation afterwards, I hope these wholesome family movies are a reminder of the value of connection. May we consciously turn to our children and protect their hearts from harmful influences.

(And if you're looking for more clean family movies to watch with your older kids or spouse, feel free to check them out.is ready!) Enjoy browsing!

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